Was looking through an old sketchbook and found these

2021.09.23 08:00 Able-Cat3703 Was looking through an old sketchbook and found these

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2021.09.23 08:00 Micksqueeb So…how is the anime going to work?

The main anime usually follows the main series title and Ash as he explores a new region. Game Freak heavily implied if not outright stated that LA is a main series title. So if we assume there will be an anime based on this game - which is its own question I guess, but I feel safe assuming there will be one - do we think Ash will be in it? Could Ash be transported through time? Or maybe they’ll use the classic gimmick where it would turn out Ash dreamt the entire thing in the end? Or do we think this will get a separate anime with its own main character? Could it be an extremely well animated but limited run series like Pokémon Evolutions or Pokémon Origins? Do we think it will just get a movie and nothing more? Thoughts?
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2021.09.23 08:00 Martin_Silenus7 "Parker, when I read him the headline that Pfizer’s early results of their trials are showing that COVID vaccines are safe & effective for 5-11 year olds!!!!! "https://t.co/xmibLmPOog

Mass psychosis and child abuse.
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2021.09.23 08:00 MaddsSinclair H: weapons armour outfits W: offers

Weapons F 40pa +1S Power Fist (Face Breaker)
F E FMSWA Minigun
Q 50 +1P handmade
AA FFR Gatling Laser
I E 15vc .50cal
Q FFR 50dr Radium Rifle
Q Vats replenish Handmade
TS E 10mm Pistol
Exec SS RW Cursed Shovel
B 50vc 15r Pump Shotgun
B FSS Multi Axe
TS E 90 Pump Action
B FFR +1A Combat Shotgun
V FFR 250 Pump Action
Q 50L 50DR Double Barrel
I E 90 Combat Shotgun
Armour V +1E SAFE Robot right arm
Uny Powered Wwr trappers right arm
Uny +1E Trapper Right leg
Uny Sturdy Robot Right leg
Uny +1C limb Marine Right Leg
Outfits Deathclaw Hunter Outfit
Deathclaw Hunter Hat
Chally The Moo Moo Mask
Chally The Moo Moo Outfit
Imposter Sheepsquatch Outfit
Mr. Fuzzy Hard Hat
Sheepsquatch Mascot Outfit & Hat
Tinfoil Hat
Treasure Hunter Outfit
White Wolf Fedora
Worker Outfit & Hat
Brotherhood Special Ops suit & mask
Brotherhood Fatigues
Brotherhood Lab Coat
Brotherhood Scribe outfit
Brotherhood Soldier suit
Bloody chef outfit & hat
Black Cowboy Hat
Beer Hat
Asylum worker hat red
Asylum worker hat yellow
Asylum worker hat pink
Asylum worker hat green
Asylum worker hat forrest
Asylum worker hat brown
Asylum worker hat blue
Asylum worker outfit blue
Asylum worker outfit green
Asylum worker outfit brown
Asylum worker outfit white
Asylum worker outfit pink
Clean spacesuit
Clean spacesuit helmet
Communist commander outfit
Drifter Outfit
Fasnacht giant mask
Fasnacht goblin mask
Fasnacht jester mask
Fasnacht man mask
Fasnacht skull mask
Fasnacht soldier mask
Fasnact toothy man mask
Fasnacht witch mask
Field scribe hat
Field scribe uniform
Fireman Helmet
Halloween costume Skeleton & mask
Halloween costume witch & hat
Swamp camo hazmat suit
Reclaimed deep mining gas mask
Science scribe uniform
Skull lord blood eagle helmet
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2021.09.23 08:00 inspyral ねこのなる木。-The tree bears cats?-

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2021.09.23 08:00 Philbobagginzzz WIP 15mm Trio, just about ready for enamels!

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2021.09.23 08:00 Goofy_hippie Who wants to get creative ?

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2021.09.23 08:00 getreferral Rakuten Referral : Free $30 purchase at any store of your choice. Sign up with Rakuten and get a $30 sign up bonus. (Paypal or Check) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online. Rakuten gives you cash back when you shop.

Rakuten Referral : Free $30 purchase at any store of your choice. Sign up with Rakuten and get a $30 sign up bonus. (Paypal or Check) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online. Rakuten gives you cash back when you shop. submitted by getreferral to referralcodes [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 08:00 CCeenesi Coupon CAMTOA Fidget Toy Set Colorful Push Bubble Puzzle Toy Silicone Reliever Stress Decompression Sensory Toy Education Creative Gifts for Kids Teens Adults 💶 Price: 3.81 EUR ⬇️ COUPON here ⬇️

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2021.09.23 08:00 Unlucky-Marsupial382 Shinso feels useless now

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2021.09.23 08:00 Laayiv They on land now! What next?

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2021.09.23 08:00 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 08:00 7StarsYoutubeMe I know everyone says the 4's of each division are full of boosted people but there has to be more information than that.

I have two accounts. (Platinum2/Diamond2) and it took me dozens more games to go from Plat 4 / Diamond 4 to the mid/high 3's (Like 50+ LP) than it does to go from Plat 3 or diamond 3 go lp to higher. On my diamond account when it was platnium 4 it took me probably a good chunk of time to get to plat 3 but it took me no time at all hardly to get to diamond 4 promos. then it started all over but then i go from diamond 3 to diamond 2 in a fucking weekend. My fucking smurf in plat 4 took me forever to get it to plat 2 and now the games are getting easier and easier. If the rate continues I will spend as much time as it takes to get to the 1's from the 3's as it takes to get from the 4's to the 3's. Can anyone explain why more than just people being boosted it works like this? I have dozens of friends who would share and back me up on this from their own experience of me asking around.
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2021.09.23 08:00 SteveTheDust Taking off "quartermaster" from my brass Navy brass buckle

Hello, I've been wondering on what the "quartermaster" is on a brass buckle. We're supposed to use steel wool to take off the "quartermaster" off our buckle when we first get it. I've been wondering if any other units do this also or is it just us. Do y'all just get straight to shining after receiving your Vanguard brass buckle?
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2021.09.23 08:00 japansalesquestion can I request Payment in Lieu "garden leave" from my workplace?

I am leaving a technology company and handed my 4 week notice period.
My manager requested that I work 100% capacity for 4 more weeks - I refused (with justified reason) - then he suggested that I can shorten the amount of time but just use all my accrued PTO (15 days) instead.
I verbally agreed to this but no dates nor other specifics were discussed and there was no record of this conversation, I did not formally log this into the system.
Once HR sent me a termination contract that I signed and confirmed. Immediately after I call my manager and ask him to confirm that he agreed I would not be needed for the entire notice length (4 weeks) and suggested that I use all my accrued PTO - he agreed.
I then requested to my manager that I receive payment in Lieu instead, and not use my unaccrued PTO as I can be paid out for it.
Legally, do I have any basis for requesting payment in lieu beginning from the date where my accrued unused PTO would have started had I taken it?
Thank you, would appreciate advice and recommendations
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2021.09.23 08:00 MsChewiesMom Sleepy Kitten Blep :P

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2021.09.23 08:00 shinifuripo カリウム ゲット

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2021.09.23 08:00 keipotatu- When you played power save mode Battery on Valorant

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2021.09.23 08:00 autotldr Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot)

A survey of workers actively searching for a job on FlexJobs, a jobs website that focuses on remote and flexible work, found that about half of job seekers said they were not finding the right jobs to apply for.
Arlethia Washington, who worked as a legal secretary in New York for 40 years, took an exit package from her job early in the pandemic and, given her experience, assumed she'd be able to easily find a new position after things reopened.
The pandemic has made people rethink their lives and their work, and some individual job seekers may be applying for jobs they want but aren't suitable for.
"A lot of reasons that job searches fail is people want to go from unemployment to the next job they would have had if they kept their old job," Fuller said.
Making things worse, companies have the tendency to add to job descriptions rather than subtract from them, meaning job requirements have ballooned beyond people's ability to actually meet them.
Say a person is working part time as a shift manager but wants to be a full-time sales manager - doing the first job might harm their chances of getting that other job.
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2021.09.23 08:00 badpenny67 Kelly

I wish Kelly Vermeer Vella was my friend. There. I said it.
Seriously, I love to watch her work, but her way of talking, sense of humor, and everything is just so gosh darn awesome.
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2021.09.23 08:00 farklinkbot Giving out leftover vaccine doses to eligible recipients in Texas after checking with your supervisor? That's a firing and a referral to the grand jury, foreign sounding doctor guy

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2021.09.23 08:00 BattleHardened My current Deathwing/Ravenwing 2k

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2021.09.23 08:00 MrRuthless94 Hey Guys Has Anybody Else Seen The Recent MrBeast Ad On YouTube For Cash App?

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2021.09.23 08:00 BPB_Publications What are the different types of Data Analysis techniques?

What are the different types of Data Analysis techniques? There are many different ways to analyze data. Some forms are more complex than others based on which data analysis has been broadly divided into four types, namely Descriptive analysis, Diagnostic analysis, Predictive analysis, and Prescriptive analysis. The following image describes the level of complexity of each of these four types of data analysis.

Four types of data analysis based on the level of complexity
Let us briefly discuss each of the four types of data analysis and find how each of these types differ from one another:
Descriptive analysis
Descriptive analysis is the simplest and the most common type of data analysis used by companies and other sectors. This type of data analysis is mostly used in businesses to generate monthly revenue reports, sales leads, and key performance indicators (KPI) dashboards. It describes the main aspects of the data being analyzed. The data dealt with are large in volume and often include the entire population. The results or reports generated are based on data that are already available. The main emphasis in the descriptive analysis is given on ‘what has happened?’ by analyzing valuable information found from the available past data. For example, with descriptive analysis, a data analyst will be able to generate the statistical results of the performance of the cricket players of team India. For generating such results, the data may need to be integrated from multiple data sources to gain meaningful insights through statistical analysis.
Diagnostic analysis
The diagnostic analysis differs from the descriptive analysis by simply not emphasizing only ‘what has happened?’ but also on ‘why it happened?’ This type of data analysis tries to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the pattern of data found in the past. Here, business intelligence comes into play by digging down to find the root cause of the pattern or nature of data obtained. For example, with diagnostic analysis, a data analyst will be able to find why the performance of each player of the cricket team of India has risen (or degraded) in the recent past six months. The diagnostic analysis deals with the critical aspect of finding the reason behind a particular change or cause in a phenomenon. This is undoubtedly a major task in the field of data analysis as an analyst has to be critical and correct enough to find the reason behind a particular cause of occurrence to make a gain or profit in various fields. For this purpose, an analyst often uses machine learning techniques to use business intelligence for a deeper understanding of a given problem.
Predictive analysis
Predictive analysis, as the name suggests, deals with the prediction of the future based on the available current and past data. The main emphasis in the descriptive analysis is given on ‘what is likely to happen?’ by utilizing previous data to find the future outcome. For example, with predictive analysis, a data analyst will be able to predict the performance of each player of the Indian cricket team for the upcoming international cricket world cup. Such prediction can help the Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI) to decide on the players’ selection for the upcoming international cricket tournament. Predictive analysis is applied in many domains such as risk management, sales forecasting, weather forecasting, and prediction of the performance of each team. Though descriptive and diagnostics analyses are more common in nature, data analysts are also largely hired in companies to predict future trends in businesses and other marketing sectors. In most cases prediction is made by dividing the available dataset into the training set and testing set and the machine learning algorithm is applied to check the accuracy level of prediction. If the accuracy of prediction is found to be at a satisfactory level, the algorithm is then used to predict future data. However, it is important to remember that the predicted solution provides an approximate forecasted result and may vary from the actual result, as accuracy is not guaranteed to a hundred percent.
Prescriptive analysis
The final type of data analysis which is the highest in terms of complexity is called predictive analysis. In this type of data analysis, the insights gained from all the other three types of data analyzes are combined to determine the kind of action to be taken to solve a certain situation. Predictive analysis prescribes what steps are needed to be taken to avoid a future problem. It involves a high degree of responsibility, time, and complicacy to reach informed decision-making. Thus, the predictive analysis makes recommendations based on the forecasting done in predictive analysis.
To summarize the four main types of data analytics, it should be remembered that descriptive analysis is mainly involved in explaining what has happened to date, diagnostic analysis emphasizes more on finding why it has happened in a particular way, predictive analysis makes a forecast on what might happen in the near future, while prescriptive analysis emphasizes on recommending actions based on the forecast. All these types of analyses are usually carried out by a data analyst or data scientist to deal with the given data and produce a meaningful outcome based on the type of analysis required to be made.
Hope this was helpful.
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2021.09.23 08:00 gabrielleraul NMS has plenty of triggers.

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