My kitten loves Nandos

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2021.09.23 08:53 zaidrudyyy My kitten loves Nandos

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2021.09.23 08:53 float12345 🔮 Utopia | DEX | Launchpad | Crowdfunding platform | BTC Bridge | Anti-bot/Anti-whale 🔮 | Presale WL opportunity

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2021.09.23 08:53 dandyandy82 Pic 1: Left to right. June 19, Jan 20, Sept 21. Pic 2: Jan 20 V Sept 21. We are definitely the last to see progress!

Pic 1: Left to right. June 19, Jan 20, Sept 21. Pic 2: Jan 20 V Sept 21. We are definitely the last to see progress! submitted by dandyandy82 to FTMFitness [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 08:53 casambi Kindergarten Wolfartsweier in Karlsruhe, Germany

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2021.09.23 08:53 MukrizPlayz I have an extra 20 euro steam wallet code

Just comment and Ill pick randomly. Winner will be anonymous
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2021.09.23 08:53 Pasipuoses i have a question, where to find Dj music because my teacher told me that you cant download music for youtube because it will not upload to the dj kit

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2021.09.23 08:53 Evergreenevery What’s the biggest crime you could see yourself doing?

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2021.09.23 08:53 lss_mobile_2370 Bxh

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2021.09.23 08:53 maagikz Is there any outboard diagnostic software or tools available for owners?

I'm looking at a boat fitted with a 115hp mercury optimax but since I always maintain my own outboards id like to be able to read any fault codes myself without taking it to the dealer. There is a huge range of reader tools and software for cars but I can't seem to find anything, non-dealer level for outboards. Does anyone know of any reader tools or software that will read fault codes on the engine I'm looking at?
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2021.09.23 08:53 kingdomten 21 [F4A] bored af let’s chat?

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2021.09.23 08:53 Rubenhetjongetje ik_ihe

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2021.09.23 08:53 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 08:53 llamafromhell1324 [PC] H: Power Armor. W: Other Power Armor

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2021.09.23 08:53 _Chaerries_ So, when is everyone’s birthday?

let’s see if I can find my birthday twin out here…
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2021.09.23 08:53 Atrworks I is model

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2021.09.23 08:53 dpkgirl i feel like my friends and family are seeing the world through my eyes

it started as thinking “what if there was a camera in my glasses and people were watching the world through my eyes?”, as just a fun thought. it developed into “what if my parents would see my day through my eyes?”, “What if my friends can ee what i am doing right now” and suddenly i am now being self concious about what i do just in case someone is seeing the world from my own eyes. i avoid looking into mirrors when i’m naked, i get embarrassed about the kind of content i consume on the internet and watch things that i think my friends would enjoy. rationally i know my friends and family arent seeing the world through my eyes, but emotionally it still stresses me out
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2021.09.23 08:53 zakany-balazs Ah yes, blame your psychopathic behavior on stars

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2021.09.23 08:53 Penguin2k1g Which movie would you like to live in and why?

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2021.09.23 08:53 dtech12 How do I stop Poweramp from displaying 9000 Monstercat songs as individual Artists. I have this issue with a lot of discographies that have a feature.

How do I stop Poweramp from displaying 9000 Monstercat songs as individual Artists. I have this issue with a lot of discographies that have a feature. submitted by dtech12 to PowerAmp [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 08:53 Nusha09 Newbie interested in CFA

Hi! I'm planning to take up CFA (level 1) and before I could register for it I want to start off studying to see how I can manage it with my work alongside. Any suggestions with which material to start off with? And which ones help the most at later stages during hardcore studying ?( eg. Kaplan Schweser) Any kind of suggestions (with your experience) regarding what to do and not to do during the entire process is also accepted.
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2021.09.23 08:53 Coldbeetle What would be your alternative title to An Idiot Abroad

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2021.09.23 08:53 princaz He's the most important member of the family....

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2021.09.23 08:53 DealerZealousideal38 So where do you stand with this opinion about not deserving love?

21f so i've read a lot about people clarifying that when you push others(aka people that have romantic interests in you) away because of your mental challenges is actually because you think you don't deserve love. The thing is i have being doing this from a long time (i bring this up because i like to reconsider my thoughts and emotions) so i stay away from relationships because i know that when things get to an end I'll care for them still and also because i know my confusion with my own emotions will hurt them and that'll lead to situations where I'll get hurt (which has happened before). So i dont think i dont deserve love i think that romantically pursuing it its gonna lead to a mess because there's a lot of me i cant handle. So what do you think? Cause for me i haven't found someone that has enough emotional awareness to be capable of understanding me but also i dont think is fair for someone else to have someone that can't "fully" love them. I'll really like to hear both sides and peoples experiences so maybe i can see a bigger picture socially
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2021.09.23 08:53 Dragonsmoneyhookers Can we stop doing appraisals?

Look I get that the price of miatas is going up, I could sell my miata for a profit right now after putting 50k miles on it! But this sub isn't for free appraisals and lately that's all the post I'm seeing. I'd like to see more posts of people enjoying miatas instead of trying to take advantage of others in the current market.
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2021.09.23 08:53 cryptoallbot Is Mastering Ethereum, by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gavin Wood a good read?

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