steve should have been the last dlc

2021.09.23 07:55 RobinoRedditBoy2 steve should have been the last dlc

there, i said it.
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2021.09.23 07:55 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 07:55 Bozo_dubbed_over Dad doesn't speak anime

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2021.09.23 07:55 RedstarXtreme test

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2021.09.23 07:55 pfandleiherr Playerbase on xbox

Hey folks, how is the playerbase on Xbox? Ive bought a PS5 only for fifa but i had to sell ist. Im back on track now and thinking bout a xbox s! Is the playerbase as big as PS5?
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2021.09.23 07:55 Silly-Run-5520 My best friend and I are in love with each other but I think he’s asexual and I’m demi romantic. What do we do?

I am in a really big pickle right now.
My best friend and I are in love with one and other. For the past few years we’ve slowly been heading down this path where we do romantic things towards each other, hold hands and so on. However.
He has absolutely no sex drive (he’s exploring the idea that he’s asexual) and I am someone who’s love language is physical (unfortunately what it means is although I don’t consider myself asexual, I would not go out pursuing sex for the sole purpose of it, nor would I casually date so I guess this makes me demi romantic.)
We are now at a moot point where we both feel like we could be together for the rest of our lives but this is one thing which feels impossible to solve in a way which works for both of us. I can’t imagine dating anyone else and he is so supportive of my hopes and dreams in a way which no one else has ever been. I also know that if we’re unable to work in a way that suits both of us I will have to close myself off to him because it feels too painful to leave this unresolved.
I’m looking for advice here because no one I know understands why we’re not together and I think they might be too judgemental if I tell them the real reason why.
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2021.09.23 07:55 divyasarkar21 FinTechFact - New Cryptocurrencies and it's price

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2021.09.23 07:55 cacko321 I've got a mixed feelings about this quad roll...

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2021.09.23 07:55 39572520483727294959 (Tw: SA) dating someone new, but he’s a friend of an old ex that was abusive towards me.

So basically i (32f) started seeing this guy (32m) and after we’ve gotten closer, I found out he’s a good friend of my ex from 3 years ago (we all live in small city) and my past relationship with that guy was very abusive including sexually but because that guy is very charming in public it was hard to tell the guy I’m dating how he really was with me behind closed doors. So a few days ago we had a heart to heart and I told him the truth about his friend and went into some details about the sexual stuff and that’s why I told him from the beginning that I want to take things slow. I felt like he didn’t believe me…I even offered to show him old text messages from my ex that were bad, but he didn’t want to see. He still comforted me about it. He said it makes sense and he can see how his “friend” would be able to do that. Anyways ever since that talk we had he hasn’t reached out to me all week and I was too embarrassed to reach out myself because I really bared my soul that day and it was really hard to open up about it. Should I reach out or just let go of this guy? I’m so confused because everything was really great between us, does he need time to process the things I told him about his friend??
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2021.09.23 07:55 aazav Sunrise in the Khomas Hochlands - OC this morning

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2021.09.23 07:55 My-Cables Has anyone used a tote container for drying? I have one 80mm intake and one 80mm exhaust. Doing a branch as a test run, but I would appreciate any feedback.

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2021.09.23 07:55 Divya-2395 4 Study Hacks To Get Through School

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2021.09.23 07:55 Jax1903 Ueno Naoka goes from

Telling Shouko to stop apologizing to herself and love herself to shut everyone in the hospital room, one part that telling someone to love themselves is a good thing about Ueno.
Though, I began to hate her again after she begin shutting people to visit shouya so she can him to herself, fight with Shouko and even dare to call out her mom.
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2021.09.23 07:55 fxirys I rejected someone i like and am hesitant as to what to do about it

Me (17F) and this guy (17M) have had a long story of almost dating and liking each other for years now, but it has never worked out due to lack of communication/him getting a girlfriend for a year, but last month on a party after not seeing each other for a while we went from making out to me rejecting him when he confessed later on the night because honestly, it took me by surprise and i thought i was over him.
A week after that night i realized i regretted rejecting him, and had more so buried my feelings for him very deep and just took me a while to process them, this friday we have a common friend’s bday party and might be my one chance to redeem rejecting him, except, i am not sure if i should, but i don’t know if that’s my communication issues speaking for me, i am not that shy of a person but i am, really, really bad at talking about feelings and having heart to hearts, so i’m scared Lol, as friday comes closer i get more and more convinced to not do anything about it, so this is moreso asking for some words that could be the final push (and also how do i say i regret rejecting someone that sounds awk), but yea i’d appreciate it if anyone could have some words of wisdom about this ahaha
psa not to mention i am very scared of dating
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2021.09.23 07:55 McKenzie_Angels I remember someone talking about shipping Ben and Rowan so I made what their kid would look like with my pretty kinda limited stuff but here it is! (Not sure if this counts as MC Monday and if it does I'm terribly sorry

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2021.09.23 07:55 SlaveToAPage 7 Months with a few trim ups.

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2021.09.23 07:55 Shenandooah How is the Master of Data Science in Computational Linguistics at the University of British Columbia?

How helpful would this program be if my ultimate goal is to do a PhD?
I'm an undergrad senior with a mostly computer science/cognitive science background. I have some research experience (one data science, one deep learning/compling), and I'm looking at some masters programs to get more experience under my belt and hopefully have a stronger PhD application down the road. This program caught my eye because of the name, but I'm not sure if it's what I'm looking for? It seems like all classes are about a month long, and it doesn't seem like there's a thesis option. But the classes seem interesting, and my professor says he recognizes some reputable people in the list of instructors.
So uh, do you guys think this is a worthwhile program? 😅
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2021.09.23 07:55 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 07:55 zteststatistic_girl How to watch Sun game?

We have Sling, local (MST) cable, and Amazon. Is fuboTV still donation based and will it have the game? Trying to plan if we have to go to a bar to see the game or not. Hoping to dress the dog in his jersey and make omelets at home!
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2021.09.23 07:55 Ragnorak19 Wolf’s den Part 1

The streets of the last city always felt alive, compared to the spider’s den and the reef’s lawless shores. Glint always loves showing Crow every wonderful thing whenever the rare chance is afforded, though he wished the vanguard didn’t suggest he wear his mask while on the streets. Thankfully though, he wouldn’t keep it on for long.
His destination was a small single story building near the pit of the tower, it was the furthest thing from grand, especially given who called this place home. He was about to knock, but the door opened at the slightest touch. Nervously he opened the door.
“Sorry, but the door was…unlocked.” His apology knocked off track upon looking inside, the small building was packed to the brim with with mementos from every type of enemy that dared the light. Hive carapace shards, cabal helmets and fluids filled every desk. Vex milk and dead frames hung like old coats in a re-purposed closet. His eyes most focused on the near endless ether tanks that were bursting from every drawer, each a unique scrawl for what house they belonged to. None the newly risen recognized. A few even had names and wills should the owner pass, which they most certainly did. He had known The Guardian collected a few bits from enemies slain, but this went beyond reason into the absurd.
“Ah, Crow!” A robotic, yet aged voice said to his left. He turned to face the man he came to speak with, the warlock who saved him from Spider and modern legend of the city age.
“Sorry about the mess, I wasn’t expecting company. So, what brought you to my neck of the woods?” The warlock asked in a calm tone.
“Well, do you mind if we talked?” Crow asked, the Young Wolf simply gestured for Crow to go deeper. Crow listened and went deeper, almost afraid, for if his hunch is right; he might find a piece of ‘himself’ upon these walls.
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2021.09.23 07:55 Phat_Yoshi12 Is there a reason why the plastic beach vinyl is sold out everywhere?

Been trying to get it for months now but its never in stock. Its the only album im missing and it feels weird bot having it.
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2021.09.23 07:55 Padukanarapati Board Size

So my skateboard is size 7 and my skate shoe is size 43,is it harder to do tricks and is it normal?or i should change my board
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2021.09.23 07:55 dindasmart Kush-chan and Kako-chan are sisters. <3

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2021.09.23 07:55 JustinCayce When does recovery become recovered?

I keep seeing people talk about recovering, but it seems it always qualified. One was an ex-marathon runner who was happy to run three miles. So my question is does anyone actually make it all the way back, or is this something that permanently damages us? I've lost so much that, especially being 59, I can't see ever regaining it. The 21st was my one year mark, and it seems I just keep getting worse.
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2021.09.23 07:55 depressedgatsby A one month relationship of all things has broken me...

So Last Friday, a few days after she breaks up with me without reason, a few days before of which she said she loved me, wanted to meet my parents, would consider moving in the future.. These are important :/ I drink, I don't usually drink when I'm sad but I drink sad and I don't feel my limits because I don't feel drunk so I just keep going... I wake up the next morning barely able to walk, I can function better now but I'm still struggling to hold down food, water and I can't sleep the following Thursday morning... Like a dope, I've contacted her this morning. M = me, H =her
M: [23/09, 06:16] You don't have to reply to this... I am sorry, it just, I don't understand how last week you wanted to meet my parents, move here and I felt like I meant a lot and then suddenly I didn't... That just upset me. I hope you've found something better. I'm sorry and I'll go now. I've just been having meltdowns and drinking and skipping my tablets, I need to get a grip, it was a month and it clearly wasn't working for a reason. I don't know. I'm just sorry.
[23/09, 06:18]H: I don't understand it either, I had a massive breakdown on the Monday so don't think that I'm just fine. I don't know what happened and I am so sorry for hurting you - The one thing i promised not to. Please look after yourself because I still care so deeply for you, I want you to be happy and healthy. [23/09, 06:20] M: I don't even know what i can say or do at this point to be honest 😔 [23/09, 06:22] H: Yeah me neither. I'm just sorry. And I know that's never gonna make it up to you. Please look after yourself, because I do care for you, and I think about you, and I want to know you're doing okay. Please just try and take care of yourself. [23/09, 06:22] M: Hey, that's not what I'm saying or meaning.. The way it's all been worded is that you're saying goodbye for good [23/09, 06:24] M: I would like to work on this if there is anything and if I can do anything. The reason why I said I can't be friends is that it hurts me too much 😕 [23/09, 06:24] M: I've told you how I feel, I still want you in my life, I'd still like to see you and take care of you. I'm not saying goodbye, but I know you don't want to be friends. 😔 [23/09, 06:24] M: If there genuinely is someone else or something wrong with me or anything like that then I'd rather know now 🙁 [23/09, 06:25] M: Because I don't believe someone can say the things you said and then not mean them.. I don't understand why they were said in the first place and changed so quickly.. I'm sorry [23/09, 06:25] H: It wasn't like that at all😔 I was fully committed you the whole time and the reason I stopped this was nothing to do with anybody else. [23/09, 06:26] H: I did mean them , everything I said. I think it just got too much, I don't know why. I cant answer that, but I never lied to you about any of those things. [23/09, 06:30] H: You know if this was anybody else I was arguing with or having this conversation with, I'd just go. I'd think fuck it, block them and never hear form them again. I don't want that with you because I care for you and there is still a small part of me that loves you. I want to keep in touch and I want you to be genuinely okay and succeed in life.
I don't understand. I don't understand why this hurts so much more although the alcohol and food poisoning pair might have something to do with it. I'm sorry if I come across as pathetic or silly, I just give my trust fairly easily and when someone says those kind of things to me.. I believe them..
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