You know he will regardless of Jill’s answer

2021.09.23 08:57 o_O-JBL You know he will regardless of Jill’s answer

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2021.09.23 08:57 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 08:57 Substantial-Tip-9329 Should i ship with shoe box or drop the shoe box

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2021.09.23 08:57 charlie_wonka Do you have any unpopular opinions about the characters and relationships in Little Women?

Hi, I'm here to rant. I was rewatching the beloved sitcom Friends and the scene when Rachel (a character in Friends) spoils the book to Joey made me think.
"Laurie proposes to Jo who says no even tho she's still in love with him. And then he ends up marrying Amy."
The book made out that Jo was never interested in Jo in a romantic way, and I think Rachel gave or got a wrong impression. As did Joey (another Friends character). Reading the book, he said "Jo has a crush on Larurie", but it was more like a longing for friendship thing. Again, Jo never loved Laurie in that sense.
But here's where my controversial opinion sets in. I think they would have made an excellent couple. Yes they would have fights, but more compatible than Amy.
I don't have much evidence. Maybe I'm just prejudiced as I dislike Amy. (Guess who haven't forgiven the brat for burning the manuscript)
And btw, Meg and Mr.Brooke is another couple that is not that compatible. I just don't feel it, sorry.
And even though I prefer Jo and Laurie, Jo and the professor has the best relationship out of the three.
So, what are your unpopular thoughts?
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2021.09.23 08:57 JOFWGKTA Why is the search bar down there now?

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2021.09.23 08:57 nek0chi some new hairstyles for mr. ceo 👉👈

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2021.09.23 08:57 bigbadboomer Cathy Ann James missing from Oklahoma since September

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2021.09.23 08:57 XtnFounder is this normal?

received both my oz from fuked up but i just wanna know if its normal to get chest tightness and coughing from thco? at first its smooth asf like inhaling air but 5-15 mins later i feel my lungs feeling scratchy and any type of deep inhale makes me cough alot! shallow breaths dont, i also get some phlegm after could sum of it have separated n im smoking sum acetic acid?
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2021.09.23 08:57 KayJay_Media Cancer Zodiac 411 - Sept 23 2021 (SHORT VERSION) A sneak peek at your daily tarot reading for the Cancer Zodiac.

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2021.09.23 08:57 PlasmaHanDoku For specifics food, what is the best way to eat them?

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2021.09.23 08:57 Orr5 [14F] look be my friend or ill murder you okay?? kidding you just wont get tp be my friend.. and which is worse??? (pics of me on my profile)

copy and paste is fun anyways. im ally im 14. love peeps music along with juice wrld, mcr, fob, p!atd, and xxx. I like to cook simple things like eggs and pancakes. I do in fact have a diet dr pepper addiction, ive been loyal to one subway sandwhich for a good 5 years now. I do enjoy anime, I have a list prepared and another list for my pets. I have fake nails rn and it makes it hsrd to type. I also like movies. total slut for Disney btw. I m behind in all of my classes.. I m from the US. I m like really fucking awesome and really fucking hot so you should be my friend. just do it bro. I have a bf yaaa. stop reading and shoot me a message (this is a threat). just text me..
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2021.09.23 08:57 Rambalac Noborito Mt. Masugata and Kawasaki Municipal Japanese Folk House Garden・4K HDR [1:22:19]

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2021.09.23 08:57 idiotlost666 being fat

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2021.09.23 08:57 Bella_Luna77 So, my area is now 247 for ic. It's a 10.00 per batch bump from 10pm til 7am. Ok np... Who is going to be up at 2am? 🤦 I saw 1 for 16 something just appear and vanish in a split second. Anyone with this new 2rhr push experience the same thing? The distance is really bad with the after hour runs.

Imo the night runs aren't worth the hassle. The distance is far and the pay is low. Might as well stick to daytime unless it is bonus like 5 batches for 60 guarantee. Anything after midnight counts for your 5. So fair game for that I guess. 💁
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2021.09.23 08:57 Artistic_Anybody Sending me hints he doesn’t want to text often or is losing interest?

I’ve (F19) been dating this man (F21) for a month now and we used to text for long periods of time before. We’ve met in person three times and each time he took longer and longer to reply to my text. He used to send me good night and good morning texts but now he doesn’t. When I try to start a conversation, he replies but never continues it. And now he doesn’t initiate much either. He usually only continues to text when I ask him for advice on things.
But the evidence that I found where he might be hinting at me that he doesn’t usually text often is that: he hates small talk, that when I didn’t reply in a hour he said it’s okay that we don’t talk for 1-2 days, and that he is going to be busy because he got a new job. These were all things he told me early on.
I’ve been holding myself back and haven’t texted him in two days and nor has he. I used to try to text him once a day. Should I be concerned or is he really just not a texter? He is very attentive when we hang out and barely checks his phone.
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2021.09.23 08:57 One_And_Only_User Has anyone been able to confirm whether you can get 20 hours through EA Play trial (PS4/PS5)?

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2021.09.23 08:57 samuelbratt Altaria's Dragon Dance 😳 | The Flying Type Gym! - Let's Play Pokémon: Emerald (Episode #13)

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2021.09.23 08:57 yourbluebird638 Met an officer of the law ;)

I work in the ER, I’m gay, I had my first code in a parking lot. An officer arrives on scene and starts helping. We start chatting it up a bit and I could tell he might be gay and trying to flirt. That was a few weeks ago. Well tonight he picked up a security shift at the ER and we worked together again. He showed me his body cam footage of our code, asked for my socials, gave me a ride to my car after work, and has been talking to me all night. Y’all idk if this is real. My heart is literally going all over right now!
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2021.09.23 08:57 lilbabez6y [i ate] Sourdough with vanilla ice cream and cereal

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2021.09.23 08:57 MonkeyRPN hide’s music

Can anyone help me find copies of hide’s albums? Either actual CDs or digital files??? I lost my old CDs during my move and I miss his music so much! If anyone can help, I’m looking for: Hide Your Face (1994) Psyence (1996) Ja, Zoo (1998)
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2021.09.23 08:57 caboose0809 cosplay

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2021.09.23 08:57 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Black Fennec: Hardline] [Antlers] [Burnt Sienna Tsunami Beam] [Barouche]

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2021.09.23 08:57 Cito_PR IT'S A…

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2021.09.23 08:57 bot_neen Entrevista. Silvia Garduño, oficial de la ONU. Solución a la crisis migratoria

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2021.09.23 08:57 djo_oy マリオカート ツアー 2nd アニバーサリーツアートレーラー

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