tips for burnout?

2021.09.23 07:31 r0ttingblossoms tips for burnout?

hello! my name is blossom and I am an artist. but I have been having super bad burnout for a few weeks now.. I have commissions that need to be done & a kickstarter I want to work on but I just cant.
I don't really know how to handle my exhaustion other than just laying in bed all day playing phone games. I just feel so stuck right now.
is there anything that you have done that helps u relax and/or get back into the swing of things?
thank u ♡
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2021.09.23 07:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 07:31 deliveryster Why does Grubhub switch driver's available to off / unavailable?

Happened so many times lately to me. I switch to "taking offers" but find out later, the company switched it to "unavailable" and they didn't tell me. I'm aware there's a screen that says something about missing offers after 2 or 3, they'll change you to unavailable but this screen doesn't even show. Odd. Anyone know the explanation, reason? or is it a unintended bug, glitch?
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2021.09.23 07:31 peachnecctar People like to report me on cs strictly for being a female on cs and I finally got a global mute 😪 anyone know how long these last and if there’s any ways to get out of it quicker?

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2021.09.23 07:31 XlackX i need help i dont know what to do this always happens everytime i play minecraft

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2021.09.23 07:31 meogdon The online situation

Why isn’t there a way to hide your online presence on whatsapp? It keeps saying online everytime you enter the app
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2021.09.23 07:31 BinaryOptionAlliance BabySphynx🐈 | Sphynx Rewards💰 | Passive income With Passive Income🤑 | Just Stealth Launched‼️ | Next Moonshot🚀

🚀 Baby Sphynx Token Just Stealth Launched. 🚀
Sphynx is absolutely mooning and seems to be blessed af! When you thought the blessings were over. There has a by a baby been born.
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Probably everyone reading has already been in several rewards tokens. I think the key to a successful reward token is a competent team that has the marketing sauce to continue pushing it to the public after launch, which keeps the volume strong and rewards big.💰
💠 Buy Tax 12%
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♦️ Sell Tax 12%
💰 Sphynx Rewards: 4%
📈 Liquidity: 4%
🗣 Marketing: 4%
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2021.09.23 07:31 WascallyWittleWombat Can't access game. Any ideas?

Im on xbox, have the Ult edition and EAPlay/Gamepass Ultimate. It's still saying im too early. Any ideas to fix this?
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2021.09.23 07:31 offdrea What morph is this cutie? 2nd picture is of her yawning!

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2021.09.23 07:31 AllCouponFree Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP

Free Certification Course Title: Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.23 07:31 CammyD1010 CHS? Chest Pain?

Hello everyone I was recently put in the hospital after uncontrollable vomiting and released 24 hours later. I told them that I smoked and they said they had a lot of people coming in throwing up after smoking carts. They never told me I had CHS because it is kind of new and not much research has been done but I just wanted to hear about someone else’s experience if they have had one with CHS… Again I was not diagnosed but gave myself a self diagnosis as a way to scare me from smoking… After about a month I got back into it and haven’t experienced any vomiting since but I get chest pains when I smoke. It varies in the placement but majority of the time it’s by my heart or on the right side of my chest. I get really bad anxiety thinking about what it could be or what smoking could be doing to my body. I just wanted to see if anybody had a logical explanation that would calm my anxiety when smoking and hopefully get rid of my chest pains. I love smoking and I love the way I feel but it’s almost not worth it now because I love the feeling of being high but I get chest pains when I’m high so I just question myself asking if I really wanna smoke and get the benefit of feeling high but also dealing the subtle pains in my chest. Thank you for reading and DM if you have any questions about my story.
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2021.09.23 07:31 Regular_Teach6031 As I was looking at Korean cosmetics I came across an interesting product.

Does anyone know the Korean cosmetic Elishacoy? I heard they take fermented kombucha extract and make a mist to sell. It’s also vegan! There’s a rumor that Korean celebrity stacks this in their fridge to use. Do you have any Korean friends to ask because I’m curious?
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2021.09.23 07:31 marlboror3ds 17F struggling and just looking for ppl to talk too.

life’s been rough but i’m getting through it. i preferably want someone who would want to voice call or watch a movies w me, or fall asleep on the phone. i’m just lonely and scared and need the comfort.
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2021.09.23 07:31 Warthog-Legitimate Question

Does drinking apple juice before you go to sleep help with lucidDreaming?
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2021.09.23 07:31 AllCouponFree Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP

Free Certification Course Title: Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.23 07:31 Either_Put_2116 spotted some stuff raising red flag using third eye

I was reading some stuff on the internet saw a website which had information on some energetic implants which I thought weren't real, after few days when I was trying to sleep and accessed my third eye because it gets started whenever I close my eyes or I'm in darkness, I saw a jack using third eye,
the website has described them as "Bots Tagger" should I do something about it?
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2021.09.23 07:31 amhd00 [100% OFF COUPON] Ultimate TallyPrime With GST Step By Step Guide – 2021

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2021.09.23 07:31 yf2hillside MarcusWay and 800

So I was reading in some threads that MarcusWay on 61st x Cottage was made in honour of an innocent basketballer called Dboy or DeMarcus who was killed by 800, so why are MarcusWay/DDG so cordial with 800 ?
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2021.09.23 07:31 BlooDMeaT920 Back Alley At Bats at Miller Park

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2021.09.23 07:31 sSAZSs Any places open 24/7 to study later at night?

Thanks in advance
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2021.09.23 07:31 fnmememakemanthing Discord.

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2021.09.23 07:31 Roxas198810 Folks who want to label this sub "anti-Black" to get it cancelled often refuse to confront (and even discuss) their own community's enabling of white male privilege and perpetuation (and upholding) of the white male hegemony.

Something I've noticed and it's very hypocritical. Refusal to confront (or even discuss) our biases favoring whiteness upholds a racial hierarchy with white men on top - further oppressing all POC. Although I'm further left of liberal on the political spectrum, this behavior just reeks of white liberalism and how hypocritical it often is. Very sad to see Asian folk mimic it...
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2021.09.23 07:31 LieneMK Творожные домики по старому рецептy кaк в детстве.

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2021.09.23 07:31 Electrical_Smoke_523 [HELP/BUG] Lost Her Marbles - Thieve's Guild

I can't get flame fragments from on the Lost Her Marbles anymore after destroying them. It's my last req to comp cape
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2021.09.23 07:31 DCharlo FL Studio Plugin Cheat Sheet

I have been learning fl studio for the past few days, and the biggest hurdle i have found is just what the different plugins do without manually testing and learning each one. When I used ableton it was obvious e.g. "compressor". SO I made a little cheat sheet to help me out with category, type, name with link to docs and small description of what each plugin actually is! (Also so that I do not have to google or go to fl docs)
I hope this can actually help some of you.
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