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2021.10.25 20:20 Inamate s word

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2021.10.25 20:20 Palito415 Ghost Cities! Reset In South Wales & The Destruction Of Tartaria (Starts at 13 minutes because the before that is all intro)

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2021.10.25 20:20 Green-Engine-Henry Here are my Guardians of the Galaxy

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2021.10.25 20:20 SophiaCalmStorm Where did the romans go when the roman empire was falling apart?

I know that the roman cities in italy had thousands of people. Some even 300.000, 400.000.
I also know that in the punic wars, Rome was able to raise army after army, and it seemed to never ran out of manpower.
I find it so strange that all of a sudden the roman provinces in the italian peninsula seemed to be desolate and unpopulated when facing the barbarians.
It seems to me they had nobody or very little numbers.
So what happened? Where did the romans go? Did they immigrate somewhere else?
Was there a major birthrate collapse?
They were certainly not killed in mass because this happened before the barbarians arrived.
But im not an historian and i'd like to hear it from you.
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2021.10.25 20:20 exudexx888 Advice For The Next Generation

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2021.10.25 20:20 JelloOcean22 How to make Red Lobster Style Garlic Cheese Biscuits

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2021.10.25 20:20 Piper6547656 [For Hire] Top Notch Writer.

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2021.10.25 20:20 Ozld1 Are my teeth filled with cavities and decaying?

Fell down and hit my jaw a few weeks ago. Had a couple of teeth extracted as well as 2 crowns and 3 fillings.
Both extracted teeth were on the left side so I’ve been eating with the right. They’re sensitive to cold as well. All help is appreciated.
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2021.10.25 20:20 topcattcw Who was the kids tv show host that was mean off camera?

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2021.10.25 20:20 Bluntedjay Daily gift exchange (:

1020 6111 9038
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2021.10.25 20:20 yeahnottrustingyou Mess with my Father's girlfriend? Your house and your WORLD will crumble!

This is a throwaway account. My father has passed and the troglodyte he got revenge on might have not been literate.. but who needs drama?
My father was old skoo. As in he barely went to it. As in he grew up in the poor side of Brooklyn, mainly Coney Island in the fifties. The poor side of Coney Island was literally the beach, his father owned a beached boat he converted into a house. He was basically one of the kids who ripped off tourists and got regularly beaten up by the cops... Just to send a message to any of the OTHER young thugs who plagued the neighborhood. The cops took his brother into "the back room" and beat on him so long he got tired. My uncle cursed him, his family and threatened his kid's gonads if the cop DARED untie him. So ANOTHER cop got involved. And got tired. So they bought the family dinner instead of arresting him. Yeah.. the whole family was like that.
After joining the Navy and straightening up his life, he worked in the worst parts of NYC. First as an armed security guard (He had a story when he was "Conscripted" into a gun fight with gangsters by the NYPD. They wanted more bullets in the air, and the cops pointed their guns at my dad and his partner. Telling them to "pitch in!!" My dad said he looked the cop in the eye, emptied the gun into the ceiling and said "All out of bullets.. BYE!!" He then had a few other words about the NYPD..) And finally opened his own alarm company. This was in the days when an alarm system was a battery, a LONG ass copper wire, and a bell! Then they got a little more complicated.
Manhattan and the NYC in the seventies was a bit like the wild west. There were areas that the cops wouldn't go into at night. There were areas that white people were not allowed to walk. My dad had to pretend to be Yiddish to get work. The Jews and Arabs were blatant thieves in their electronics stores, ripping off Japanese tourists for THOUSANDS (in seventies money!!) and refusing to pay for work after the job was done.
It was a rough, mean city, and if you didn't lie, cheat and steal, you went broke. My father learned to beat them at their own game, and play the game. Them cheating him was not personal, so he cheated them back, and before, and after. The ones who paid their bills, got good service. The ones who played games, got it back in spades! Cheat him once and he would simply smile, shake their hand and ready the dagger.
He went to Manhattan on a minor service call one Saturday, and forgot his wallet. The parking lots were mob controlled and charged outrageously. They'd keep your car if you couldn't pay, and overnight it could wind up costing you over a hundred dollars (again.. 70's!!)
So, my dad went over to one of the Arab brothers electronic stores and said he was there for "an inspection" and proceeded to tell the Ahole manager (who had previously cheated him) the alarm bell had burned out. Pulls bell off wall. Walks uptown 8 city blocks to the second electronic store in the family, Ahole's brother (also a lying cheat!) "Hey.. Just here for an inspection.. OO! Your alarm bell is not working!!" *Runs around corner and picks up first bell stashed by trashcan* "Okay!! All fixed!! $250!! What?? You won't pay???! Comon.. my KID'S BIRTHDAY is coming up!! Awwww.. Dammit!! Ok OK.. you are a GOOD CUSTOMER!! Pay me what the new bell cost uhhh $75.. and I won't charge for my labor... Oh.. you STILL don't want to pay?? Ok.. you win.. I'll just take the bell and you won't have an alarm tonight.. "
1974 Manhattan and a store without an alarm was just BEGGING to be emptied by morning.. He paid FAST!!
Then he did the same thing to the first crook. Paid his $40 parking bill and had Fillet Mignon for lunch!!
THAT was not the revenge. That was information on how my dad got to be someone you simply did not mess with. He learned the hard way that punching someone in the face was a short term reply. He could do it, but it simply wasn't as satisfying or safe as being cautious, patient, AND AN OUTRIGHT BASTARD!!
My father worked his security business into a moderate success. He had a whole crew of installers, salesmen and a diversified offering. He worked so hard, that it cost him his marriage. After a few years of living alone, he started dating again. Let's call his girlfriend Georgia. I hated Georgia, she was a nutjob. But my dad liked her, and he wasn't lonely anymore.
Thing was, Georgia, being nuts, had to move apartments a LOT. If something or someone bothered her, she would WAIL at the top of her lungs. She would not let up, even if her target apologized to her. She'd tick off the landlord, or the neighbor and out she went. I helped move her twice.
My dad, seeing a pattern, helped her get a lease. More rights than just renting, and we'd have 10-11 months peace before they could kick her out. The landlord gave over a pretty thick rental agreement and Georgia handed it straight to my dad, utterly lost. My dad quickly sussed out most of the provisions weren't legal. But if you sign, you suffer and have to pay a lawyer just to START to fight it. So my dad had his lawyer rewrite the text, erase the nonsense and throw in some BS to piss the landlord off when he read it. It cost him a favor and fifty bucks for the special blue paper the agreements were written on. He didn't expect it to be signed, but making the guy know he was AWARE of the abusive parts of the contract was more important than the money. He was looking at other apartments with Georgia when his lawyer beeped him. (yeah.. late eighties, early nineties.. Beepers were still around)
The idiot signed the lease!! The lawyer knew no-one had read it. Georgia moved into a 1 room attic apartment with a lease for six months and an option to renew.
Three months in, Georgia has a meltdown. Her fault completely. Landlord calls the cops. Says she "agreed" to leave the residence in 1 day if the tenant was "ever convicted of assault!" (She actually hadn't, the old lease didn't say that, and he was just high on making it worse for her trying to get a new apartment!!) Georgia called my dad. He showed the cops the ACTUAL lease. The landlord got more and more concerned with the way the cops were reading the pages and going "HOLY SHIT!!" and "YOU AGREED TO THIS??!"
One of the parts was that the lease AUTOMATICALLY renewed if the landlord called the cops on her. The cops laughed in his face, dropped the lease at his feet and left. The landlord immediately ripped up the lease and threw it in my dad's face. My dad told him that if he tried that again, he'd make him EAT the pieces. The landlord was a thirtyish wanna be gangster. Very VERY Italian. A LOT of shouting happened. Shoving happened. The cops showed back up. My father then informed the cops that the landlord had destroyed HIS PROPERTY, a legal document therefore a misdemeanor (it wasn't.. total bluff) and shoved him. He WAS pressing charges!!
Turns out the landlord had a few friends, and he got away with the altercation. The connections got him into court surprisingly quickly. A month later, they are before a judge (I think it took at least four back then!) The judge took one look at the lease and shrugged. The landlord's lawyer found out about the doctored lease AT the trial (death stares at his dumbass client) and argued that the lease was illegitimate. The judge stopped him cold. You signed it, SUFFER! The judge said some of the articles contained within MIGHT (*cough nofriggenway* COUGH*) not survive challenge, but it had to go through due process to begin. They were here specifically for eviction purposes, and as it was right now, they could NOT proceed!
To make it EVEN MORE juicy, one of the articles was that he now had to bring over candy every time he inspected, picked up rent or even visited the house! My father's lawyer brought that up in court, just to needle the defense attorney. The landlord STILL hadn't fully read the lease and BLEW HIS LID!! Now, the judge knew people who knew the landlord.. but screaming in HIS COURT.. not a smart idea.. Gavel comes down. "Son.. if I hear of you being around this lady without a damn MINT IN YOUR HAND.. You will hear from me.. DO YOU HEAR ME??!"
I sadly only heard of this epic-ness, as I was working at the time of the trial. My dad was already looking for a new place for his nutjob girlfriend. But he would ALWAYS show up, throw the mint at the wall, curse and leave. I picked one up at one point, and I was SO THANKFUL she stopped me. "Oh.. no.. that awful man rubs those on his crotch before coming in here!!" YIKES!! She kept all the butt candies in a dish by the front door.
Things started escalating when the guy announced he was SELLING THE BUILDING. My dad was ready for this. I didn't find out for a few years what had happened, but it did NOT GO WELL for him!! The landlord and his mother started harassing Georgia, day and night, to get her to move out. They'd show up mid day or at lunch time with people "looking at the house" and since they hadn't given her notice.. NO! Cops, again and again. They stopped coming after a while, or showed up the next day. The mother and idiotboy would stand outside and just SCREAM OBSCENITIES for hours on end. (I kinda enjoyed hearing that.. lil turnabout there..) They'd bang pots together when she was sleeping, the works. But my dad prepared to get her out of there.
The gruesome twosome made the move out as hard as they could, so my dad and Georgia had to do bits and pieces at night. After a week or two, all of her belongings were gone. What I did not know was that there were OTHER things going on as well.
Being an attic apartment, there were places that were just null space or parts of the attic unconverted. My father systematically removed all of the plasterboard. He then replaced all of the nails with unfinished copper ones, that he had left in a cup of coke for a week. They would quickly disintegrate, and the white paint he used to cover up his handiwork was water based. It would bleed red and green in about a month.
He left a present, nailed to the roof, under the insulation. A large fish (think it was a Carp) full head and all. This was also behind the plasterboard.
The heating was an old steam radiator, with the old style brass pipes. My dad drilled holes in the pipe, and put steel uncoated screws in the holes. Steel and copper are dissimilar metals and wear each other down. So not only was the area unusually high in static electricity, the radiator now leaked at irregular intervals all over the place! I only helped a little with the move, unaware of the reasons for it at the time...But I was CONSTANTLY getting zapped!
The last bit was something he was inordinately proud of. Being in the security industry, he had access to some SERIOUS hardware as far as sirens go. The one he found was a discontinued model that just might have been an air raid siren! He put wood around it, tapped into the the electrical circuit and put a garage door controller onto a relay circuit. Whenever he hit the button, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! He'd be parked around the corner, people would come in, WAAAAAAAAAA and people would FLEE!!
They couldn't sell the property with the random smells, the bleeding walls, the strange dampness in the carpets.. so they sold the house they live in and moved in there. My dad would let months go by, and just drive by at 2 in the morning and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Letting it run until the two bastards were spitting mad on the lawn before deactivating the siren.
He had friends stop by to the odd open house, and they were almost GIVING the property away, and could not sell it. They thought Georgia was a witch (well.. she WAS..) and had cursed the property. The thing was, they always used the same newspaper to advertise the open houses, so my dad knew when to drive by, or give the remote to a friend.
The mother and son sold the house a few years later, for a HEAVY loss, and the new owners had to GUT the place! Out by the piles of trash, painted and repainted plasterboard (still showing green and rust!!) sticking out of a garbage can, was... The BUTTCANDIES!!
The. END!
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2021.10.25 20:20 No-Disaster4042 Recommendations for a café in Abu Dhabi, just moved here from Dubai, need a place around Tourist club area!!

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2021.10.25 20:20 amoximus3 Usable RAM

soo i installed 6gb ram on my pc and it worked for at least half a year and yesterday I checked my computer properties and saw that 3gb ram was usable. I've done the "msconfig" thing and it did not work.I need help please. Thank you
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2021.10.25 20:20 jp_1896 Cleon XII hanging the Anacreonians and Thespians, circa 2021

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2021.10.25 20:20 0xMilkiix0 Where's u/i-throw-pies-at-tiny been? Im actually worried/concerned.

they usually comment or randomly post- but they haven't been on in 4 days- im really worried- if something's going on at home for them I hope there okay..
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2021.10.25 20:20 GloryManUnited21 Trying to decide what to put in this space. It is 76x48x90. Please help

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2021.10.25 20:20 theraspberryqueen What’s an experience you had where being the bigger person payed off?

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2021.10.25 20:20 tacolady1026 Illustration of my dog

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2021.10.25 20:20 LordPaul Moonshae Isles by MapyNiepraktyczne on DeviantArt

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2021.10.25 20:19 subjecttoxChanges Poorest countries to gain from new climate funding plan to break Cop26 impasse

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2021.10.25 20:19 DGOrion64 [OC]Bird

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2021.10.25 20:19 EchoDK Not a dumb question

Off the record Can guard dogs that do raids at school. Hypothetically would they be able to smell a marijuana cart? Like I know if you have it in your pocket and it directly smells you, but if it’s like in your bag and they smell the classroom will they smell it?
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2021.10.25 20:19 WestaurLeatherStudio Making a small wallet

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2021.10.25 20:19 jewishibs some quick manifestation for midterms this week 💜

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2021.10.25 20:19 Makhlouf-Bannoud Wattson Ult :”)

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