Pocahoptas got a chilling little repackage for an amusement park up the road from the brewery.

2021.10.19 03:53 memethetics Pocahoptas got a chilling little repackage for an amusement park up the road from the brewery.

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2021.10.19 03:53 AH_HHHHHHHHHHHH he is come to your house in a min

he is come to your house in a min
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2021.10.19 03:53 blackhousegirl Girlslovegym__hn_0.1

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2021.10.19 03:53 BigPoppaK34 Tips

Hey all! Tried shaco for the first time and truly enjoyed him! I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips? Like is ap or ad better, any good combos or positioning? I would appreciate any help! Thanks everyone!
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2021.10.19 03:53 galaxygirll88 Actresses nostril is blurred on a tv show

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2021.10.19 03:53 Substantial_Road_116 Thanks, I hate alternative sporks.

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2021.10.19 03:53 Mysterious-25 what are your thoughts about her recent instagram questionnaire

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2021.10.19 03:53 evrfixedmark Cheek scritches make him smile!

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2021.10.19 03:53 dogethefirst need help! (2ds xl)

so i was installing homebrew, then i got to the step where you backup your system nand or whatever (im new here please dont attack me for this), it said i didnt have any space, so i free'd up some by deleting everything on the card, because its already loaded onto the system. it wasnt, only luma was on the system. now when i try to do anything with the app you use to load up the luma menu i get this:

an exception occurred
Processor: Arm11 (core1)
Exception type: undefined instruction
Current process: loader (00000000000000000)
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2021.10.19 03:53 skellytunee312 Mentor system

Anybody got past the first quest to graduate two students? Is it worth it for progress? Cause it gives so much mats? Thinking of creating another alt for it
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2021.10.19 03:53 anthem3 [Just Friends] 22F Looking for a Friend!

Hi everyone! As the title suggests, I'm looking to make some new friends! I'm looking to chat with someone who isn't looking for someone to be around 24/7, because I'll be candid I do have a pretty busy schedule. I look forward to talking with some of y'all soon :)
Here's a little bit about myself:
- 22F from the USA.
- I've lived abroad 4 times and have travelled a lot.
- I'm a long time Legend of Zelda fan. It was one of my first video games I played when I was a kid. Recently whenever I'm free I go shrine hunting on Breath of the Wind.
- I love to bake. I try to make some of the stuff I see on the Great British Bake Off. I'm down to hear new ideas.
- My favorite series is Succession. The season three premier was amazing and I need someone to chat about it with!!
- My favorite musician is Father John Misty. I was going to see one of his concerts, but I had to travel for school and couldn't go. I was heart broken lol
- I'm down to chat about whatever! I do apologize if I don't respond immediately, I recently got a new job so I'm navigating that schedule. Things should settle down soon though.
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2021.10.19 03:53 mezcalbuzz I hope it's ok to share this really great conversation with Mezcal Curator Diego Garcia of Mezcal Nautas.

I recently sat with Mezcal Curator Diego Garcia of Curaduría Mezcalnautas and had a very interesting conversation about "traditional mezcales", "Government Maguey", "Biocultural heritage", among other things. Oh, and tasted some great mezcales.
We were then joined by Bernardo Serna of mezcalería Tlecan Mezcal in Mexico City and spoke about how together they showcase exceptionally curated small-batch mezcales.
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2021.10.19 03:53 syntheticpineapple Which type of cheese is the best cheese?

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2021.10.19 03:53 starflashfairy Activated charcoal is used in cases of OD. Don't mix it with your medications!

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2021.10.19 03:53 Over_Fly3827 BAE Friends in High Places Australian Deputy Prime Minister

BAE Friends in High Places Australian Deputy Prime Minister
Brian Elkner had friends in high places throughout his known crime spree. His comrade from University days and right hand man in his fight against perceived Croatian fascists in Australia in the early to mid seventies was Dr (academic) Jim Cairns, leader of the protest movement against the war in Vietnam and Communist sympathiser. Brian Elkner would go on to be sentenced to 10 years jail in Pentridge Prison alongside the scum of society, the child rapists, peadophiles and other sick lowlife. Elkner was released after only five years of a ten year sentence. Outrageous for crimes of rape and attempted rape. It makes me wonder, did Elkners old comrade who at the time of Elkners release was Deputy Prime Minister of Aust and for a time Acting Prime Minister of Aust intervene on Elkners behalf for his early release. And did his release papers clear the way for him to get back into Govt academic life? The more you delve into the life of Brian Elkner the more stranger than fiction it becomes. On the Croation fascists. Bozo is a reasonably common Croation/Yugoslav name. Was Mr Cruel really calling someone by name on the mystery phone call made form one of the victims homes. I suspect it was a name he knew rather than a very odd colloqualism which again set investigators off on another wild goose chase.
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2021.10.19 03:53 AdFragrant4871 Photo Contest Entry

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2021.10.19 03:53 asskickingjedi In terms of television broadcasts, who in your opinion is "the voice of golf"?

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2021.10.19 03:53 shadow22405 Polyamorous

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2021.10.19 03:53 bseoan Préstamo en línea

Hola, ando pensando en sacar un crédito de aprox unos 50k para armarme una computadora que ocupare para trabajar (video, animación, 3D) He checado algunos lugares como prestadero, yo te presto, kubo (no he checado ningún banco). Recomiendan estas plataformas? Creen que sea mejor un banco? Alguna experiencia?
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2021.10.19 03:53 Venehindustrial This is the address of the previous sample for the progress in the update of our Web Page... We are open to any kind of comments

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2021.10.19 03:53 flynnliv my fav napping partner

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2021.10.19 03:53 Jdip97 I am trying to install 12VDC LED strip lights on my boat. I originally tried to pigtail them together with the nav lights so they all come on with the same switch. When I throw on the switch the nav lights work but nothing from the strip lights. They work when I directly wire to the battery. Ideas?

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2021.10.19 03:53 Regular-Feeling-5976 Login error

i just got back 4 blood and every time i try to sign in i get "the connection to the profile service cannot be established. try again later", however when i get through this error i'm faced with "sign in to TROS online platform failed" i've tried a lot of things i found online, however, nothing has worked thus far.
help me pls reddit
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2021.10.19 03:53 DryMix9599 Philly Marathon - Please Share EVERYTHING a First Timer Needs to Know!!

Has anyone here run the Philadelphia Marathon before? I am running it in November and it is my first marathon!! Lots of questions here haha so I appreciate any advice (even if it’s not Philly specific) :)
If the race starts at 7:00 AM, about how long will it take me to get through the corral? Like what time will I actually start running? I’m trying to make a reservation for a post race brunch, how hard is it to find family and friends at the finish? What’s the best way to meet up with them? (Tracking towards a 3:30 finish so any thoughts on what time I should make the res for?) What should I know about getting to the starting line? How early should I get there and where do I go? I heard there is one big hill… is it steep or just a long incline? What’s the best way to approach it? How are the wateaid stations? Are there enough porta potties throughout the course? Is it easy for spectators to move along the course and cheer you on at different points? If so where should I tell them is the best spot(s) to go? How much sleep should I try to get the night before the race? (I know that sounds like a silly question but remember I’m new to all this!)
Lastly, what are the things you wish you knew before running your first marathon?
Thanks in advance!!
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2021.10.19 03:53 cayjxy M15, looking to chill and talk with someone

Uhhh pm me ig
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