[F4M] 18 Looking for new connections Mississippi/ Texas

2021.10.19 04:49 playgworl [F4M] 18 Looking for new connections Mississippi/ Texas

Hi , i’m looking to meet someone new and to hopefully form a connection. I like listening to music, , traveling, trying new things , playing video games , doing my makeup and hair , and shopping, i also enjoy learning about different cultures and learning new things in general.
I’m a pretty sensitive girl I prefer romance over anything sexual honestly I like spending time together and I love phone calls i’m very open minded so please don’t judge if you aren’t or if you don’t agree with me :) ! I tend to talk a lot about nothing so if that’s annoying then i’m sorry I just love talking i’m pretty clingy and very emotional at times and i need reassurance at times too.
I’m moving to Texas after college btw. I play Red dead redemption 2 ,gtav, cold war, monster hunter , overwatch, etc. i also play on ps4 btw! I love all types of music except for country.
(age range is 18-23) i don’t date anything past 24. I’d prefer an asian guy but anything works for me because people are more than their race (i don’t like white guys though) i’m down with having just friends too but mostly looking for a relationship tbh. I’m okay with long distance relationships also when you message me please introduce yourself I love hearing about you!
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2021.10.19 04:49 PhysicalChemGuy Should I be concerned about my ear not popping and throat pain when swallowing?

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2021.10.19 04:49 squishysockz Cat.

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2021.10.19 04:49 starvinmarvin0921 Service history by VIN

Is there any way to find a service history by VIN? I bought an alleged CPO from 800 miles away and it came with no paperwork at all. While I’m starting to doubt it is a really a Porsche CPO, it would be great to know if it’s actually had an oil change recently. Selling Porsche dealer has clammed up. Thanks for any advice!
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2021.10.19 04:49 TigerViking Strap adapters came in tonight. Love the look of the DW5600 on a Bond NATO

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2021.10.19 04:49 waa-zee 🛑 #CitadelIsNotRetail 🛑

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2021.10.19 04:49 MrWoofington411 My gf gave me a 2 week ultimatum

Well, I never thought it would come to this.
I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about a month now. I really like her and care about her, but alas I am a dumbass. I have a tendancy to be really insensitive and make jokes at bad times (I'm not sure why, maybe it's become a coping mechanism for me subconsciously) and I think I'm starting to suffer the consequences now. I said something dumb today at a bad time that hurt my gf and I feel don't feel good about it to say the least. Long story short I apologized, she pointed out the problem with my apology (which was that all I did was justify my actions) and said that I had 2 weeks to improve myself or we were done. It should also be noted tgat this is my first "real" relationship with someone and that I an in high-school. I've talked to my best friend about it but realized that I need help on a larger scope than just one person. I need to learn how to emphasize with someone who has a very different background and more trauma than I do, so please please help me. And please don't be scared to ask questions, if it helps you help me then I am all for it.
And yes, I realize how shitty I am so don't bother telling that what I did was wrong, thank you
TLDR: I need help with empathy cause I fucked up in a major way.
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2021.10.19 04:49 TraditionBest3730 About the wolves…

This is entirely speculation, and I mostly just want to hear other’s thoughts, but…
1.) We know that Childe’s backstory mentions that perhaps, instead of him finding the abyss, the abyss went looking for him. It claims that perhaps it saw something in him.
2.) In the lifespan of Teyvat, a few years is a short amount of time. Based on the theory of Childe being between 18-21, his abyssal trip wouldn’t have been even a decade before the start of the story. So it could be considered recent.
3.) It feels like small details keep popping back up in the future. In this instance, the new wolves in Wolvendom being the riftstalker hounds. They have been more common recently.
4.) Obviously wild animals do exist, but something about both bears and a pack of wolves going out of their way to chase a kid feels a bit off to me.
So, what if it wasn’t an unlucky coincidence? There is a big emphasis on key lines in the game, so I would assume with the corruption, that would be the most likely spot for an opening. And if there’s an opening, that’s probably where the creatures came from. At the same time, if this entrance to the abyss is in a set spot (my personal theory is that it’s connect to the moon in regards to it opening), and the abyss sensed Ajax’s ambition, what exactly is there to say that maybe the wolves were meant to chase him there…
Anyway, I’m mostly just curious to hear what others think. :)
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2021.10.19 04:49 lindzos I think she's hugging him from behind?

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2021.10.19 04:49 Smooth-Vegetable-212 Things in my new relationship just got very dark, and I don’t know what to do.

I(f16) recently started seeing someone(nb16). I’m still in the closet to my family, and their family is not very welcoming.
Today, their family found out we are together and they got in a big fight about it, it turned physical and they had to run away for a bit to escape it.
Afterwards, they told me that their mom was planning to call my mom and out me, and their dad was going to come to my house and do something awful to me.
I don’t really know what to do now, because I know they need my support but I’m also afraid for my own safety and theirs and my relationship with my family. We’re both so young and this is so much to handle
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2021.10.19 04:49 oanayahsa periods can go die in a hole

Why do they exist-
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2021.10.19 04:49 CHRYSSIxLEO Refuge SMP [Semi-vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} {1.17.1} {Bluemap} {Discord} {Java} {Proximity Chat}

Refuge SMP is currently looking for around 15-25 more highly active players to join our server. Refuge SMP had a soft launch at the start of October in 1.17.1 where members are living in a close community getting to know each other. This will be fully reset and a proper launch after 1.18 is confirmed.
We’re a very friendly and welcoming group of avid Minecraft players ranging from age 18-30 just looking for other players like us that want to get away from reality for a while. Join us in a world we can create together and enjoy a different reality where we live our own stories together! Before applying, please read these few short rules (closely modeled after HermitCraft) and requirements we have agreed on to keep the community carefree and enjoyable for everyone:
Basic Rules:
Be Friendly (We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any nature)
Be a Community Player (don’t be stingy on the server, we like to help each other!)
NO Griefing (friendly pranking is allowed)
Absolutely NO Hacking/Cheating
Be Considerate (don’t be rude or cause arguments)
Have Fun!!!
Must be 18+
Simple Voice (Fabric 1.17.1-1.2.0) (Needed but does not have to be used)
What kind of server is Refuge?
We are a 1.17.1 Java SMP using the Bloom platform with admins/owners located in the US and AUS, so there will always be staff around to help! We currently have 5 members and would like to get it to around 20-30 active members.
What kind of plan is there for Refuge?
Following the traits of the current Hermitcraft season, we are looking to be a community-orientated server where everyone lives somewhat close together. The idea is that groups are formed, so that each time you log in, something new is happening on the server. Rather than an SMP where everyone is pretty much in single player with a shopping district.
🌈Note that this is an LGBTQ+ friendly server! This is a safe space and we will not tolerate intolerance🏳️‍🌈
If this sounds like the server for you, send me a message or comment and I will send you the Google Form Application! We are so excited to see you on the server.
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2021.10.19 04:49 phoenixv07 ARCA West driver Dean Thompson will make his Truck debut at Phoenix for Niece Motorsports.

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2021.10.19 04:49 bigsean102 Cursed Trunk

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2021.10.19 04:49 90sLevi This is embarrassing. I didn't get my delivery parcel for the second time. I was always asleep.

Really tired from (online) school in a very demanding university. The other day I woke up very late in the afternoon because alarms can't wake me up. Three alarms, two are loud phones, the other is an alarm clock. My phone probably died while alarming and while I was asleep, so the person delivering whatever I ordered can't contact me. It was six hours since they left the place and I didn't get it at all.
Just minutes ago I woke up from a short sleep. I woke up very early and had a short sleep. I was not supposed to sleep but I did, and woke up just in time for our class for the day. However, I was two hours late to see the same person's texts regarding my delivery. I missed it again, DAMN. It was already paid but oh god why am I always asleep? It's so embarrassing I always keep them coming back without even me responding just because I was asleep. Completely my fault. But I hate how I'm always asleep!
Any tips how to avoid sleeping in the morning while sitting on the bed? It was a mistake I should've not went back to bed just to use my phone. My alarms couldn't wake me up either. (That's another problem)
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2021.10.19 04:49 gertrude403 In pain. Hospital or tough it out?

I am in pain. Right side, belly and back. Nausea. I have taken 4 advil and 4 midol throughout the day. 40 mg of cbd. Nothing works. Had a lap in March. On Lupron but ending and obviously not working. Been in pain for a month but it's way worse today. Dr will be in tomorrow so I can leave a message to get stronger meds. If possible. If not, hospital for an echo or something? Last time they dismissed me and just sent me home with naproxen, which I'm allergic to. In Canada, if that helps.
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2021.10.19 04:49 tornaster Join the TEE∏ 13-17 Discord Server!

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I stayed in a Las Vegas area hotel and had a terrifying experience from a paranormal entity tugging the sheets on my bed, repeatedly touching me while falling asleep, turning off a light and changing the alarm clock. Read below for details...
I am a resident of Las Vegas, NV and on Friday, July 23, 2004 my wife and I checked into the Mount Charleston Hotel, a rustic mountain resort in the local mountains near Las Vegas, NV for a two night stay. We had not stayed there previously and knew nothing about the hotel. The hotel has since been renamed The Retreat On Charleston Peak.
This hotel is located on Kyle Canyon Road, roughly 40 minutes drive northwest of Las Vegas, NV in the local Spring Mountain Range. It is a popular destination with locals to escape the summer heat and enjoy the snow in the winter.
July 23rd happened to be my mother's birthday, the first one since she passed away two months earlier. My wife brought candles with us to light in the hotel room in remembrance of her.
We were placed in a room on the third floor overlooking the canyon behind the hotel. I noticed upon entering the room that the nightstand alarm clock was set an hour fast but I did not reset it because we were not on a schedule.
My wife lit the candles in remembrance of my mother prior to going to bed and extinguished them before falling asleep around 10:30pm. I stayed up watching TV, and just before midnight I turned off the TV and began falling asleep. Once the TV was off the room was completely dark. I was nearly asleep when I felt the sheets near my feet being gently tugged, and the edge of the bed being delicately depressed, like someone was softly sitting on it. I recall thinking as I drifted off that what I was feeling was one of our cats on the ground clawing at the corner of the bed, but then I rapidly came out of my slumber, realizing it wasn't one of our cats who we had left at home. So what was it?
I was uncertain if what I was feeling was real or imagined, so after several minutes I chose to ignore it and I rolled onto my side to go to sleep. I was facing my wife and my back was facing the edge of the bed. After about 10 seconds it felt like someone ran their hand down the outside of my upper leg, similar to how you might pet a dog's back. I was frozen in fear. All of the hair on my body was standing straight up. I was thinking, "What in God's name was that?" After several seconds the feeling of a hand running down the outside of my upper leg happened again. I was utterly shocked. I couldn't move. There was no question in my mind that something was standing behind me, next to the bed touching me. I clenched my fist and when the feeling of the hand running down the outside of my upper leg happened a third time I swung my arm, fully expecting to hit the culprit's arm, but I swung at air. I woke my wife in a panic and she turned on the nightstand lamp. There was nothing visibly out of the ordinary in the room.
My wife and I sat in bed talking about what had happened for about 30 minutes, debating whether to pack up and drive home down the mountain. Nothing more occurred during our time talking. I calmed down and my wife convinced me to try and go to sleep with the bathroom light turned on, which I did. In the morning my wife said that she was surprised that I had turned off the bathroom light in the middle of the night seeing how frightened I had been. I told her that I had not turned off the bathroom light, that I slept through the night and never got up. She said she also did not get up. Nevertheless, the bathroom light had been turned off. Also in the morning we noticed that the nightstand clock was no longer set incorrectly at one hour fast. The time was now set correctly, although neither my wife or I had touched the clock.
That morning we ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I asked the waitress if "weird things" happen in the hotel. She warily said evening employees see ghosts walking in the lobby. That evening while back in our hotel room, as dusk set in, I told my wife I couldn't stay another night in the hotel. We packed up and drove down the mountain before dark, forfeiting our second night stay.
I was extremely disturbed by the paranormal experience at the hotel and could not stop thinking about it. Several days afterwards I called my cousin who is a Catholic priest, and was my mom's favorite nephew. I explained to him what had happened and asked if he thought it could have been my mom's spirit, considering it was her birthday and we had lit candles in memory of her. He replied that he did not think that it was my mom's spirit. He said that the church does not believe that human spirits remain on Earth after death. He said it was either an angel or a demon, and based on the fear that I felt, it suggested that it was a demon.
In 2004 the internet was still fairly new. Facebook was a few months old and few people had heard of it. There was no YouTube, Instagram or Twitter yet. I searched online for other people's paranormal stories at the Mount Charleston Hotel, but found nothing. People couldn't relate to my experience because they'd never experienced anything like it, including my wife who slept through it. I found a website named TheShadowlands.net where I shared my story. Several months after posting my story on TheShadowlands.net a woman emailed me saying she'd read my story there. She said that she too had had paranormal experiences at the hotel and asked if I wanted to hear more. I said, "YES!" We met in person and she told me that the hotel was built in 1985 and that her wedding was the first one on the property. She said the hotel had been built on Indian burial grounds (Paiute Indian tribe). She said after the reception her maid of honor went to her room on the third floor. In her room, the maid of honor felt like she was being watched. She went into the bathroom to change clothes and when she came out there was a white mist hanging in the room. She quickly packed her bag, ran out of the hotel and drove home down the mountain in the middle of the night. On their one year wedding anniversary, she and her husband went back to the hotel and stayed on the third floor in a room overlooking the canyon. In the middle of the night her husband woke her in a panic saying someone was on the balcony looking in at them through the window. She was sceptical and thought he was dreaming. To prove him wrong she lifted the sheer drape, looked out the window, and on the ground below she saw what looked like a glowing woman floating away from her.
As the years rolled by and the internet became more sophisticated, I noticed stories here & there about other people's paranormal experiences at the hotel. Stories about the smell of burnt hair, electronic devices behaving very unusual, seeing shadows moving, strange people appearing in locked rooms, guests and contractors racing off out of fear and not returning, and objects flying across the room.
Then in spring 2019 I met a woman who moved to Las Vegas from Denver earlier that year. She told me she had recently stayed alone on the third floor of the hotel in a room overlooking the canyon. Without knowing my story, she told me while falling asleep she felt someone snuggle behind her in bed and the next day in the room she felt a hand run up the back of her leg, much like what I had experienced fifteen years earlier! She told me that she didn't react to what she'd felt because she thought she had just imagined it.
In early fall of 2019 I secured a business contract with the property. I told the General Manager and Business Manager about my experience at the hotel from fifteen years earlier and they casually and sincerely said that the female entity on the third floor liked me. They detailed for me the three strange entities existing at the property. They are; The Woman occupying the third floor rooms, The Child occupying the first floor rooms, and The Man occupying the hotel restaurant. They told me of their own personal experiences including door handles and deadlock bolts moving by themselves, pots and pans flying across the hotel kitchen by themselves, and hotel guests racing out of the hotel in the middle of the night in a panic to drive down the mountain in their pajamas while their belongings remained in the guest rooms.
For Thanksgiving 2019, my thirteen year old daughter and I went to the hotel for their delicious Thanksgiving buffet which my daughter in particular loves. Las Vegas was hit by a storm that day and it snowed all day on Mount Charleston. Chains or 4-wheel-drive with snow tires was required to drive up the mountain. After dinner we walked to our car in the parking lot, which was now covered in snow. The temperature was below freezing and we were alone outside the hotel. I took out my smartphone and snapped a picture of my snow covered car. When we returned home I looked at the picture and it was taken as a short video. Although we were entirely alone outside of the hotel, three shadowy figures are clearly visible in the video, walking past. Could it have been The Woman, The Child and The Man paranormal entities that occupy this property?
I still visit the hotel occasionally for coffee or a meal when I'm in the local mountains, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to stay overnight in the hotel again after what I experienced.
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2021.10.19 04:49 Fast_Difference5604 Can I get an id on this fish , I believe it’s a kirin parrot I’m not sure LFS sold it too me as a polar blue parrot

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2021.10.19 04:49 nonk69 me when imposter is sus

ahahhahaha sus
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2021.10.19 04:49 ChangoFin Chango’s Hindsight.. 🤔🐎


🤑 Connections Clean up @ Bath! Trainer Ronald Harris & Owners the Doocey family smashed a glamorous 92/1 sequential double in the first 2 races of the day! Glamarous Force was well backed before off in R1 and just got up by a neck at 3/1 and then stablemate Glamarous Express managed to scrape home by a head. Very nice day out for those invovled and congrats to anyone who found the novelty bet.
💎 ProfitPlayers - A tough day for the VIP club yesterday, recording a loss of around 11pts 😓 Ground probably played it’s part and I definitely made a bad call on one but, we take our losses on the chin and as always we come back stronger 💪🏽 Still showing for the month (+29pts) so no fire alarms going off yet and they’ve got a solid set for today including a 25/1 chance and a 3/1 NAP over in Ireland 🇮🇪 ..reason to be hopeful of a quick recoup.
Best of luck.
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2021.10.19 04:49 skellup1337 Military Discount?

So iv used my Military Discount at home depot a few times. Normally for small orders.
I am not sure on the terms of this discount though. I am about to head to home depot this weekend and spend 2,600 dollars on some stuff to redo my basement. Would my Military Discount work for this large of an order?
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2021.10.19 04:49 RivetCounter Who's watching the Great Canadian Baking Show Season 5?

I'm not sure how I feel about this season so far (after Cake Week). I feel like it's more becoming about a food design show rather than actual baking.
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2021.10.19 04:49 Chair_Rude how do i communicate to my bf how i really feel about our relationship?

recently, I've been having anxiety attacks whether my bf still actually loves me. every monthsarry i give him a little something, like a letter, a playlist, a drawing, and he just says sorry because he hasn't done anything for me :(( i really want to tell him what i feel but whenever i say something, he always make me feel bad and it makes me regret ever saying anything. i know he's a nice guy and he's just trying his best, but he's no longer putting in as much effort as he used to :(( and it makes me sad, so if anyone can help me on how can i communicate this properly with him, I'll be so thankful.
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2021.10.19 04:49 chuppy22 Dating a guy who accepts my HPV/HSV-1/LEEP Stuff

Hi ya'll,
This post is for those scared of dating because of having HPV. I'm a Female in my younger 20's with HPV and HSV-1 genitally. I found out I had both last summer. I've had HSV-1 breakouts and had genital warts this year. Had the last lasered off in the summer. Anyways, I met this guy a couple months ago. I was scared to tell him I had HPV and HSV-1. When I told him he said "it's just a skin condition" and he didn't care since he has HSV-1 orally. We both got STD checked to make me feel more comfortable. He's my boyfriend now. Unfortanetly, I have to get the LEEP procedure done in a month but i'm glad he's supportive and will be there for me. Wish me luck and goodluck to you all!
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