A situação das favelas no país reporta a graves problemas de desordenamento territorial. ... do urânio Desabrochada no chão Da cor pálida do helium E odor de radium fatal Loelia mineral ... A Bahia é o segundo maior produtor de frutas do país, com mais de 3,3 milhões de toneladas ao ano, ficando atrás apenas de São Paulo. O norte baiano é uma dos principais fornecedores de fruta do país. [100] O Estado é um dos principais produtores nacionais de dez tipos de frutas. Câncer de pele. No Brasil, o número de casos novos de câncer de pele não melanoma esperados, para cada ano do triênio 2020-2022, será de 83.770 em homens e de 93.170 em mulheres, correspondendo a um risco estimado de 80,12 casos novos a cada 100 mil homens e 86,66 casos novos a cada 100 mil mulheres . A ideia de um país abençoado por Deus e sem desastres naturais dificilmente resistiria às provas dos números apresentados na segunda-feira [24.01.2011] pela Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU). De acordo com o relatório da ONU, entre 2000 e 2010, o Brasil foi atingido por 60 catástrofes naturais, que deixaram 1,2 mil mortos. ...


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2021.10.19 04:07 Handle-Nice Anyone here a real steel fan of the Canik pistols?

I was thinking about turning a Maruzen P99 into a Canik TP9. Absolutely love their line of pistols and have owned 3 myself. but I found this article from Feb. 2020……
So hopefully Cybergun is currently producing for a Canik. Anyone hear about this?
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2021.10.19 04:07 RealPowderedToastMan Edibles have literally never affected me once, should I try eating a ton of them?

I’ve had edibles before and I’ve never felt high off of them, I think my tolerance is pretty high. I went to Michigan and got some real gummies from a dispensary, they’re 10mg each, how many should I eat?
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2021.10.19 04:07 ExtremeBlackberry930 Help with Jorn, god of winter

Help with high power jorn
I am trying to build a Jorn, god of winter deck that is not straight up cEDH, but is also not casual. I would say something like a 7 out of 10 on a power level scale. (Maybe 6 of the strategy is fun)
How should I build it? Should I go full on stax? Or should I go for the snow theme/big mana?
If someone have a decklist I would really appreciate it.
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2021.10.19 04:07 FoghornLeghorn99 I Made a Bunch of Memes because of the Joy

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2021.10.19 04:07 FermisFolly A Contrived Crossover of Costumed Crimefighters

"Rats to bacon, Ms. Langley," snarled Mayor Scratch. "To fucking bug-rotten ass-bacon."
"As always, sir, you have a colorful way of summing things up."
Ms. Langley stood, arms behind her back, her posture perfect, her hair meticulous. The mayor sat at his desk, virtually pooling in his chair like some kind of a gel.
"I don't know what it is about this city that attracts every deranged Bright with a chip on their shoulder here like-"
"-rats to bacon?"
The mayor pointed dramatically.
"You get it."
"I know you were never a fan of theirs, sir, but I think this is the sort of problem the Thunder League used to deal with. You have to expect that, in the absence of a local superhero team, we're going to see a noticeable increase in supercrime."
"Bah! The Thunder League caused more problems than they ever solved!"
"I think it's a quality vs. quantity thing, sir."
"You're right about one thing, though, Ms. Langley," the mayor continued, ignoring her, "this is the kind of problem the Thunder League used to solve. And if we don't tackle it now, if we allow it to fester, before we know it we're going to have another Thunder League on our hands."
"Well put, sir; if we allow crime to get out of hand it might lead to something terrible like superheroes," said Ms. Langley. "It sounds like you have an idea."
She really hoped he didn't.
"I do!" said the mayor, smiling conspiratorially. "We're going to get out ahead of this thing."
"What do you mean?"
"How do you keep another group of PR-nightmare supers from filling our little power vacuum? Fill it first! We're going to put together the super team so we're going to own the super team. None of this rogue morality vigilante dungeons and dragons shit. This team is going to be an extension of the Mayor's office."
"How do you propose to pull something like that off?"
"I'm not going to, Ms. Langley, you're going to. How you go about doing it is no longer my problem. That's the magic of delegating."
"It's a tall order, sir."
"You're supposed to be some kind of a Bright aren't you? Just apply that freakish mutant brain of yours. What am I paying you for?"
"I have an extremely detailed job description and 'liaise with vigilantes' is nowhere to be found on it."
"Are you saying you can't do it?"
The mayor chose that word, "can't", very carefully. Langley saw it for the pathetically transparent attempt to manipulate her that it was. She further noted that it worked.
"Did I say those words or anything like them? I'm saying that it's impossible and not my job. So I expect an appropriate amount of credit for what an amazing feat it will be when I pull it off."
"That's my girl!" said the mayor, snapping his fingers.
"I'm not your girl," said Langley.
"Fair enough."
Langley was already on her way out of his office, scrolling through the contacts in her phone.
As far as the mayor's ideas went this one wasn't completely terrible. Organizing what remained of the superhero community into something resembling a team was definitely the strongest play they could make against their eccentric crime wave. As annoying as it was to be assigned the task Langley was a little glad to be in charge of this. She could personally ensure that they found the best people for the job.
The best.
Emily left the grocery store, a cloth bag of groceries slung over her shoulder, smiling to herself. The sun was shining, she had been able to get the brand of gum she liked, and a baby had smiled at her in the checkout line. Darius had been doing so much better ever since he got that ugly little emotional support dog and she hadn't been kidnapped by any of his enemies in weeks. It was a good day.
Her smile immediately melted into a narrow-eyed look of annoyance when she saw a woman wearing a suit and pencil skirt waiting by her car. The woman looked happy to see her, which meant she was up to something.
"Hello Emily," said the woman.
"I don't talk to reporters," Emily said frostily, brushing past the woman.
"I'm not a reporter."
"Fine," said Emily, turning to face the woman for the first time, "I don't talk to whatever it is your specific profession is. Clear?"
"I work for the Mayor's Office," the woman continued.
"And I chose my words very carefully," said Emily, opening the passenger's side door and unloading her bag of groceries.
"I certainly mean no offense, and if you'd prefer to be left alone I won't bother you again. I don't want anything from you. But your boyfriend has saved this city, and the world for that matter, more times than I can count. Audacity City owes the both of you a lot. So if you ever decide you want to start calling in some of that debt-"
The woman handed over a business card. It identified her as Lisa Langley, General Secretary.
"-give me a call."
"General Secretary?" asked Emily, reading the card out loud, "wasn't that Stalin's official title?"
"My position within the Mayor's Office is unique, although I confess it does amount mostly to signing death warrants and purging the army."
Emily laughed at the joke, in spite of herself.
Natura arrived at the site of the planned protest, only to find the city square virtually deserted. There was one woman walking her dog and a busker balancing rocks on one another but Natura didn't think they were there to protest anything.
There was one other person there as well: a woman in a suit. She approached Natura with easy confidence and type-A posture.
"Hello Natura," she said, as she drew close. "My name is Lisa Langley. It's my sad duty to inform you that there is, in fact, no protest today. I'm afraid you were misled. There is no Bill 1,205, Globocorp isn't a real company, dihydrogen monoxide is just the chemical formula for water, and Archaefructus Liaoningensis has been extinct since the Cretaceous period."
Natura crossed her arms. Another fake protest. Not exactly the world's most original assassination plot.
Natura eyed up her would-be assassin. She looked like a typical corporate suit; the same soul-dead assholes who threw ninja stars at her all day.
"So what's your deal then? You're with the Pollutioneers? The New Boys Club? Monsanto? I need to know which specific assholes are paying you to try and kill me. I like to shout what people have done wrong while I beat them."
"I'm with the Mayor's Office."
"How flattering. You can always tell you're doing the right thing when you make enemies of the local politicians."
"I'm not your enemy."
Natura leaned her head to the side and smiled.
"That's not really up to you."
"How about this: you hear me out, and if you still think I'm your enemy afterwards you can pound me to a pulp."
"I share your disdain for politicians, Natura. If you think you hate the Mayor now try working for him, but I think you may be overlooking an opportunity here. What if I had a way for you to bring the system down from the inside?"
"That sounds like sell-out talk."
"Maybe it is. But I've got news for you: the Mayor's Office is putting together an official city superteam. It's going to be very high profile. Someone on that team could help steer the direction it takes; really make a difference. Change some hearts and minds. And if you don't want to be the one to make that difference, trust me, they have a file as long as my arm of straight white men they can call."
Natura pursed her lips. She really hated having her mind changed.
A shadowed figure came to Lisa's office after midnight through the third story window.
"Hello... Ratboy is it?" said Lisa.
"That's my name," said Ratboy, climbing through the window and into the light.
"There isn't anything else you'd prefer to be called?"
"Why would I?"
"As you say," said Lisa. "I take it you found my message?"
"Yes," said Ratboy. "How did you know I'd be there?"
"I didn't," said Lisa. "You assume I left it in only one place."
"Why go to all that trouble to talk to me?"
"I have an offer for you. I'm putting together a team and I want you on it."
"A team? A team of what?"
Lisa smiled.
"Why a team of superheroes of course."
For just a second a brief glimpse of vulnerability escaped Ratboy's mask.
"I suspect you're going to want to point your phone at your face so as to register your reaction to what I say next," said Lisa.
Tree Frog really didn't want to do what this strange woman said just on general principle, but damn if she didn't make a good point. She pressed her phone's screen and switched from her back mounted camera to the front facing one. She immediately started looking at her own face on the screen and adjusting her expression to get it exactly right. Just a little pouty.
"Alright, shoot," she said, once she had it the way she wanted it.
"The Mayor's Office has been aware of your channel's recent growth. Frankly, we're impressed. We're currently putting together a very exclusive new superteam. They'll have the full backing of the Mayor's Office and effectively be the official superheroes of Audacity City. You were personally hand selected by the Mayor to join this team."
Tree Frog's eyes widened and she lost her cultivated pouty look. She could barely hear herself think for the sound of all the reaction alerts coming from her phone.
"I am lowkey about to have a heart attack right here on stream. Are you serious?" Tree Frog almost shouted that last sentence. "You want me to be on the replacement for the effing Thunder League?" she added, her voice raising a few octaves.
"Not a replacement. We would never say that. Think of it more like the team will be occupying the same ecological niche."
"I don't know what that is."
"It's not important. What is important is that you're being offered a slot on the most prestigious superteam in the city. You'll be fully deputized, salary, benefits, gadget stipend. And I think you audience would appreciate an answer now: live on stream."
Tree Frog glanced down at chat.
xXPerfectDrugXx: You have to say yes!
Morka: This is amazing
ErisEsoterica: The Thunder League propped up the stagnation of the status quo. They got what they had coming.
Loonicorn posted an animated gif of a flashing rainbow dancing blob.
Entire Nutsack: Get that money! You go girl!
Zebracadabra: w e w l a d
PitchblackPonderingPoindexter: DO IT! DO IT!
ruben1998: show ur tits
PitchblackPonderingPoindexter: THAT TOO!
Then someone named Casty Takes kept filling the entire chat screen with ASCII art of Hitler.
The woman was right; it's what the people wanted.
Tree Frog checked her face again, and re-adjusted her pout. People were going to watch this moment over and over and over.
"I'm in!" she said, trying not to move her face too much.
It was off-putting.
Dangerman had three days' growth of beard visible despite his cowl. His long black coat, which made him seem mysterious and powerful when clean, had acquired a thick enough layer of filth that it just made him look homeless.
Technically he was homeless but, he reassured himself, he wasn't homeless homeless. He was a superhero.
"I'm sorry man I can't do it," said the street meat vendor.
"Oh come on!" begged Dangerman. "What's the problem all of a sudden?"
"Don't get me wrong, I still respect you and all, but I have a family to feed. When you used to come around like once a month maybe I didn't mind giving you a free hot dog but you've been eating here every meal for days."
"I don't have unlimited free hot dogs," said Iman. "I'm sorry."
"I'll pay for his hot dog," said a woman.
Neither Dangerman nor Iman had noticed her sneak up like that. Dangerman also couldn't help but note she was way too well dressed to have any business in the area.
Still, she was going to pay for his hotdog so he figured he'd put his suspicions aside for at least the next 5 minutes.
The woman paid for the hot dog.
"What can I get for you?" Iman asked the woman.
"Oh, nothing for me, thanks," she said, with a laugh.
Iman prepared Dangerman's usual order and handed it over.
"Appreciate it," said Dangerman, raising the hotdog in salute. "You a fan?"
"I can do you one better: I'd go so far as to call myself a friend."
Dangerman looked the woman up and down.
"I'm going to do you a favor and advise you against saying whatever you're about to say next," said the woman. "Walk with me."
She led him further down the sidewalk, away from the hotdog cart. Once they had a bit more privacy she spoke again.
"I'll make this simple for you, Mr. Danger-"
"-how did you figure out my secret identity?" demanded Dangerman.
"I can't reveal all my secrets. What I can tell you is this: My name is Lisa Langley. I work for the Mayor's Office. We're interested in paying you to do what you're already doing for free. How does that sound?"
Dangerman took a bite of his hot dog.
"I think that might work for me," he said, his mouth still full.
"Hello there Stargirl," said the complete stranger. "I'm putting together a team-"
"Oh my god yes!"
Magdalena started involuntarily clapping her hands.
Killdozer carefully poured the wet dog food over the dry dog food, then put the bowl in the microwave while the tiny dog watched him from his feet.
Watching him work from her seat at the kitchen table, Emily could hardly believe it. Of course he still couldn't be relied upon to adequately feed himself but he was taking expert care of this stupid little dog.
Emily wished she had thought of getting it for him a long time ago.
Of course with neither of them working the added expense was going to deplete their nest egg all the faster.
Maybe if she got another job this time Darius would take it better, what with the new dog and all. Of course if she was wrong and he didn't people's lives were at stake. That seemed like a lot of responsibility to place on a dog.
Emily went over to her purse and removed a business card from it. Holding it in one hand and her phone in the other she started to dial.
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2021.10.19 04:07 IwanttobeMercy Talrashas Head Piece Worth?

I just dropped a second one last night and my m34c already has his, what is it worth in trades? I was thinking asking for an Um rune for my bone runeword but I haven't played since I was kid and don't know if that's over or under someone would be willing to pay lol
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2021.10.19 04:07 MewMew2000 Help with a performance issue

I have a laptop with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 that was running pretty well for about a week. Now when I play games of any kind, every minute to a couple minutes the frame rate will drop significantly for a few seconds then go back to normal. I have tried many ways to fix this but I don’t know what the actual issue is. Can anybody help me?
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I have an animation channel and I have been stuck at 2K subs for years. No other animators will collaborate with me or help me out in any way. Would people please be willing to check out my animation channel at Jackson Animation?
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