"Ain't Coming Back" - Lil Baby Type Beat 2021

2021.10.25 20:05 Ok_Gear_99 "Ain't Coming Back" - Lil Baby Type Beat 2021

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2021.10.25 20:05 i-have-no-clue-qwert What should I know?

I’m going to smoke 2 grams between 3 friends and I’ve never smoked before.
We’re still deciding where to do it as there aren’t many quiet spots but is there anything I should know before I do it?
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2021.10.25 20:05 Newbie_2_Reddit I need to stick to my calorie intake for weight loss. How do i do this? Any books, techniques etc someone could recommend??

I have been trying to stick to my calorie intake of 1,282 a day to lose weight. I was doing well and then fell back into my old habits. Is there a book or a technique, or possibly a mindset, mantra , that anyone out there has done that helped them?
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2021.10.25 20:05 mozziemofo Best secondaries to hipfire with?

Hi. I'm looking for a sidearm with good hipfire accuracy. I like the 1911 but I don't feel like I'm hitting as many shots from the hip as I'd like. What are some sidearms with the best hipfire spread values? Wondering the same for BFV. Thank you.
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2021.10.25 20:05 UndriftedPop Gable Stevenson looking like a wwe 2k14 create a superstar

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2021.10.25 20:05 vqlncs Sticknodes

Just made another quick animation. feel free to comment your thoughts on it.
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2021.10.25 20:05 vnegrao Side effects of too much VR?

Hey all, I was wandering what kind of side effects everyone has experienced after using vr for long periods of time. This has never been a problem for me up until now that I've been trying to get used to motion sickness. I took Dramin to help and it worked really well. By the third day (today) I didn't even need the pills and motion sickness is not why I'm making this post.
I've been playing RE4 VR on the quest 2, I got 12 hours in it in about 2 days. My sessions usually lasted about 3-4 hrs.
As I'm making this post I can clearly see buttons, cards and lines popping out of my screen, it's like everything's in 3D now even though I'm using a regular ultra wide monitor. I guess my brain is trying to infer depth from a 2D screen which is mainly what VR does (?). Anyway, has anyone experienced this yet? It's tripping me out...
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2021.10.25 20:05 ShermanDawg Arrrg ! Gracie says trick or treat

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2021.10.25 20:05 BeautifulEnd949 Shiba Inu overtook Uniswap in market capitalisation. Shib is now a Top 12 crypto!

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2021.10.25 20:05 lllDUNN I know how to convert to KGs

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2021.10.25 20:05 Kyleminx Please like my FOTLFashion. I love fashion and Halloween!

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2021.10.25 20:05 One_Equipment +1 [Runaway Train, St. Nicholas' Park]

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2021.10.25 20:05 bilrotheinsane Are there real dangers in staking your coins?

Is it possible to lose everything while staking your coins on a exchange? Is it better to stake everything at once or a little at a time? How do you pros do it?
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2021.10.25 20:05 Apart_Nefariousness2 No se que hacer aaaaaa

Hola gente de reddit, que harían ustedes si su enamorada se besa con 4 chicas bajo los efectos del alcohol?
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2021.10.25 20:05 GameTheory_Bot GTLive: FNAF, I'm Being WATCHED?! (Freddy & Friends On Tour Reaction)

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2021.10.25 20:05 Hot-Comedian9054 [Sério] Ajuda com nome de página

Boas pessoal, tenho feito umas coisas em impressão 3D para vender, nomeadamente uns vasos e bolas de natal e gostava de criar uma página para tornar isto mais sério, no entanto estou a ter extrema dificuldade em escolher um nome para a mesma. Gostava que fosse um nome que não me restringisse ao público português pela barreira linguista e algo que ficasse no ouvido. Não me importa muito se é algo abstrato ou relacionado com o meu nome (Marco), só não quero que seja um nome existente. Já perdi horas a pensar nisto, se alguém quiser dar uma ajuda seria ótimo!
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2021.10.25 20:05 NYGregB Iceberg short selling DWAC betting against us!

One Million of us retarded apes against one Iceberg only means one thing, the Iceberg will melt by betting against us!
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2021.10.25 20:05 79031201 New itto beta changes

So from the most recent info we got, the passive that allowed him to continue the normal attack combo has been removed, what do you guys think about this?
They also kinda nerfed his c2, c4 while buffing his c6 dps wise.
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2021.10.25 20:05 2630_carr Adding throwing knives/tomahawks

This definitely won’t happen but with Motherland coming out soon it be class to see these added for new ways to stealth kill enemies
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2021.10.25 20:05 Libido_Max Ev on the run this week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that Democrats plan to reach an agreement on the spending bill and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week.
"Are you saying in the next week there will be an agreement on the social safety net bill and you will also vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill?" asked CNN host Jake Tapper on State of the Union.
"That's the plan," Pelosi said. "I think we're pretty much there now. It's just the language of it. 90 percent of the bill is agreed to and written."
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Joe Manchin and President Joe Biden will soon meet to finalize some of the particulars, she added.
Democrats plan on passing the measure known as the Build Back Better Act through a budget process called reconciliation with a simple majority. With the chamber split 50-50, all members of the caucus will need to vote for it to pass.
Congress has exactly one week to meet Pelosi's tentative October 31 deadline to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which progressives have refused to vote for unless it's passed in tandem with the larger spending bill.
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2021.10.25 20:05 skelliousmaximus Literally never bought crypto like this. Kinda wanna buy more…

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2021.10.25 20:05 WanderingVA 24 [M4R] Dallas/Texas/Online - Looking for a Friend or Relationship with some Kink mixed into it

First of all thanks for dropping in, and now without further ado here’s the important stuff.
What I’m looking for is a friend and a dom, someone who likes just catching up about our days as much as they like to play. While I enjoy sex, teasing, and all that good stuff that comes from a dynamic I also want more depth than that.
What I’m like:
Physically, not to be conceited I think I look pretty good.

Outside of kink, I’m a nerd.
Inside of kink, well I’m a pretty sub leaning switch.
So if you’ve read this far please shoot a message my way and lets see if we click. I tend to be a fast replier when I’m free and love chats and messages equally, though if we do hit it off I’ll probably want to head to some other app sooner rather than later. That all being said though, I hope you have a great night and that we both find what we’re looking for sooner rather than later.
I am also in the CST time zone just to get that out of the way now if it wasn’t already clear from my location.
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2021.10.25 20:05 Shergrapi An intresting title

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2021.10.25 20:05 CatatonicWaterBear If members of Congress physically fought which individual would win?

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2021.10.25 20:05 WhiteComet99 Exactly.

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