Anime Skyline ER34

2021.09.23 07:22 the_surge_ Anime Skyline ER34

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2021.09.23 07:22 KyrieToTheNets Questions about game and current PC sale

Hey, lurker on this sub, considering buying this game as its on sale on blizzard right now.
First question, does anyone know when the sale ends? I can't find anything.
Second, would it be worth buying right now? Is the playerbase still healthy? I am planning to get Dark Matter, so would I be able to go for it?
Lastly, did the weapons like the tec 9 and the em2 get nerfed? I think those were the op ones not sure

Sorry if this is repetitive, I am genuinely not sure.
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2021.09.23 07:22 Professional-Bass-86 Dr K, how can i do the things that i genuine don't care about ?

I have 6 months left until my important exam, and i still have trouble studying.
I don't have any concern about the exam because I'm going to take arts anyway. The problem is my parents wants me to pass my exam and go to a better college. I tried to convince them that all i care about is arts, but my parents would prefer me to take a more useful degree so i can get a job and have a stable income. I can't argue with them because they're right, and because they're right i have to force myself to study more often. This last for about week, and i end up go back to my old habits (playing games, watching YouTube videos, drawing, etc). I got really fed-up with myself and i beat myself for it. My mom often compare myself to my brother who has no problem studying consistently and tell me that I'm lazy and irresponsible. My mom is also closed minded, so she thinks the only way to be successful is to get good grades, go to a good college, get a decently paid job and have a family (she also encourage me to get a boyfriend before i turn 20).
I don't want to disappoint my parents, but i also don't want to give up on my dreams to become an artist.
I would appreciate anyone who has any advice.
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2021.09.23 07:22 Caese1 Looking for the Adastra meme of this

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2021.09.23 07:22 ashishduggal_ MS Outlook Certification Exam For Beginners

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2021.09.23 07:22 csirobot Staying connected when it counts to improve disaster resilience

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2021.09.23 07:22 brahmsdracula Early reviews of GeForce Now Australia?

Anyone been accepted into the GFN beta play by Pentanet yet? I'm still waiting but must be close as I completed all the quests.
I did some digging around last night and the feedback has been very positive from those that are in. Latency looks looowww
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2021.09.23 07:22 Ghostboy2006484 H: XO-1 Scorched paint W: Offers caps or weapons

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2021.09.23 07:22 dua_lipa_luv Test

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2021.09.23 07:22 suitable_host What are my chances of surviving work and keeping my job?

Late 20's, Senior Manager here for a multi-national company. For sure what got me here was grit-- it's your typical working hard to progress kind of story; started as a grunt and still a grunt with much bigger responsibilities.
I don't necessarily hate my colleagues and bosses; even more so, if I could be frank for a bit, I am insecure about my skills. There are days when I feel like a fraud, and that I only have hardwork and determination. I was neither trained nor mentored-- I had to learn how to walk, crawl, and run at the same time. It's not a bragging right to the story, but rather something to contextualize my problem.
My problem is that numbers terrify me. I do not have a solid Excel skill, and even worse, I do not have a very good financial and business acumen. Of all the things that I do not know how to do, these areas are by far, the hardest for me. I run and cower whenever there's numbers involved, and I usually ask the help of someone I consider a friend at work, to just educate me about how certain things are calculated, so on and so forth. I tend to memorize numbers and how to derive one from the other and not analyze, and I think admitting this is the first step.
My boss and my teammates all know that I am horrible with numbers, which I am okay with. I do not brag about being good at something I'm not really comfortable with. My questions are:

  1. How does one survive a corporate job without having any financial and/or business acumen? I know that it's unavoidable and I would have to learn and understand this, and I'm working on it, but it hasn't been easy, and it still isn't as I type this.
  2. Does any of you have similar stories about not being good with numbers? I do not have anything to blame but myself, and I am really desperate to learn that it's already frustrating and upsetting because I just can't seem to wrap my head around numbers. And yes, I am this bad.
  3. Am I gonna get fired because of my lack? There are things that I do not know about, but I am hellbent in finding out how to do all of those. It's just that numbers are really terrifying. I've honestly considered stepping down from my position because I've never had to deal with numbers at all-- it's only now that I am dealing with them.
Appreciate the help. Take care.
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2021.09.23 07:22 bauerwilhelm Beerdigung eines Konfessionslosen

Guten Tag liebe de-Gemeinde,
für die schnellen unter euch: Die Frage steht zwischen den fünf Sternen*
ich bin am überlegen, meine aktuelle Konfessions- bzw. Gemeindemitgliedschaft aufzugeben. Ich fühle mich dort nicht so wohl wie damals, als ich dort aufgewachsen, meinen Glauben entdeckt und getauft wurde - ja, ich glaube noch, aber das nur am Rande. Ebenso ist meine Mutter dort Mitglied. Ursprünglich sind wir auch dort, weil meine Urgroßeltern diese Gemeinde mit aufgebaut haben und besonders meine Großeltern auch tiefgläubige Menschen waren.
Zum Thema: Aktuell scheint die Gemeindeleitung "Karteileichen" auszusortieren, denn u.a. meine Mutter, ihre Schwester und der Schwager und eben ich einen Brief, in dem die Gemeinde mich auffordert, Stellung zu beziehen, ob ich weiterhin Mitglied sein möchte, oder nicht (was ich eigentlich ziemlich unhöflich finde, ich habe dort über Jahre Musikdienst verrichtet und nun bin ich ca. eineinhalb Jahre nicht dagewesen und nun dieser Brief... Noch ein Grund fürs Verlassen.) Meine Mutter und die beiden anderen wollen, nach meinem Kenntnisstand, Mitglied bleiben, ich eigentlich nicht, aus o.g. Gründen.
Ich weiß auch, dass ich Mitglied in der "normalen" Kirche, sprich in der evangelisch-lutherischen, Mitglied werden möchte, aber mir das zurzeit noch nicht so wirklich leisten kann, Kirchensteuern und so...
Langer Rede kurze Frage: Wenn ich konfessionslos bin, habe ich trotzdem ein Anrecht auf einen Pastor meiner bzw. vielmehr meiner Verwandten Wahl, sollte ich unvorhergesehen das Zeitliche segnen? Meine Mutter plagt die Sorge, dass dann höchstens ein "einfacher Grabredner" (hab davon noch nie gehört, aber man ist ja lernfähig) eine Trauerrede halten wird oder die Kirche bzw. der jeweilige Pastor lassen sich teuer bezahlen für den "Beerdigungsservice".
***** Hat jemand Erfahrung mit der Beerdigung konfessionsloser Menschen, die dennoch in christlichem Rahmen beerdigt wurden? Wie lief das so ab? *****
Zum Schluss sei noch angemerkt, dass ich keine Religionsdiskussion auslösen möchte, ich glaube wie gesagt immer noch und habe keinen Anlass, dies zu ändern, lediglich der Ort, an dem ich meinen Glauben auslebe, möchte ich ändern.
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2021.09.23 07:22 mamaSVO #Chicago One premiered... SPOILERS

Med... I actually really loved Natalie and Crockett so I'm sad. However I'm REALLY excited to see more character development there. I am trying not to hate archer but.... it's not looking good. New docs I really like already.. it feels like new breath without a mess. Fire... I LOVE 51. However, the season finale was well built all to be solved in the first 4 minutes was super disappointing. LOVE KIDD AND SEVERIDE... I don't love Casey and Brett, it just feels awkward so far... hope still... I agree the gallo/ritteviolet trio is great. I'm glad Boden is moving up but will be PISSED if his replacement is drama. I honestly hope it's a woman. PD... only watched some so far.. it's my favorite show. I would ride or die Voight anyday. I was one of the very few who really liked rusek and hailey... BUT I actually love Halstead and Hailey. More so, I love the development and grown up Ness of ruzek and burgess the last season plus. I'm rooting. Now. Why is Atwater STILL the most underrated character. He's the fing best!!!!!!!!!! More Atwater!!!!!! Ok. Can't wait for this year #ChicagoOne
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2021.09.23 07:22 Scarvca Question regarding Star-Lifting

Not sure if this would be an easy question for someone on this post to answer but does it work that if you reduce a star's mass by around 0.2%/year would that equate to around 0.2% loss in brightness? Or if that is not how star's work, is there a back-of-the-envelope formula to determine roughly how much mass needs to be lost for brightness to decrease by .2%? (As an alternative to something gradually blocking the star's light at a steadily increasing level over 100+ years)
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2021.09.23 07:22 Lil4ksushi Feels good to be home

After leaving paladins for a couple of years back (around ob64). I just have to say it feels good to be back. The game is giving me hardcore nostalgia about my high school years and it's just overall a fun game. Tried overwatch and that game is just a hot mess. Paladins feels like, home. It's good to be back and I'm here to stay and support the shit out of this game.
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2021.09.23 07:22 sexy_chikz 20[f4m] im horny now wanna play?

Add me on snapchat cathdiaz6011
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2021.09.23 07:22 -Xoz- All Homogenic era album covers - apart from the main cover, which is your favorite? [2962x2928]

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2021.09.23 07:22 lawble These dollars with red and blue seals my granddad has

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2021.09.23 07:22 ExistingHug What spark plug do you swear by?

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2021.09.23 07:22 Risk_Hopeful Kristen Bell

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2021.09.23 07:22 thisusernameeistaken QC? Should I GL or RL?

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2021.09.23 07:22 eyrnb Skins for Husbandos!

I just want to ask if the developers have plans of making sexy skins for Husbandos. All the Waifus get to be naked, sexy and dressed to kill while all the guys always look modest in their skins and there's nothing wrong with it. But i'd love to see kyle wong or joo shiyoon in their summer outfits. Lol.
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2021.09.23 07:22 Lulu_lovely [33F] Looking for special friendships,sincere friends in life

Hey man. My name is Lulu, 33 years old, just arrived here, looking for someone older than me, like a mature and stable person. Stable guy, please don't message me if it's just for sex. I am new to this place and know nothing about it and this seems like a fun way to go. I'm really open to talking about anything, but it would be cool if we had some common interests. The things that interest me are
outdoor sports, golf, fishing, driving, scuba diving, go-karting, archery, horseback riding, F4 racing.
So if you're interested drop me a line and I'll get back to you.
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2021.09.23 07:22 __TheAIchemist Not sure where to ask this but I figured if anyone knows its people here

Is there a powder I can add to a liquid that when it drys ill have powder pigment of the color the liquid was?
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2021.09.23 07:22 AveryFar does anyone know any decent reps on dhgate in the $30-$50 price range?

could be jordan 1, yeezy, dunks, anything cool. they dont have to be the best reps either
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2021.09.23 07:22 ComradeCommissary House handed over to needy member of Women’s Union in border area

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