You think they're worried about us yet yet?

2021.09.23 07:48 CVizzle You think they're worried about us yet yet?

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2021.09.23 07:48 The_good_reaper How can i improve my diluc?

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2021.09.23 07:48 AcanthocephalaOk1380 Finally reached MG yesterday!

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2021.09.23 07:48 Mariettajane I QUIT!!! My day job to become a Crypto Miner!

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2021.09.23 07:48 Sweaty_Director_4083 Major deaths? SPOILERS

Does anyone major die? I read up to chapter 340 ish a few months ago and im starting to read again. Is there any one that dies thats important? Spoil me pls
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2021.09.23 07:48 nasir_ran YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary || Best Budget Indoor Bike || REVIEW

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2021.09.23 07:48 Brevemike Polly - production music video

I recall - a long time ago - seeing a production music video or short film for β€œPolly”, not a performance. I have scoured the interwebs and - afaik - I imagined the whole thing as I cannot find it. Seriously, not on YouTube and nothing turns up in any of the major search engines. If anyone can confirm the existence of this video (or better, provide a link) I would appreciate it.
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2021.09.23 07:48 BPB_Publications Buzzword - Functions (-as-a-Service)

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2021.09.23 07:48 zdash80 Frackles

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2021.09.23 07:48 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.23 07:48 holly10012 now that's dense

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2021.09.23 07:48 Ok_Championship_6986 Are they ready yet?!

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2021.09.23 07:48 DistributionOk9089 Do prepaid Visa cards work on Shopee?

I am from Australia and want to buy something from the Phillipines website of Shoppee. And I want it to deliver to an address in the Phillipines. Am I able to use a prepaid visa gift card bought in-store from Australia? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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2021.09.23 07:48 augustya15 Widgets not appearing on iPad Home Screen (is this a iPad OS 15 Bug?)

is this something that only I have encountered ? it is this happening with anyone else also. ? When I select a particular widget and put it on the iPad Home Screen, they appear as empty white boxes. In this case they are the News widget and the Weather widget.
Please have a look at is attached screenshot.
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2021.09.23 07:48 Zeemer101 bored, so here's my amateur illustration of Pro-Unification soldier infantryman in this weeb war, 2021

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2021.09.23 07:48 BrendaRsBass Bubble minigun. +100 bubbles, +50 distraction, -100 damage

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2021.09.23 07:48 zmormon Where to find a Relicanth?

Where in NZ do you find this sushi? Or is he just not a common mon?
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2021.09.23 07:48 didgey100 Ella

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2021.09.23 07:48 TiredEri [UPD] Looking for POLSC 11 WFX-1 Classmates

Hello! I haven't received any email yet from Prof. Jean Paul Zialcita. Is there anyone here taking his class? Did he already send an email or conduct an orientation?
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2021.09.23 07:48 longtimeutdlurker Canadian police seek man who allegedly punched nurse for vaccinating his wife | Canada

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2021.09.23 07:48 darknep 46% off Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N- $98

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2021.09.23 07:48 ApocalypseTapir Some days I just wanna.......

Invent a time machine and help the Johnsons castrate Joseph.
If there's a hell, that fucker deserves to burn in it forever.
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2021.09.23 07:48 Deson_go 33M It's not easy for adults to make real friends, who else is looking for real friends?

My name is Deson and I live in California, USA. Whether you are in the US or internationally, I am looking to make new friends and find friends that I can really connect with. I would like to make long-term friends with similar interests, but I know it takes time and effort. I love learning about different cultures, ideas and lifestyles. I'm open to anything, but I think to start, getting to know someone is the best option! The goal is to hopefully meet in person someday, but if you want to be internet buddies, that's fine too.

I'm a creative type who loves to cook great food and explore different foods from other countries. I am always open to trying new things. I've started exercising more and trying to eat healthier foods at the same time. I love being outdoors. I like to hike, camp and fish whenever I can. I enjoy traveling, reading, watching movies, listening to decades (70's to 00's) of music, Netflix binges, true crime, and gaming (PC and switchers, feel free to ask me what games are available). My favorite shows/movies are Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, Brooklyn 99, Studio Ghibli movies. I did start using my PC and Switch more often and I've been enjoying it. Currently playing Pokemon Unite and League of Legends. do you have any recommendations for me? Please share.

I have developed anxiety and depression over the past two years, and learning how to cope and adapt has not been an easy road, but I am getting better every day. Becoming a better version of myself on the journey. I read/listen to a lot of self-improvement and better health. Mental health is very important to me and I regret not realizing how important it is. Most of the time I am positive, energetic, sociable and sometimes I just want to be alone. I hope you will respect that.

If you think we would make good friends, please feel free to contact me in private chat. If we click, I'd like to move to another app. I like to text. I know some people can be deal breakers. I hope this article is enjoyable enough to read. Thank you for reading and I look forward to talking to you. Preferably 26+ and above.

**PS I would appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself.
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2021.09.23 07:48 FlatEarthEnthusiast 3mg of clonazepam barely does anything ( all depends on things but for the most part i took 3mgs (1mg pills) and that was an hour and 15 minutes ago and im like barely sleepy. I usually get 30pills a month or 2, but Ive gone through 18 this morning and not every day.

Is 4mg way to much, just haven't heard of it , and i fee lliek my script would be gone relatively quickly ( sometimes its once or twice a week I use them. I just also feel anxious for asking them because benzos arent like just given out for no reason here. Al though I have lots of mental health issues im working on and I have a consistently psychologist for over a year that knows me well and had never given me an issue, I just get anxious I feel like.
Also previously I was prescribed 200mg of trazone at bed and 300mg of well butrin in the morning but Ive been off both for about 3 weeks now as after 6-8 months on them I've noticed next to no benefits. Although the clonazpams do 100% help with anxiety, I do know that.
In the past Ive tried eating 2mg bars of alprazolam and it effects me like nothing, people are talking about they get high and feel great and for me its just bitter when I eat it and then does like nothing.
Also last time I tried and opiate like percocets they did relatively nothing.
Anyone have any suggestions ? My psychiatrist is really open I think hes also hesitant tho prescribing random addicting things, but he is willing to if its a possiblity of helping. I just dont want to have him ever think I just want the drugs, as much as some of them do actually help. One thing id be really worried about is oxys as Ive had previous cocaine/ketamine addiction problems. Although I must add ketamine was one of the better things, the problem is I will go through a half ball in 24 hours.

SO yea, TLDR; looking for any adivce, personal experiences, trouble with finding the right thing without becoming dependent whyll also finding some balance!
PS. I recreationally use DMT, mushrooms and lsd on the side which are super beneficial, just have to be cautious on the amount and frequency.
Thanks for coming to my ted talk <3
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2021.09.23 07:48 dicktraitorship ok

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