Possible root cause for 2016 - 2017 Honda Accord CarPlay Issues

2021.10.19 03:57 freestylemaster Possible root cause for 2016 - 2017 Honda Accord CarPlay Issues

As some of us are already aware, most (if not all) 2016 - 2017 Honda Accord infotainment systems have a lot of issues with CarPlay. Main issues are the display freezing, unit restarting, whole system going down ending up with blank screens and etc..

So, last weekend I decided to take a different approach this time and removed the infotainment system to have a closer look at it. I have been suspicious of an overheating issue there with this unit because my personal experiences have always been that the system would/display freeze and the whole unit would restart. This is pretty good sign of the cpu shutting down due to overheating.
First thing I did was to go to the Honda website and get the Radio/Nav anti theft code (link here). This is needed because once you remove your infotainment from the power source, the system requires this code to be enabled on the car. Please do not skip this step. The serial number of the unit is on the menu, in the "about" section.
Then I removed the infotainment unit and realized the fan it has is only for exhaust, not for cooling off the cpu directly.
Fan on the back for exhaust only
The actual heatsink was at the bottom of the unit. So, I removed it and noticed they used a thermal pad and a cooling block as a passive cooling for this chip which I suppose it was the cpu/apu. However, I found out a huge mistake on Honda's part (to be more precise, Clarion's part which is the manufacturer of this unit).
It looks like they forgot to remove the plastic protective layer on the thermal pad!

Plastic protective layer was literally sitting on the thermal pad
This is a big mistake, especially considering this is a passive cooling. Having the plastic layer on the thermal pad basically means it never did its job - at least- properly. The factory pad was I believe 1.5mm in thickness.

So, I cleaned the cpu/apu surface as well as the heatsink(?) and applied a better thermal pad but this time a smaller size thermal pad. This is because they had this giant size put on the entire chip instead of the die surface.

I only cut a small sized thermal pad for the chip surface

Closer look. Tried to lookup online but was not able to figure out what type it is
And installed the heatsink / metal block back into it's place.

Don't mind the thermal pad on the right. I removed it from there.

After this modification, I drove a total of 4 hours with multiple stops / trips. I alternated between the common navigations apps (mostly Waze and Google Maps) while music is playing in the background. For the total of 4 hours drive time, I have not had a single crash, any display freezing and not even a distortion on map display (which is common and usually follows up with unit crashing).

Honestly, I would say it would be a miracle if I would be able to drive half an hour without CarPlay crashing the unit so 4 hours with multiple drive time without any crash is huge positive sign that this might be the reason and the root cause for all the issues we have had with our infotainment units on our HONDA Accord (and possibility other Honda's) vehicles.

I will be updating this post as I keep driving more and testing out but I just wanted to share my finding with you all. I hope others can try this solution and would be nice to report back with the result. I am not claiming this is the fix however the results, for me, looks promising so far.

Also, if this is really the root cause, then this is such a shame to leave that plastic layer on the thermal pad for Honda and it's supplier.
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2021.10.19 03:57 HandStampMania When I am sleeping, someone is taking control of me

I woke up again this morning, in a field I didn't recognize. It was the heat that brought me to my senses. Fire. I nearly thought it was a dream. Then I thought, maybe I am in hell, and these were the burning fields. There was no blood on my dress this time. Only ash. And the smell of gasoline on my hands. The nearby flames, trying to lick them open as I stumbled to climb upon the only road in sight. I turned to watch it burn when I reached the top, and within the blaze I saw a message scorched into the earth.
"I am fire. I destroy everything that is precious before me, and I am only beautiful when I am contained."
Was this my tormentor's cry for help, or a warning, a warning of what is to come? When I first noticed that my body was being controlled, I searched for my invader, for their perverse intrusions; I could find nothing. But then I started noticing the alerts hidden in the recess of my phone. There had been activity on my Reddit account, something I hadn't touched for nearly a year. They were here. I had found them posting stories under my handle. Calling out to me, perhaps taunting me to reach out and touch them if I could. I wasn't as strong as them, not as experienced. So all I could do was sleep with a whiteboard in my hands at night, with a question, hoping they would communicate, even a word, or better yet - a name. Who are you? I scribbled. But night after night I would wake, left wanting. So then I began trying everything. Leaving small messages around my house and in my personals. I emailed myself, texted myself. I even wrote back. I would call my line again and again, leaving behind voicemails on my phone for them to find. They would know where to look once they've entered me next. That is how this works. I know that is how this works, because I can do it too.
The past several days, I haven't been able to sleep. I've stayed awake, wondering if through our shared experiences, I could make a friend. Those thoughts soon disappear when they started making me do things, leaving me, too afraid to even blink. I found myself hiding in my closet, with the door tightly shut behind me, whenever I changed. Then I would stare helplessly at my bedroom door for hours, waiting for them to come in as they pleased. Beginning to wonder, if this is part of a game they played on those they chose to ruin. Hiding in the shadows, pushing the edges slowly around me, caving in the light, making me feel crazy, until I drown in the darkness that they have created.
I look down at the ashes that had fallen on the white dress - the one I had been stripped and forced to wear, to stand out here in this field. The clean white dress which could not weather a single speck, less it becomes marred. Making it tainted, used, worn and old. No longer of value. The dress symbolized my naivete. Making it painfully clear, that they are trying to cut me down. To make me think that I am just like them. They want one bad experience to define me. Even if I felt that it was the right thing to do. The right thing to sit in that fire, on that night in December.
They knew everything about me, the minute they took control of my life. They, who could remember all the smiles, the laughter, and times I've scrapped a knee. They, who can look at an object on my desk - in my room, and know what it means or doesn't mean. They, who knows what is nothing to me, and what is more precious than life. Then. Then there are the secrets. the dark secrets, and then the darkest. Leaving me here in this field, to remember my guilt.
But it is because of my guilt, that I believe, that I can still be saved. I suffer in my guilt. For all the things that I have done and for all that I did not do. For not being the person, that I could have been. I know that these feelings are pieces of the people that I have entered in my sleep over the years. Stayed with me. Lining the walls of my soul, as I experience with them their worst hour. Because every time I go to sleep and wake up in someone else's body, a part of them stays with me, even after I have woken up. I can choose not to imagine the horrors in the world but I can never un-see them.
And I did the right thing, by doing nothing at all.
It was Christmas, and I had gone to sleep that night, when I dreamt that I was a man. I had thick burly hands that could wrap around the throat of children, and snap them. White, hot, burning knuckles that could draw blood, and force their cries back down their throats, blow, after blow, after blow, until there was silence. My shoulders could have cracked the beams in the low hanging basement. I could have ascended the stairs as the fire roared around me. That was the plan anyways; to burn it all to the ground, disappear into the night, rising like a phoenix, and start anew, far from this place, so I could do it all over again. The man had been laughing, delirious, driven mad and choking on the smoke when I entered him and took control. And when I entered, I could hear their screams in the flames. See their faces in it. See the proof of his cruelty, burning away. And so I waited. I waited, and I waited. I waited. I can still feel the heat on my skin whenever I wait in silence to this day. I can still smell the burning of human flesh in my nose whenever I stand still for too long in a place. And I would do it again. I would wait. I would even if it means breaking the one thing that I stand for, to be a helping hand on the worst day of their lives.
I know now, that I was made to remember these things. Made to remember that no one is perfect. Leaving me to wonder, if my purveyor of sleepless nights had not been so lucky - growing up. Not knowing how to wake up when it was too much. Not knowing when to stop, or how to make it stop. I don't know what they have been through, but I am scared. I am looking over my shoulder every day, jumping at every noise, feeling the pieces inside of me grinding every time I refresh the pages, wondering if there is a reply and hoping that this would all just go away on its own. That I didn't have to start making a list of who it could be...
The List
nosleep mysterious moderator
I can trust no one. They've seen to it by isolating me through the fear of it being anyone. Made me afraid to close my eyes, leaving me to lay awake and think of all the wrongs I have done. Unlike them, I can't control it. I can't enter people as I please. I always thought I only entered people who needed help, who needed someone to be there for them, so they didn't have to go it alone. But I've been shown, that I was wrong.
And now I am afraid to sleep.
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I’ve heard nothing but good things about this movie. I just watched it for the first time and thought it was awful. It just played out like a typical Stephen king story, cheesy and predictable
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hi i’m 16 i took sarm about 6months ago and i was 15 then i took rad 140 al the way up to 20 mg a day i mad amazing gains but not i have not testosterone and i’m always tired i heard of clomid to get my test levels right how do i fixe my mess up?
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