Tanya Chaudhari (new)

2021.09.23 07:39 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Tanya Chaudhari (new)

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2021.09.23 07:39 Bayare1984 If you miss the theme music

Watch Squid Game on Netflix - it sounds eerily similar!!!!
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2021.09.23 07:39 BrickRIVs Thoughts on Spifey?

Yep that’s right the beaver man himself, I never really heard anyone talk about Spifey at all in this Subreddit so, any opinions on him?
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2021.09.23 07:39 AdministrativeStay54 ✨ Unlimited Card Pull ✨via Video | SAME DAY READING

Hello everyone 🤗 I’ve been a tarot practitioner since 2018 and I am offering my service to help anyone in need of guidance, clarity and insights to their situations.
I’m offering unlimited card pulls to anyone in exchange for a small donation - which you deem worthy and can afford - no pressure whatsoever.
I’ll make sure to go as detailed and in-depth into each and every single one of my readings. The card spreads varies as they are all personalised and customised to the needs and requests of each individual.
My readings will be done through video, where I’ll send you a link to the video recording once it’s done. The video recordings will be not shorter than 10 minutes.
Do note that I only accept transactions via PayPal.
You can check out my reviews here.
Feel free to send me a chat for more information, thank you ☺️
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2021.09.23 07:39 Maximum-Isopod331 What are the best dark and thrilling anime that you've watched?

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2021.09.23 07:39 Automatic_Cat_393 Trip Vinyl

does anybody know where I could find the trip vinyl? I've been looking for this for literally so long. the closest one I saw was about $980 and holy shit. I know there's only about 2,000 made so I know its hard to come by. but if you have any info on where to find one id literally sooooo appreciate it❤️
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2021.09.23 07:39 Jaded-Throat-211 I'm surprised I managed to do Cairo that quickly to say the least, the backdoor is much more powerful than it seems

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2021.09.23 07:39 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 07:39 rajatbhargava YouTube Launches Super Chat and Super Stickers in More Regions, Adds New Comment Translation Options

YouTube is expanding access to its Super Chat and Super Stickers streamer donation options, while it’s also adding comment translation tools in-stream, helping to broaden utility in more markets.
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2021.09.23 07:39 IcyXFlame Maintenance

Just a basic question I have, being new to the game. Regarding maintenance I saw there are two types A&D. I got to know each of their uses respectively.
Now if I have a plane which is suppose 20+ years old. Should I replace it with a new plane or continue to perform A/D check ?
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2021.09.23 07:39 hometerracegarden How to propagate money plant | Indoor Gardening | Plant care

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2021.09.23 07:39 icantreadcat On ring #2 of Nuvaring and my cystic acne is out of control. Will it get better or am I screwed?

Acne is one of the main reasons I’m on birth control and of course with my luck, it’s making it worse like usual.
Other than this, I’m pretty happy on it since the other side effects have been getting better.
I have new acne every day in cystic form on my cheeks, chin, and under my jaw/neck. :(
If I’m breaking out this bad already, will it only get worse? Will it get better if I stick with it longer?
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2021.09.23 07:39 janey4finn I feel for north sydney

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2021.09.23 07:39 Sad-Possibility8415 I love my husband but built up a lot of resentment that’s finally coming out

Our relationship has been so shit. Honestly since we’ve met it’s just been a mess. I love him and have (IMO) done everything to make him happy and help our relationship. He was always so distant and critical.
We have had some serious issues, not just fighting or disagreeing. Sexual coercion/assault(not sure which is accurate), physical intimidation/aggression, major emotional and financial abuse in the past, constant criticism. MOST of these things no longer happen and he’s committed to working through things. However, since stuff has calmed down and he’s not doing most of this anymore, I started to almost hate him. It’s just built up I think and I realized how angry I was, I just want to scream. But I still love him. It doesn’t make since to me. I want to forgive him since I know he really loves me but sometimes I just feel so sad.
How can I stop being angry? I am seeing a therapist and we’re starting couples therapy. It just doesn’t feel like it’s helping fast enough
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2021.09.23 07:39 l0_-_0l [iOS] ABC Dinos Premium: Reading ($1.99 to Free)

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2021.09.23 07:39 Pacmeezy My Bike Rental in Hawaii! How much would this bike go for used?

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2021.09.23 07:39 sylvaineEnJeu New figures just arrived. 💕💕💕

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2021.09.23 07:39 PhoenixOfTheDark nothing out of the ordinary

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2021.09.23 07:39 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - BigONE Exchange Review 2021: Is it Scam or Legit?

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2021.09.23 07:39 mgisl Yeezus

What do you think the meaning is behind this album?
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2021.09.23 07:39 l0_-_0l [iOS] BreakFree - Track Screen Time‪!‬ ($4.99 to Free)

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2021.09.23 07:39 throwthisaway10911 What do these lab numbers mean?

Got my labs back today after initial consultation with primary doctor, and a secondary meeting with urologist. Have a upcoming urologist appointment to review the additional labs.
Here is what I’m seeing from the labs, what do you think the urologist will suggest? 31yo male.
Total testosterone: 314 ng/dl FSH: 3.9 miU/mL LH: 2.0 3.9 miU/mL Prolactin: 7.0 ng/dl Estradiol: 25 pg/
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2021.09.23 07:39 excited_lion Two rooms w. private bathrooms in north San Jose for rent. DM if interested

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2021.09.23 07:39 Double-Advisor-3299 caught on 4k

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2021.09.23 07:39 l0_-_0l [iOS] BitUniverse Pro ($0.99 to Free)

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