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2021.10.25 20:56 exivu When your on reddit

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2021.10.25 20:56 mnorthwood13 I don't know what world simulation number I'm stuck in; but I want out.

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2021.10.25 20:56 Shortyshort123 Question??

Does anyone know what an IS really does?? I accepted the position over 2 months ago and feel like I’m being used by both the Pharmacy and SM
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2021.10.25 20:56 peiness We love when Josh smiles☺️

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2021.10.25 20:56 Spyridon2003 First impressions? i might look sad but im alright :)

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2021.10.25 20:56 blondegirl2021x 26f hurting over 20M

I’m 26F hurting so bad over this guy... I have met him 6 times since September. He told me he was 25.. I later on found out he was 20 but I didn’t mind it as I liked him. Slept with him 3 times, he would spoon and stroke my hair and after the 3rd time he started acting distant and weird. I would go back to his after a night out drunk and he would be sober as doesn’t drink for some reason? I met up with him on last Saturday and we had a deep chat in the car, was then kissing me and I got on his lap in the drivers seat then he asked me to give him head. Drove me home and then ghosted me for a few days. I went mad and he told me “when I dropped you home I realised after I wasn’t interested, you’re a good person and cool girl” “the sex was good and I wanted it but let’s be friends, friends only” he’s told me how attractive I am countless of times. I don’t get it? How can you be so cold and cut me off like that 😭
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2021.10.25 20:56 Commercial-Cut9311 crise de ansiedade

Eu tive duas crises de ansiedade apenas por causa que saí com uma menina, foi maravilhoso mas agr fico com medo de talvez ela não querer me ver de novo. (Ela falou que gostaria de me vê dnv mas eu sinto ela mais distante e quase não puxando mais assunto cmg).
Antes de dormir comecei a chorar e senti um aperto no meu coração e aquela ansiedade que parece que vai te consumir po dentro, depois quando acordei aconteceu tudo de novo. Nunca fiz terapia mas acho que preciso por que isso não pode ser normal, desse jeito nunca vou conseguir me relacionar com ninguém.
Ah e a gente saiu sábado, então estou esperando dar pelo menos quarta feira para tentar marcar um dia e vê o que ela fala.
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2021.10.25 20:56 Icy-Peak-6060 Redstone Lantern

A redstone lantern randomly emits redstone signals of random strengths in all directions.
If hung like a lantern, it can emit its random signals through the block it is being hung on. If placed down like a lantern, it emits the signals through the block below it and the 4 spaces next to it.
It is crafted like a regular lantern but with a Redstone torch.
It also has a flickering light level in a short radius that ranges from 6-10. The light level depends on the redstone output strength. I guess it is very volatile?
(Now we can give the copper golem an actual use)
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2021.10.25 20:56 UTFB86 13 pro max from a moving train and tweaked on Snapseed.

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2021.10.25 20:56 QG_Elys_95 Who is he? (Wrong answers only)

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2021.10.25 20:56 saltysam300 How many dislikes can we get the man!? Show them the power of philly

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2021.10.25 20:56 a1reddit Stolen Plates. Someone good with Video may be able to make out the driver's plates ...

A friend had their plates stolen. The driver backed into the camera, but the brake lights made it hard to make out the plates. But, there is a short second that the plate is slightly visible.
Hoping that someone has better eyes than me and better tech...
If anyone knows the make and model of the SUV, that would be helpful too.
Thank you.
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2021.10.25 20:56 cristo_11q Un grande a vuelto

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2021.10.25 20:56 TheRealHuntsmanMC I know I made mistakes, but... Was I a bad or even terrible DM?

Sorry ahead of time for the massive post and any grammatical errors within this post.
For many years I'd been interested in roleplay games and the such. My first attempt was a Call of Cthulhu game which imploded after a single session. This is was one of my first experiences with roleplay other than many years prior doing text roleplay in a game called Warcraft 3 and custom game map (effectively custom games in the game).
These were rife with power gamers and meta gamers but, enjoyable all the same and gave me the passion to try again later with other things. Now I had tried to play with some other people as DMs, some... Fantasy Flight 40k games, Only War and Deathwatch. One of these experiences with actual plot armor blocking my one good shot since I had terrible rolls the whole time.
So with that as the background, I decided to try D&D. I invited my online friend group, people I trust to play relatively well. Got a group of six people which eventually due to scheduling and disagreements ended up being four players. I wanted to run a dark fantasy game, something with high stacks for PC death but my instincts said to not do that. So instead I went with something a bit more generic fantasy with some real issues. A twist on more standard D&D, I limited player races so I could prep for each race and fit them into the world thematically and the history with gods and such. Looking back I feel that I went way too big for my starting setting and such but, the water of this story went under the bridge years ago. While it was generic fantasy-ish I tried to restrict certain things to make them a little easier on myself, I had read up on how players love to derail stories and such so much I expected it of them, figuring after an introductory adventure they'd pick a direction with some loosely written descriptions of the terrain, peoples, and dangers they would make a path of their own choosing.
So I had a plan, starter adventure, a hook of something simple, backstory of the world that fit on one page with some info for each of the races. And something controversial but I felt would give the world depth, something to try and change and would be agreed upon by the players as a bad thing. Racism! I did let the players know about this keep in mind and no one said this would be an issue. Session zero was planned (another mistake of mine) where I'd help the players build their characters and give them answers to anything they would want to question about the world. I, however, had a family emergency that day and had to cancel. I returned to find that one of my players more or less said screw that and got the others to do their characters without me. They were insistent on it being done quickly and session one starting as soon as possible.
So the races were Basic PHB races were allowed with the exception of removing Dark Elves, Gnomes, Dragonborn, and adding Goblins as an option. I also said that they could ask me about certain races and if we could both as a player and the GM come to an agreement I'd allow exceptions. I had recently bought a 3rd party supplement which I had openly discussed with players and none seemed particularly interested except one, we came to an agreement before the day about his race. A (dreamlands) cat (sorcerer) with a Human companion, fine, moving on. The rest of the players were, Human (druid), Elf (rogue), Half-Elf (bard)... A Warforged (fighter?) and a Dragonborn (fighter). Both since I didn't want to say no (really was fearful to say so) to my players I allowed it. Dragonborn I after some fiddling with lore wrote them into the world without much of a hard time. The existence of a Warforged in a low fantasy setting for me as a new DM was... Difficult, I took a long time to figure it out and basically screwed the player out of a background (another mistake).
Session one arrived and I was a bit underprepared for wilderness travel which in hindsight I should have figured out more, some random encounter. A very valuable treasure that caused a group to follow the party rarely being seen during the night watch of the party for 80% of the campaign before finally being seen and an interesting encounter both in the Feywild and the real world as a result. Some pick a side stuff after some fun bard moments being excellent at B&E. Eventually uncovering a minor plot that would cause Humans (the absolutely worst racists) to fight the Elves (struggling to recover after multiple wars with Humans). The party sides against the plot and ends up killing a corrupt baron who was orchestrating the plot which would have basically been a false flag attack from the elves on the Human Kingdom to start a new conquest war.
I was fairly bad at getting combat at a good pace and had been my worst flaw as a DM I feel like. I was always trying to improve the game with my game, removing some things the players didn't like and adding things that seemed like they would help.
As a vendetta against me as the GM not giving my Dragonborn player a BAR rifle in Call of Cthulhu the player was set on trying to get a BAR in my D&D game, I didn't want the messiness of gunpowder weapons so I wasn't eager and ended up formulating a plan with a homebrew gun system to give them an arcane firearm that would have been effectively a BAR just magical. This player was a Dragonborn fighter who had little backstory beyond having fought with Goblins and humans and was a soldier basically all of her adult life was fairly intelligent 14 on the ability score. Later on, the same player was trying to IMO metagame technology/future knowledge to their advantage. Mills existed and a certain level of mechanics was known to more specialized people who worked on building or using these things. This soldier who had never had encountered people like this particular or had an interest started to suddenly take a great interest in 'explosive' mixtures (namely moonshine since they didn't want to buy the better alchemists fire even though they had thousands of gold to their name) wanting to construct a water wheel and then a lathe on the land awarded to them by the Human Kingdom (who were racist yes but due to location was far more open to the other races). This I was having a hard time but I was trying to be open to it but wanted an in-game explanation as to how the character of his had the knowledge to do this.
After about a year of playing this game, exploits that went up and down the coast, a wagon which had been used to escape an elder being that haunts the cold wastes of Dwarven city ruins, several NPC friends and allies, many Human, narrowly avoiding death on rare occasion, securing a trade deal between nations, encountering a Fishman that actually left a player scared(in a good way), stopping a new "conquest" war, stopping a plot by an evil cult from taking over a city, stealing a rare artifact (plot device) from a cloud giant (well... Not quite a giant but...) who was living high in the mountains, leaving his castle burning and narrowly avoiding capture in the cloud, snow, rocks, and moss. Helping an alchemist who had somehow managed to remove his head and stay alive and helped the relations between the Human Kingdom and Elves massively by transporting a relic that was almost stolen by a powerful undead warrior and his cohort of immensely armored underlings... The Campaign imploded after one player no longer wished to continue playing (lost interest in the game after too many stale sessions that were all my fault) and two of the remaining party members had an IRL disagreement which resulted in them parting ways and effectively destroying the game as we were getting to the point of actually trying to save the world a bit more and be more heroes rather than local regional adventurers...
With all of this, I knew I made many mistakes and was constantly trying (and failing many times) to improve, stale sessions I tried to help, I gave the players a sandbox when they wanted a more consistent storyline, terrible... terrible combat encounters that I was working hard to develop a style of play that would fit the players more as well as myself when the campaign died... I am left feeling horrible about it and have apologized to many of them for how terrible I was. Since the two who fell apart have come back together as friends and I can't say how long it's been since we played, but I feel like about a year. I finally felt a bit more ready to try again, having gained more experience as a PC in a few games of D&D as well as the Lancer RPG.
This is when I heard that one of my players felt targeted by the in-game racism. I had built it into the story and world from the very beginning and heard no complaints when I did this, I know that many people have their limits and I respect that. I however did give when my players actively rejected it and I was forced to describe an erotic scene against my wishes because of popular demand, something I won't do again. To be clear I did establish as a rule that those would just be fade to black for everyone's sake. But my player felt targetted and at some point about midway I recall them mentioning it in a very light way that they didn't really like it but not going so far as to say they felt targetted. I explained to them that it was the nature of the world that this terrible acceptance was there. Behind the screen, I did try to reduce the extremity of the racism from the beginning since I myself got tired and didn't enjoy roleplaying as extremist Human supremacists. But the same player picked a Dragonborn with the knowledge they would encounter this and didn't bring it up as an issue at game start. And never mentioned to me personally they felt this way. I feel bad that they felt targeted but at the same time they picked a Dragonborn, and they actively spoke to NPCs who actively disliked or didn't like them. There were exceptions with some who wouldn't change their minds but these were far more uncommon.
In the end, the party knew more Humans that were different from the Stereotype of disliking other races, some even being fascinated by them, their cultures, their physiology, and the party helped to make several individuals be more accepting. That was something I wanted to explore with the campaign, in the long run, the characters changing the world in the long term from their actions in both big and small ways. Their actions both being so small against a world dominated by Humans but also working to chip away at an almost insurmountable challenge and growing as a party and helping NPCs grow as well.
Thanks for reading this. I do have to ask my fellow DMs, was I that terrible, I feel terrible about much of this but do want to try again hosting an RPG again but, I only learned second hand about how the one player felt about all of this, and I just really want to know am I that terrible and should I just give up? I feel at a loss and adrift thinking about all of this and I need to know if I am as bad as I feel like I am with how things went down.
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2021.10.25 20:56 dumbasscommenter oh no

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2021.10.25 20:56 Conscious_Barnacle_9 I’m a size 9 in my normal shoes, should I get that same size in crocs or should I size up or down?

Wanting a pair of crocs for a while and want to know which size I should order. Size up, down, or current size?
Thanks Guys!
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2021.10.25 20:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Uber jumps into Europe's rapid grocery delivery market with 15-minute service in Paris | NBC

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2021.10.25 20:56 yeahnahcuz A timely reminder of the sub rules here on r/FTMMEN

Good morning, gents. Or afternoon, or evening. It's time for our apparently six-monthly reminder about the rules of this sub, and expectations for those who choose to participate.
Your friendly mod team is currently dealing with numerous IRL fires individually and we have collectively hit exhaustion point all at once, so I'm posting this for your individual benefits - we are setting behaviour expectations so that we don't need to pick up the yeetsticks.
A quick overview This is a support sub whose primary audience is binary trans men, and its this audience whose needs are prioritised. The rules and enforcement thereof are designed to make this an environment that addresses the needs and experiences unique to binary trans men, but others whose experiences cross over are welcome to participate in regards to those crossover points.
The mod team approach As a response to what is largely regarded as over-moderation in similar spaces, the mod team of FTMMEN generally opt for a more community-monitored approach. The expectation is that the audience here is comprised of mature, respectful men that are able to resolve discussions between each other like adults; this means that discussions can more healthily run their course without being babysat, and a broad gamut of views from all walks of life can be explored. But this approach ONLY works when people behave like mature, respectful adults. When this expectation is broken, enforcement of the rules by the mod team begins. We act to enforce the sub rules, not our own personal opinions.
The FTMMEN sub culture This is largely dictated by you guys. The quality of your contributions and the empathy you display toward others directly sets the tone of the sub. When users violate the trust the mod team has placed in everyone participating like grown-ups, this places the onus on the mod team to lock, delete, warn and ban people to protect that culture we are all collectively working so hard to maintain.
Support your fellow gentledudes. Be kind. Opt out of bullshit when you see it.
The report function Good Lord, can we start using this correctly, please?
The mod team does not read every comment on every thread the moment they pop up. We trust the members of this sub to first respect the rules, and then help enforce them when others are disregarding them. If someone is breaking any of the rules below (also on the sidebar), please report the comment using the relevant rule. This draws it to our attention. If the whole comments section is turning to a dumpster fire, let us know under "other" or send modmail. This allows us to act quickly and decisively, so we only have to clean up one turd from the corner instead of all of us having to wipe shit handprints off every wall and hand out bans like candy when a simple lock and warn would have sufficed three hundred comments prior.
Help us help you by pointing out the fires we might have missed due to timezones or work commitments.
The Rules
1. This is a sub for binary trans men. This is our base audience, a subcommunity that is at best largely ignored, and more often actively silenced and shut out of broader conversations. This sub acts as a salve to this state of affairs, and the needs of our community are prioritised.

2. Don't be a dick to other people based on their opinions, experiences, or characteristics. This is the one we seem to need to enforce the most. This is the rule we hold in the highest regard when it comes to the expectations of behaviour on the sub, and strangely is the one most often broken.
To reiterate: * Don't call people names * Don't deliberately trigger peoples' dysphoria * Don't be a dick about peoples' transition choices or any part of the demographic they have no choice over * DO NOT HARASS MEMBERS OF THE SUB
3. Please help others avoid potentially difficult content. Simple: be mindful of others' lived experiences and what causes dysphoria or triggers. You absolutely can discuss difficult topics, but please be mindful of the audience.
This allows people to opt in, and makes sure the discussion remains on topic rather than devolving into arguments about the nature of the content.
4.This is not a debate subreddit. We are going to begin enforcing this a lot more strictly in light of recent debates and subsequent pseudo-brigading/whinging on other subs.
5. Selfies & Pics Self-explanatory. Most trans subs are doing this due to front page spam. You can read more about this in the sidebar.
6. This sub is not for dating or hookups Also go figure. These get filtered the second we spot them. Please report any bullshit you see so we can protect our user base.
7. No call out threads. I'm getting extremely cross seeing so many of these. If these keep popping up, there will be more than just locks and deletions to deal with. Have big yeetstick. WILL USE.
8. Suicide and crisis management. Please report anything troubling you see, or if you have the spoons, step in and give someone a hand getting themselves out of crisis. Most of us have been in dark places before - and we know how powerful it is just to be witnessed.
*9. No posts or comments promoting hateful ideology. * You all know exactly what we're enforcing here. We are going to start enforcing this more strongly - this is not a debate sub, there is no room for deliberately spicy, divisive or hateful content. There is currently zero tolerance, and rule-breakers will be permanently removed from the sub.
Why this all of a sudden? From time to time, someone posts something that causes a chain reaction. This is Reddit in motion, and happens on all subs with varying frequency. What follows is waves of rulebreaking across all sorts of timezones for several days straight, starting with one hot take or obnoxious contribution (no longer tolerated), resulting in retaliatory/call-out posts (no longer tolerated), long name-calling comment threads (no longer tolerated), brigading from other subs (definitely ban material), and ripples of complaining - both about this sub on others, and about other subs on this sub (NO. LONGER. TOLERATED.).
The latest one happened to coincide with some seriously exhausted mods spread thin IRL already, and we have collectively realised that this nonsense needs to be more heavily moderated far earlier in the piece. This goes against our preference for mature discussion following a natural progression, but multiple members violating our expectation of grown-up behaviour have shown us that perhaps this trust has been misplaced.
I strongly recommend sub members and guests alike take the time to review the sub rules right now, familiarise yourselves, and go forward regarding this sub more like a team of similar humans that are worthy of kindness and empathy. Assume good intent. Resist the urge to namecall. And if something controversial comes up...either choose to engage like a grown-up, or if you are low on spoons, report and take a breather, and let us handle it.
And if something truly concerns you, please consider sending us a modmail to discuss. We do discuss these behind the scenes, even if a post appears to come from just one mod.
Let's get this sub's culture back on track, so we can continue to enjoy discussions without over-modding and gatekeeping stifling it.
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2021.10.25 20:56 roundhousekeeper Ilhan Omar blames 'dysfunctional' police for Minneapolis violent crime spike

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2021.10.25 20:56 cashmere-love What makes Bella so lovable?

For me I love how she will do anything for the people she loves. She’s fiercely devoted and brave and yet she’s also clumsy and awkward and just generally relatable. I love her character!
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2021.10.25 20:56 ZAROK Earthquake !

After the rain, a little shake. 4.9 in San Simeon
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2021.10.25 20:56 TrueDarkZidane Decorate ideas?

I'm wanting to use my wife and my cricut to decorate our palm and silo cart batteries. Any ideas ot thoughts?
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2021.10.25 20:56 okayitsjorge Moth friends, me, micron and copic pens, 2021

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2021.10.25 20:56 sendog2018 New owner questions

Hello everybody
I’ve had my ID4 for about a week now and overall I’m pretty happy with it. There’s definitely some unique and quirky things I need to get use to but I’m happy with it so far.
I spent a lot of time messing around with the Infotainment system and have a bunch of questions but I’ll ask these three for now.
1) Does anyone else think the factory map is is terrible? Is there a way to set it so I can see the street names around me? Right now it generally defaults to this super zoomed out image and it’s not very helpful.
2) I know it’s been out for about maybe a year now? Has anyone got a software update? How does it work? Will I get notified?
3) is the backup camera terrible or is it just mine? Mine looks kind of blurry and distorted. Not getting the image quality that I would expect from a car with a great screen.
Thanks in advance 😁
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2021.10.25 20:56 MooseMaster3000 This account usually posts in-depth stuff, but this

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