2021.09.23 06:44 Used_Bite5974

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2021.09.23 06:44 kingalphawolfx Watch what happens when I cast a spell I don’t know!

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2021.09.23 06:44 veronicadanger13 He might leave me

My husband and I just found out we’re pregnant with our second child. We have a 9 month old so they’ll be pretty close in age. We’re very excited but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m nervous about have 2 under 2. I have pretty bad nausea/vomiting during pregnancy as I did last time. My sickness frustrates my husband because he needs to help out around the house while I rest and it stresses him out. We got in an argument about it today and I went off. Like pregnancy rage went offf, saw red, shaking. I said some pretty mean things to him and now he won’t speak to me. Saying he wants to leave and doubts my love for him. I regret my irrational reaction and have tried apologizing but he won’t listen. Im terrified he’s going to leave me. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.09.23 06:44 TreyHaur I guess that’s one way to respond…

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2021.09.23 06:44 No_Assist285 What can I get for coffin boat?

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2021.09.23 06:44 noerod123 What are your hobbies?

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2021.09.23 06:44 darkacademiacowboy I’m pretty sure I’m trans, but I wanna get y’all’s blatantly honest opinion so I don’t regret anything 30 years down the line

I’m pretty sure I’m trans (FTM or FTNB honestly really confused), but I wanna know if anyone thinks differently. (asking here cause I trust y’all to be blatantly honest.) every time I go “yup I’m a guy” I end up later thinking “well maybe I’m not but maybe I am but...” rinse and repeat.
for reference: my extended family’s very religious (prey before every meal type), some of whom live with us, others who are like my siblings, just all around very close to all of them. I’m scared I may lose some or all of them if I come out, so I don’t wanna come out and realize later on “oh shit, maybe I’m not trans after all”.
here’s my reasons for thinking I might be trans; * I had an unhealthy obsession with moustaches growing up (still don’t shave my face cause I like the little bit of 5 o’clock shadow even though I think I’d look ugly with facial hair) * Hate my chest and hate when people point it out or talk about it * Tomboy as a kid (short hair, boys clothes) * Pretended I was a guy in our skits/games as kids (when I could’ve easily been the sister instead of the brother) * Wore shorts and a shirt swimming instead of a bikini or one piece * I would always play as a spy on the guys team in girls vs. boys tag (pretending to be on the girls team then running over and telling the boys where the girls were so they could tag them) * Sometimes I don’t recognize myself in the mirror (I can’t really elaborate cause I can’t really explain it) * I’ve never been insecure about my brous shoulders, square-ish face, bushy eyebrows or other masculine features * I used to pretend I had a dick/balls (I was that “pinch me I don’t feel pain” kid except if someone kicked my “balls”) * I wish I had a flat chest, deeper voice, more masculine face/body, and was taller * going with on “boys only” fishing trips with my cousins and uncles * I’ve always felt “not like the other girls” * I always had the boy version of what my sister had * getting called “girl” or grouped into “girls” makes me uncomfortable * wore boys clothes under wedding dresses * I feel like my sisters brother more than her sister * I called softball, baseball cause it was the boy version * I never really relate to other girls * ever since I was little I said I was never having kids and I was never getting pregnant (I’m fine with other peoples kids just not my own) * I figured out I was bi cause I’d still like girls if I was a guy * for Christmas one year I got my first training bra, and it made me so uncomfortable * since puberty I’ve worn hoodies almost if not every day (idk if that’s a coincidence or not) * I was asked if I was trans and just avoided answering * tried going by my initials instead of my name * never shave * showers/baths are difficult and I can’t explain why * masculine energy (idk how to explain it other than that) * I 100% wanna get top surgery * I wish I was like one of those fem/skateindie/academia boys
reasons I may not be; * my mind flip flops so often I’m scared I might just subconsciously be doing it for the trend * I’m okay with she/her pronouns * I want a dick, but sometimes I don’t * I don’t want facial/body hair * it may all just be a coincidence * I don’t like male societal roles * I don’t wanna scare women when I do things like walk by them on the street * could I just be fetishizing mlm / wlm relationships (I’m bi) * I wasn’t always masculine/when I was very feminine I was still happy (was feminine when I was really little 0-8(?) and again at 14) * I’m unlike any of the guys in my family * could this all be internalized misogyny? * I was the boy character every time we had a boy character, but I wasn’t always a boy character (like I’d play “the big sister who fends off the zombies in the middle of the woods”) * Sometimes I absolutely hate my body, and other times I don’t notice it * I don’t really like being called a “man” (I hate woman tho) * sometimes I wake up totally fine being a girl * I’ve got other insecurities that don’t relate to gendesex
please help me understand this better, it’s so fucking confusing. I wanna come out and transition, but I don’t wanna be wrong and detransition down the line. especially if on top of that I lose the people I love most.
how do you know if you’re FTM or FTNB?
I don’t wanna go to anyone like “hey could I see a gender psych/therapist” unless I’m certain I am actually trans. I’m not a heart to heart person, so saying something like that/coming out makes me really awkward and uncomfortable. so I want it to be a one and done kinda thing, yk.
did all y’all have this mental circus too? if so, how did you get through it?
thanks y’all :) (also please ignore my english haha + I hope I used the right flair)
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2021.09.23 06:44 Effective_Value_7405 Security Officer to Police Officer

Working security while I go through the police academy has been such a unique experience, is there any security officers in the process of becoming police officers?
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2021.09.23 06:44 SLOTHrrrr Who’s trynna boost for badge points n shi

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2021.09.23 06:44 ViggoGrimborn ...

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2021.09.23 06:44 maclaiiin Looking to join Xbox X/S Madden 22 League!!

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2021.09.23 06:44 RedPillDouche What Do You Think About This Roster? Championship Or Consolation Bound?

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2021.09.23 06:44 Careless-Fix4638 Man this map looks so good...totally satisfied. I don't know why people are shitting on it. This is beautiful I think. Many youtubers find Blackout better than warzone. Only reason it failed because of it monetization system. And now we got it free!

Man this map looks so good...totally satisfied. I don't know why people are shitting on it. This is beautiful I think. Many youtubers find Blackout better than warzone. Only reason it failed because of it monetization system. And now we got it free! submitted by Careless-Fix4638 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 06:44 ize82 Ozzyman done it! I think for the better

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2021.09.23 06:44 Endorphinne Marco smash the OOT MST WR with a 1:37:29

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2021.09.23 06:44 DreamyOverflow Ourworld store gift cards

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew if it’s possible to redeem the Walmart gift cards that you could get for $10 with 300 gems and residency now that we can’t buy gems through the app? I’m not even sure if they’re still selling them but I just wanna know if it’s even possible to redeem the codes cuz I think the option used to be under the gems tab which no longer works. However theres still an option to enter a coupon in settings which we would use for fb codes and stuff. Is it possible to redeem a gift card code there?
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2021.09.23 06:44 HopMan3000 Iann didn’t preform at trippies concert?

In Houston, only k suave and sofaygo opened for trippie and then there was like a 30 min wait for trippie anybody know what happened?
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2021.09.23 06:44 afterthegoldthrust What games u got?

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2021.09.23 06:44 catsinbananahats Pro lifers who also believe in the death penalty, why?

It doesn't make sense to me how to you life is important for a fetus but an inmate's life is not as important.
I really would like to know the rationale.
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2021.09.23 06:44 usernamechosen999 FBI seizes over 3,000 penises during raid at morgue employee's home.

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2021.09.23 06:44 Orca944 [WTS] Seiko Japan Prospex Rotatable Bezel 4R35-01W0

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2021.09.23 06:44 serigraphtea CYBERJAPAN DANCERS – 「ASOBO-YO!」 MV

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2021.09.23 06:44 Ramb0on1995 Tyler1 hit challenger mid lane, 1 rank from the cutoff

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2021.09.23 06:44 kosmo_navt Beefy components just make me gush

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2021.09.23 06:44 tefosaenz Is the application of smart contracts in the legal industry a common occurrence?

Hey guys, just wondering is there a government, law firm or any entity in the legal industry using smart contracts to automate legal processes and such? Is the usage of smart contracts a real thing that happens within the legal industry?
I've read that smart contracts aren't actual legally binding agreements, but there's also "smart legal contracts" which apparently do posses all the legal ramifications a traditional contract would. Are there any actual entities using smart legal contracts to automate the labor a real human would manually have to perform?
I'm looking for examples, preferably legal documents or trusted sources where smart contracts were executed by an entity for any legal process or purpose.
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