2021.10.19 03:52 AstronomerNo8551 nice

The Beatles - Let It Be (50th Anniversary) (official album trailer) - YouTube
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2021.10.19 03:52 Responsible-Stand760 ShibaBear - Steal Launch - Low MC Gem - Mooning Now - Active Community Token - Come and Help Out!

ShibaBear Token Has just launched!! Dont lose your seat on this definitive rocket to the MOON! 🚀 While helping the Bears!!!
ShibaBear Token is a Decentralized BEP-20 token that aims to be one of the top on the bsc and also help all dogs in need. All this while making money for you.
Aight guys, you all are so early 😍 There is huge profit coming. Yes. We have made sure all is ready and safe at the time we got enough members to launch. We will be renouncing ownership after we lock the liquidity. This is a great time to enter our Fair-Launch and what better than a GEM? Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳
Our mission is to bring people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together. ❤️
Our main focus is to eat bacoon on the moon and to be rich enough to buy a lot of lambos. We will be releasing a Roadmap and a very good website pretty soon, we suggest you to join our telegram (@SHIBABEARBSC) now and see whats new and stay tuned about our project.
We’re better when we’re together.
invite others to benefit from the project, that is the only way we can success better than all the other bsc tokens.
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
⚙️ 2% Auto Liquidity
⚙️ 1% Marketing
⚙️ 7% Redistribution to HODLers
✅ Ownership Renounced ✅ LP Locked On Launch ✅Verified Contract
✅ CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xb617dde86d7ae387b494e80b0dfe0109b9a67499
Don't be late to get your seat to the moon!!!
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2021.10.19 03:52 Following_Miserable Happy 2nd birthday Battle For Neighborville!

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2021.10.19 03:52 OneLastSmile check me

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2021.10.19 03:52 No_Bat9898 How many have gotten citizenship of foreign country after working there as software engineers?

I'm thinking of settling at USA after working there as software engineer, it will probably take 5/6 years for me to be eligible for applying for citizenship of US. Can you tell your stories?
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2021.10.19 03:52 1LurkinGurkin Words of Wisdom

I have recently purchased this game and am finding myself a little lost on what to do.
What words of wisdom would you have to share?
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2021.10.19 03:52 anintendofan1 cryo cannon and rod 2tc

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2021.10.19 03:52 SuproValco daytime & evening

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2021.10.19 03:52 Mike_G-P Despotism : Encyclopedia Britannica Films : Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.

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2021.10.19 03:52 IvoryiGoLDeN 20 hip fire kills in objective areas

Hello BF5 community, i’m on the last mastery challenge on the Thompson and it’s been driving me nuts. I’ve done breakthrough, conquest, etc and nothing seems to work in my favor. I always get to 17-18/20 and then the match ends. Any tips? =)
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2021.10.19 03:52 SEMAJ_LFC Will Koulibaly’s gold version rise in price after his SBC is no longer available?

Looking at this as an investment strategy…
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2021.10.19 03:52 plapyburger 2 month progress, some plants have gone and others exploded in size.

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2021.10.19 03:52 Random_ZerQ How does one balance FIRE and Fatherhood?

I'm 31, been on the fire path for about 2 years now and just had a baby. I have a "9-5" 70k a year job, a side hustle that brings in about 20-25k a year, an eBay account that brings in a little bit of money, a Roth IRA that I max out, and a pension (my employer doesn't offer a 401k). I've been wanting to do more to bring in more income, like get a part time job on the weekends, but I honestly love hanging out with my kid. Leaving for work in the mornings is rough now.
How do you guys balance FIRE with parenthood?
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2021.10.19 03:52 alrightwiseguy1 If aliens came to earth right now what would our next steps be?

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2021.10.19 03:52 NewsElfForEnterprise Top Research Reports for NVIDIA, UnitedHealth & Bank of America

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2021.10.19 03:52 Front-Pangolin-6226 Any couples in SF looking for new friends?

Hi! We are a 23M / 22F couple looking for new friends in the city. I (23M) moved up here about a year ago and my girlfriend 22F is a SF native. We are very into food (hot pot, sushi, viet, mexican, ramen, everything lol), League of Legends (but just ARAM because we are noobs), weightlifting, and anime.
I (23M) have a 3 legged lab mix named PeeWee and am very into cars (I have a modified 435i) and weightlifting. I work in sales for a healthcare technology company as well.
My GF (22F) is into reading fantasy/adventure/manga and works at a school.
Mostly looking for some friends to grab some food or maybe a couple of drinks (we don't drink or party too much) or any other events in the city.
If there's any single folks out there too and you want to play ARAM or hit the gym or just want to be friends with one of us let us know!
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2021.10.19 03:52 Klutzy_Beautiful_517 Algorithm takeover

Rumor has it we are training the algo to takeover our jobs. Bye bye stylists! When will it happen in your opinion?
View Poll
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2021.10.19 03:52 vikzr You S04 - A true detective style drama

You S04 should be like a true detective series where police connect the dots and put this serial killer behind the bars! What's your thought?
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2021.10.19 03:52 Due-Hunter9566 🐉Welcome to Draconite Token🐉

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And our team are working on a NFT Game which will be revolutionry, completely original and the first of its kind.
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🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.19 03:52 redditjanniesbegone I'm in Challenger 2 and this is the first time I've seen a lv 13 player in my life, much less star-point upgraded cards.

I'm in Challenger 2 and this is the first time I've seen a lv 13 player in my life, much less star-point upgraded cards. submitted by redditjanniesbegone to ClashRoyale [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 03:52 glamrockbonnie [ oc / fanart ] so yknow how birds poof up

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2021.10.19 03:52 Sephiroth8080 33 [M4F] #KS Dom looking for sub; must love nerds

  1. Male. Dom. White. 6'. 215 lbs. Dirty blonde. Blue eyes. Glasses. Average build. Work out 4 times a week. A few tattoos, more to come. Pictures provided and I expect to be reciprocated by anyone that messages me, plz.
I love video games, watching movies and shows and animes, and a large part of general nerddom. It's important to me that if you're not at least an avidly involved nerd, that you like to be a backseat nerd to me. Laying with me and watching or partaking in video games, watching nerdy things, etc. Some movies of note, to help with an idea of genre: Constantine, Talladega Nights, LotR, Matrix, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Riddick, Inglourious Basterds, etc. Some animes that are present or past include: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Soul Eater, Kakegurui, DBZ, etc. And some video games: Zelda, BioShock, Borderlands, Blizzard games, Cyberpunk 2077, Path of Exile, Ori and the Will of the Wisps (haven't played the first yet), Mario games and Mario Maker, etc.
In a D/s dynamic, my perception is that the sub holds all of the power; they just gift it to the Dom when they trust and respect them with the power and control. And used, respected and applied in a mutually reciprocated and loving fashion, the sub will continue to benefit by gifting more and more control/power to the Dom as long as the Dom is proper and true to what they both need and want. As long as the Dom holds true to what the sub wants and needs, and shows her more about herself and her submission that she didn't know, the more she's opening up more and more of her vulnerability and control of her. I want my partner to share a 24/7 dynamic with me to explore and live in at all times of every day.
I want a sub that wants to be hopelessly devoted and obsessed with her Dom. Someone that craves to get permission for the most mundane of daily events, even when it's not necessary. She wants her Doms approval. She wants to please and be used and be supported by her Dom regularly throughout the day. She wants to invest almost blindly into her Dom, knowing and trusting that he'll take the responsibility of making sure she's well taken care of and doesn't get neglected or neglect herself. A sub that is sexually charged and ready at all times in the day or almost any bit of mischief they both want, but also overly content with just being the closest she can to her Dom and melting into the warmth and presence of his physicality.
Me: Don't smoke. Hardly drink. Never done any drugs. STD/I free. Wants kids. Cisgender. Agnostic. I appreciate artistic value and beauty, rather than the arousal of hentai and rule34. I'm selfless, kind, empathetic, compassionate, passionate, clingy, needy, hopeless romantic, doting, stern, caring, territorial/possessive (read: not jealous), and attentive. I want to be there for my sub in every manner I can. I want my sub to know my protection, my care, and my guidance over most facets of her life. 2 years of college done, about 2 left, which I aim to start back up in the near future. My aim is for a degree in Video Game Design & Development.
You: 18-30. No smoking. Drug-free. Social drinker. STD/I free. Wants kids. Cisgender. Nerdiness of some degree. Preferably, some piercings and/or tattoos. A witchy aesthetic about self and/or home is something I'm drawn to. Average to petite size (or working toward that, not far off; very little wiggle room in this requirement). Attentive, selfless, submissive, subservient, dependent on me (but independent personality is great, otherwise), clingy, needy, affectionate, loving, passionate, compassionate, shy/coy, innocent, possessive/territorial (read: not jealous), and kind. I want you to look up to me for most anything and everything. I want you to depend on me so that I can prove my worth to Dom you and guide you. I want you to always be near, and when you can't, I want you to yearn to be near me. Public style: ladylike mannerisms and exuding femininity (doesn't always mean makeup, as I prefer natural beauty, but I appreciate and support the expression that makeup can give a gal that lends to her beauty), including lacey/sexy undergarments. Private style: laid-back, no makeup, loose, oversized, and/or comfy clothing (but little of it). Attentive and considerate with communication, both verbal, physical, and messaging. Education isn't wholly relevant, but I'd like you to be moderately educated via knowledge so that we share words and wit seamlessly.
If any of this looks/sounds any bit intimidating, please reach out and start a conversation with me. I promise I'm not nearly as serious as some of this sounds. My inflection and tone can actually provide much more context and warmth to my approach and intentions, if we get to voice chat. A good bit of this is preference, while there are a good few things that are strict/non-negotiable. We need to be able to communicate regularly, so a good, strong start of communication/messaging is very important to help determine our compatibility and chemistry. I prefer messages or chat, with the hopes that if things feel good that we can move to disc (it's the only thing I trust of the other communication apps). I enjoy voice calls as well, so that will be necessary, as well as verification some time in the near future. Don't hesitate to message and ask me about anything. I'm an open book, so use liberally.
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2021.10.19 03:52 sunfres What can could you do with tofu?

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2021.10.19 03:52 Green_Palpitation490 🔥FlokiX🔥 Just launch, one of the most potential moonshot rebase + cake rewards token out there, marketcap is still low and big buy coming in, they already have more than 5 influencers tweet and keep coming

What is FlokiX?
Rebase + Cake rewards🍰
5% Cake Rewards
5% Marketing
4% added to Liquidity Fee
1% Ecosystem
FlokiX was born from Elon’s recent tweet, it is considered to be the fairest meme token on the Binance Smart Chain.
FlokiX is a unique token that has rebase functionality and rewards in cake.
This way holders will earn cake reward automatically and have an evergreen chart.
Rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize.
For example, If a token worth 1$ each and you bought 1,000 token, the value of it worth $1,000.
If we were to rebase 50% of the supply then the value of each token is now worth $2 however your supply will be reduce by 50% which only 500 tokens remain.
This will it will make an evergreen chart for bullish trend.
🔥Contract: 0x8d32e62bba06b89e89b9ac622ab24a571bd13d9c
🔥Pancakeswap :
🔥 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 03:52 _darni Have a question relating to religion effecting the mental process(for a scientific research project)- if you think you could answer, please do!

Hello! I am a 16(F) who is doing a research project relating to the psychological effects of religion on the mental process. I wanted to gather information from various religious groups, as it would be biased if I did it from one group or my own religion. If you are a religious authority, or just someone who may be able to answer this question, please do! I’d love a response ASAP!
In your daily life, what is more predominant, religion, or worldly actions? Rather, how do you see the world through the eyes of your religion, and how it has effected your perception and your daily life?
Please definitely let me know! Thank you so much!
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