Some inspiration for y'all, have a goodnight

That is, keep everything in groupings of one, three, or five objects. Above, the tray unites all the little objects into a single visual element, and the stack of books + accessory also work as a single piece. So, you have three main items on this table that then, within themselves (mostly) follow the rule of threes. Join the recruitment teams from LA and Paris as they share portfolio tricks that stand out and shout “You Don’t Want to Miss This!”. Founded by Academy Award® nominee Chris Meledandri, the creator of Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing, Illumination is based in Santa Monica, CA and its studio, Illumination MacGuff, is located in the center of Paris, France. A lot of these like the crack of dawn, hold you horses, pot calling a kettle black, hush your mouth, y’all, and it’s raining cats and dogs were basically the sayings I grew up with. I knew I used different terms then most of the people around me, including some family, but I never knew they were southern terms. Y’all, the relief, coupled with how proud I felt, was huge. Now I'm childless and alone at 42. I have been with other people in between- but nothing has ever compared to this relationship. We broke up once before because of the same reason, but he was the one to break up with me then. Neither of us had the enthusiasm anymore. Lupe also wrote, “Champagne Poetry is my #1 running it back to back,” so it’s no surprise he jumped on the CLB beat for his latest freestyle.. Drake will always get a listen from me. Notorious B.I.G. on "Long Kiss Goodnight" (Verse 1) ... "The way Thought put it down be confusing some of y'all/Cats can't walk while chewin' your gum 'n all/With a keyboard got do with a drum 'n ... Aug 25, 2014 · I couldn’t have given you the world, my love, but, I swear I would have made you feel like the only person in it. 4. Let it all sink in. Mar 01, 2018 · A recent Reddit thread asked people to share their own stories of broken I'm about to get married to the real love of my life in 3 weeksso it turned out ok! The organizers would have made more money and had more viewers if Maria was still in the show but they allowed pride ruined their show. If you are evicting just two at this stage why then did you evict the biggest talking point of the show when you could have left her and evict just two. Olodo, sill dressing like an Emir and feeling important. Same zoning system you religious bigots held on to in 2015, it is time for the South to rule and y'all are screaming like possessed bush dolls. Bunch of entitled idiots. You guys think you own rthis country.... I have my PVC and warming up for the coming election. Like this! 3 Dislike ... When I thought y'all have sank low, you keep going lower.. ... it has contaminated your reasoning so bad it's now hard for you to make a post with referencing your source of inspiration.. Sorry. Dominique Rule no 2. ... Goodnight y'all.. Goodmorning dear,you did a great job . 3 Likes 2 Shares. Re: ...

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2021.10.19 04:15 E6SM Idk who need to hear this but

I was just seeing niggas off percs, lean, xans, fent (patches and all, hospitals not supposed to let you leave with one), etc. and that shit so fucked up. How y’all gone talk shit about crackheads and the block and this basically the same shit? See them fiends in they 50s all up 6 mile, 7 mile, Woodward, John R, any major block? That’s finna be y’all in 20 years if y’all don’t stop. Not only for health reasons but financially, those drugs expensive as hell and y’all put y’all priories behind your high. Man cut that shit out fr
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2021.10.19 04:15 imlitdyingshit How do I get a 4.0 freshman year?

Prepare prepare! I want to get a perfect GPA freshman year just to start off strong! Do you guys have tips on how to get started?
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2021.10.19 04:15 bathrobeDFS bathrobeDFS - A List of Links and Sources to Aid in Your Research (NBA Edition)

Hey everyone!
Surprise! Second Article Today! And this one I formatted for Reddit!
People often ask me about the sources that I use, and I wanted to put together a list for everyone that gives a bunch of free resources that will help you learn, and make your choices from day to day. I hope to keep this updated as new and better links become available/known to me.
If you know any improvements to the links I’ve posted, please share them, and I will add it to my list. If you know any great free tool or site I haven’t listed, please share those as well, so I can add it to the list!
My Stuff
My Projections - No offense to anyone else, but I think my projections are the best in the game. And, right now, they’re free. I put an incredible amount of work into them, and care more about their accuracy than most people care about anything their whole lives. They are the result of hours of work, and I will continue to improve them as time goes on.
My Analysis - Here is a list of where all my NBA analysis will be. Feel free to check for NFL analysis (as well as mlb/nhl/golf, etc..). Once again, no offense to anyone else, but I think my analysis is the most in depth and painstaking out there. And it’s free. I may not always be right, but you should always be able to understand where I’m coming from, why I’m making my choices, and, in turn, learn from my process and become better and more informed DFS players.
NBA Schedule
ESPN’S Schedule - Simple schedule layout. List format which I like. Will also show you if the game is on national TV, which I also like. If you go back, you can check box scores, which is also extremely helpful if you want to dive into some counting numbers.
Player Health/Lineup News/Rotations - The first thing you should look at. No use playing someone if they are going to be Out. Also helps you understand who would play for people that are going to miss.
NBC Sports Edge Depth Charts - I do not like this depth chart page, but basketball monster made everything member only (and stopped doing DFS stuff), leaving this as the best choice I have found. It shows you every player, on every roster. If you see a red square next to someone, they are nursing some kind of injury. You can click on the little pieces of paper next to players to get the latest news. They also have Ps and Qs next to players, letting you know if they are Probable or Questionable. Most importantly, though, is that it accurately (to 95%) shows you who is potentially dealing with an injury and is in danger of missing a game.
FantasyLabs Twitter Feed - Probably the simplest and easiest way to get simple lineup, injury, and transaction news. They have it up as early as anyone. Just set a twitter notification.
RG’s NBA DFS Twitter List - If you want to stay up to date with everything as it breaks, this is a constant stream of NBA Beat Writers that tell you injury news and other lineup news. If you are waiting pre-lock for something to break, this is the first place you are going to see/hear anything. I’m sure there are better NBA DFS Twitter Lists, but I’ve never had a problem with this one.
RG’s Starting Lineup Page - Will give you the projected starting lineup, as well as the Vegas line/spread, for every game. You can also go forward one day to check tomorrow’s potential starting lineups. One of the reasons I love this, in particular, is if you click on a players name, it gives a detailed game log, including what his individual per game USG rate is.
Popcorn Machine - If you want to see who is on the court with who, and check what a person’s normal rotation looks like (For example, Embiid plays 5 minutes to start a game and then sits out for a bit), this is one of the coolest tools you can find. Great information when you mouse over the lines too.
General NBA Questions
StatMuse - Have a general question about the NBA? And I mean any general question? Ask StatMuse, one of the best sites I’ve ever seen. Wanna know what Center led the NBA in 3s in 2020/21? It’s Vucevic. Wanna know which Nets player has the most assists? It’s Jason Kidd. But, if you get more specific and ask which current Nets player has the most assists, it’ll tell you James Harden. Most career 3 pointers on Thursdays? Steph Curry. Truly a spectacular tool.
Vegas Spreads/Lines - Another one of the first things to check. While this is always only a guide, and no one can predict how everything will go 100% of the time, there is a reason that Vegas and these other books make money
All of the Vegas and Offshore Odds - I will start this off by saying that, if you want to know what the single be-all end-all book to look at, I am fine with using something like DK Sportsbook. If you want to see their odds, they are the 4th column, just to the right of Fanduel’s book (which has been empty for some reason). I prefer to look at the Consensus odds, which is the rightmost column.
General Stats and Box Scores - If you want a simple and quick look at this season (or past seasons), need to see game logs, or box scores to take a deeper dive into your research
Basketball Reference - simple and comprehensive site that can tell you, pretty much, everything you need to know about every player, every stat, and every team. With few exceptions (such as site/author specific stats, like DRPM)
Offensive Statistics - In order to know who we should play, we should know the numbers that can point to who has the best chance of performing on any given night. Basketball is a high variance sport, but has much less variance than others. Minutes and usage are king in the NBA. We should know who is going to get both of those
Usage Rate: - What I would consider the single most important factor in determining how good a play someone is.
1- ESPN Usage : I like this one the best. It automatically only uses Qualified players. It is sortable by position, as well.,
2- NBA Usage - this will automatically Remove anyone who has played less than 10 games, and will show you usage over the last 15 games. This is a function not available on ESPN. You can change the values if you would like on the top.
Pace: - Another one of the most important factors. Higher pace = more possessions. More possessions = more of a chance to score fantasy points.
Sortable Pace Rankings - This is the site I use to get pace. The link I have provided will show you season long pace numbers. I like to go to the “season segment” drop down menu on the top and look at the last 15 games for a better idea of how teams have been playing recently.
Fantasy Points Per Minute
FPPM for FD and DK - This shows FPPM for FD and DK, by player. It is sortable by their last 5 games, 10 games, or season long. This will only show you the information for players that are playing that current day. You can’t just look people up, as far as I’ve seen (unfortunately).
NBA With Out/With You - REQUIRES A FREE REGISTRATION. Despite the domain name, a free website that will let you check an incredible amount of information with regards to how different people produce with or without teammates on the court. This gives the most comprehensive information you are going to find with regards to this stat.
Projected Minutes
Projected Player Minutes - Only works for the games that are happening on that particular day, so you won’t be able to do tomorrow’s research today. Also slow to update. Still a decent, free baseline to get you started.
Defensive Statistics: - It is important to know that no single Defensive statistic can adequately tell you everything you need to know. You have to try to look at a plethora of information, and try to learn for yourself who is good, and use that to make your own analysis. My favorite websites for defensive stats are:
DvP and FPPG - Basketball Monster used to be my go to site. I loved it. Their previous DvP/FPPG page was incredible but, like I said earlier, they have abandoned these types of tools, and locked the rest behind paywalls. This is the best that they have to offer and, luckily, it’s fantastic and gives you in depth information about everything you could want, from a DvP standpoint. It breaks down DvP into categories, and shows you how they fare against the rest of the NBA.
DRPM - what I would consider the best individual defensive metric (although, again, nothing is perfect). The only problem here is there is no way to filter out players who have only played 1 or 2 games (or who only get a couple minutes per game) so you have to do a little extra work. Still, allows you to sort by position, so you can see how everyone faces up against one another.
DEF WS - A different look at individual Defense done by the NBA. This one doesn’t have as much of a tilt towards Centers. Interesting to also take a look at to help you paint a full picture.
TEAM D EFF - A measure of a team’s defensive efficiency. This is a much better metric than others because it accounts for pace. This is sortable for this season, the last 3 games, the last game, home and away, and also lets you look at last season’s D EFF ratings.
Fouls Per Game - One of the other team stats on this site (I would dig into all of them if you can), this is crucial information when deciding if you are going to pay up for a James Harden or not (among others). If he is going against a team that is prone to foul, he is going to have a higher chance of hitting his ceiling. If he is going against a team that doesn’t foul very often, he will have a lot of his potential points taken away. Should be really interesting to see how the new foul rules change things, and these numbers, from last year.
Opponents’ Total Rebounds per Game - A great way of gauging how much upside your big men might have tonight, here you can see how many rebounds a team typically gives up on the season (as well as over more recent stretches- same as with D EFF).
ESPN Team Defense - ESPN uses Defensive Efficiency as their Team D stat. The lower the number, the better. A good way of checking how good a matchup your potential plays actually have, from a team perspective (and not by individual matchup or DvP).
NBA Team Defense - the NBA uses Defensive Rating as their team D stat. The lower the number, the better. Generally agrees with the ESPN rating, but will occasionally give you a different take.
Free Things from Paid Websites
Awesemo’s Youtube Channel - Multiple free videos every day. Not required to stream it in order to watch it. They do videos about most sports that are played, with great analysis about stats and process. Videos are also for DK, FD and Yahoo. I strongly recommend the (former redditor JoshEngleman) morning video where they go over everything with a fine toothed comb, with numbers and projected ownerships displayed.
RG’s CourtIQ - Similar function to NBAWowy. Much faster, but less information.
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2021.10.19 04:15 vintageobsessed Does Ryan remind you of Keith(was with Iris)

This might be an unpopular opinion but Ryan really reminds me of Keith in that I truly do dont think he means to hurt Brett. I think he is holding back whatever the reasons are that he is just not that into her to spare her feelings. I think he would of liked this to work but for some private reawon, it’s just not happening. I felt the same of Keith and Iris. I think Keith really held back as to why he wasn’t interested, beyond her mentioning her virginity so much (which I honestly think was just editing). Honestly, if I were on national TV and was matched with someone the I truly just couldn’t with, I would probably not too specific on the details to spare their feelings. I think most of us have been there, sometimes it just doesn’t work, despite the other person being great.
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2021.10.19 04:15 cuminaglassbyosmosis when the mangoes on the kitchen table looking more fuckable than ever

that’s where i draw the line
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2021.10.19 04:15 itsathrowawayline What are three shows that impact your life and personality?

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2021.10.19 04:15 Xarsage just to share. my 2x units got tracking number since October 5 and 6, but not even updated or moving until now. Consider 20 days from the tracking been created.

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2021.10.19 04:15 SomeHobo4314 Found new glitch in mh4u

So i want to make a razor jewel 1.And to make it, i need a rathiab plate and a bloodrun jewel. I have both of those items, and enough money, ans i cant craft them for some reason. Help pls
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2021.10.19 04:15 My_Witty_Name_Here Free 10 Team | Standard | Yahoo | Replacement Manager Needed

I am looking for 1 new manager to take over an orphaned team. We are just a free league playing for fun that's been running for several years now composed mostly of random people across the internet. The only thing we ask is for all players to be active each week. That means setting an active roster at a minimum.
League Settings: Team Roster:
If you are interested, send me a PM, or message via the chat, with your email and I will send you the invite link. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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2021.10.19 04:15 app-le Is the ugli open right now

Title. It's supposed to be open Monday but not sure if fall break affects that
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2021.10.19 04:15 Canabian Opera browser not opening, please help

I've been using the browser with no issues, just this afternoon stopped opening, something is screwed up or some configuration but this is only what I see, two tiny windows of the running opera browser but I can't make it bigger. Please help.
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2021.10.19 04:15 kyfann World wide service

Try us out . Also resell plans. Https:// telegram.
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2021.10.19 04:15 R_L_Bmut Need help changing character name colors

So I picked up an old project I worked with a friend for a gamejam and have been going about fixing bugs and issues. I discovered that while we tried to implement characters having unique colors for their names, it just never worked for an unknown reason and still doesn't - but only for the main characters oddly enough. The side, one-off characters can have their name colors changed willy-nilly, but not the main characters. Obviously, the main characters have a bit more going on code-wise, but they're all defined the same way:
define e = Character("Eileen", who_color="#104010")
Is there some mysterious value in the gui or options that was messed with that could be causing this? I want to give more information but honestly I'm not sure where to start.
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2021.10.19 04:15 EnvironmentalWeb7351 🐶 Captain Floki 🐶! CaptainFloki comes to be the best captain in BSC (Binance Smart Chain) It will be your new 1000x!

Welcome to CaptainFloki!! We have a strategic marketing plan ready to expose CaptainFloki via Telegram channels to start the 1st day off with a BOOM!
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---------------------------------------------------------------CaptainFloki -------------------------------------------------------------------
CaptainFloki will be launched on Sartuday 16th October at 11:00pm UTC. Complete and publish website.
Grow our relationship with our community. Attract new investors through our strategic multi-platform marketing plan across Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. Our objective is attract a global audience by growing our social channels.
Coingecko Application CoinMarketCap Application Expanding the Team
⚠️How to Buy Captain Floki ?⚠️
📖Contract: 0xaf2e84cdcf07d413e032b1bb6ee6d94a2b699daf
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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