Ghostbusters: Afterlife International Trailer (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

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2021.10.19 04:13 SCP_048 Ghostbusters: Afterlife International Trailer (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

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2021.10.19 04:13 PositiveEmpty2319 💸SafeMixShiba💸 SMSHIB -New Token From The Creators Of SafeMix -Just Launched!- SHIB 11% Rewards- Owner Of Our Swap (Exchange)-Doxxed Dev Team!

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2021.10.19 04:13 regachoisiah Selena Gomez, Marshmello - Wolves

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2021.10.19 04:13 lernandez What’s wrong with my plant? It’s been in the same spot for years and doing just fine till recently. The new leaves have been lighter in color and wilted.

What’s wrong with my plant? It’s been in the same spot for years and doing just fine till recently. The new leaves have been lighter in color and wilted. submitted by lernandez to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 04:13 No_________________- how do you screenshot in the loadout screen?

And where do you go to see the screenshots?
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2021.10.19 04:13 cheapdialogue Anyone know what's up with the different colored spray paint cat's eyes on Electric by Bloedel Donovan?

I mean, obviously there to mark the road divider, but why the different colors? Did the city do it? Local residents? Why haven't the eyes been replaced? We need the Mike Tyson Mystery Team on this.
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2021.10.19 04:13 icydata Recap: SEA @ PHI

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2021.10.19 04:13 Fantastic-Mess3818 Rate Indira Varma

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2021.10.19 04:13 Look-lucky-9 Outriders is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on Oct. 19

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2021.10.19 04:13 koolkidsklub13579

Is not working for anyone else? Intent launcher also seems not to be working
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2021.10.19 04:13 burrito-penguin I know it’s nothing compared to other people’s masterpieces but im proud

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2021.10.19 04:13 Guitar_Mayhem Servant Playlists (UPDATED) (Now on Spotify)

I originally made these playlists for Arturia and Mordred in response to another reddit post (link: Saber Rocks). They're a compilation of music I believe that both of them would gravitate to and enjoy based on their personalities. These are characters used in my fanfic (FGO: Queen of Shadows), along with another I made just for the hell of it. These were really fun to make, and I had to really think outside the box to compile music for each servant. I might even make more in the future...
Since my last post, I've moved them all to Spotify and have added more songs. Let me know what you guys think and if they are to each servants' taste (hypothetically...)
*DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the music, and there are mostly songs of genres that I normally listen to, so don't expect any modern Pop songs.
Arturia Pendragon (120)
Mordred (120)
Jeanne D'Arc (40)
Astolfo (40)
Cu Chulainn (40)
Emiya (40)
Jekyll & Hyde (40)
Alters (Arturia & Jeanne) (50) \**WARNING: CONTAINS SOME DEATH METAL*
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2021.10.19 04:13 MisfitsAndMysteries My last name is no longer a slur (update)

So I posted a few weeks ago about how Madden decided my last name was a slur which it is not and I sent them a strongly worded letter and harassed them on social media. I got no response but then when I created a new franchise for the scouting update I miraculously was allowed to use my last name.
So to all of you who have wrongly been victimized by Madden if you annoy them enough they will unban your name.
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2021.10.19 04:13 Prize_Ad8699 How would I upgrade this fixture to an Led down light?

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2021.10.19 04:13 vivaciouslydepressed Change my mind: Bot games are busted

I noticed a couple weeks back that bot games became significantly more difficult to win. I checked the sub for any other posts about it, but they were all super downvoted.
Some of the comments suggested that bot games were still super easy to win if you snowball on an attacker, or suggested specific lanes/mons that would guarantee a win. If that’s the case, then bot games are super broken and put defenders/supporter mains at a ranked disadvantage.
It’s not even that the AI are too hard— they’re just behaving exponentially more erratically, which makes it much harder to impact the game’s outcome as an individual. I just ended a bot game with 2 allies having scored 0 points and my lane partner having hard inted. That’s not a game state that one individual with no way to coordinate teamwork can change. It’s even more frustrating that you can’t choose when you get a bot game.
I may be biased as an all roundedefender player who focuses on macro play, but I’d be interested to hear if others have different experiences.
Tldr; bot games are far too volatile and need to be reworked, CMV.
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2021.10.19 04:13 imjonathont Probably my best Pyke game even though it was in blind and I'm bronze 3

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2021.10.19 04:13 czilla402 Selling 2 Lower Bowl Tickets to WFT game on 10/31

Section 128 Row 26.
Selling them for $260 for the pair, 2 tickets.
Serious inquiries only!!
These are face value!!
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2021.10.19 04:13 Robpercussion5 I feel like I don't get it

I've been binging Diablo 3, started earlier in the year and played a character offline, not in season, and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, just plundering and getting more slowly, like cookie clicker. Now I recently made a Season character but I'm not sure I get it, cause I feel like I am just doing the same thing. Trying to join games but can't seem to connect to anyone. What's like, the goal that I'm missing?
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2021.10.19 04:13 kenchee125 [FOR SALE] Waste My Time *RnB* Joji Type (prod. Broken English)

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2021.10.19 04:13 megsie72 I’ve only seen guys post this, so here’s mine.

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2021.10.19 04:12 PureVanillaCRK who is better? pastry or squid ink? i have enough soulstones to get them

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2021.10.19 04:12 simpleflapper Help me find this audio drama! Upstate NY archive /gossip radio show?

Title says all I remember, mostly. Archivists in a small upstate NY town going through records, while every other episode was a radio show format. It was dark and brilliant and super well written. Perfect OctobeNovember relisten.
I definitely found it on Spotify. Please help!
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2021.10.19 04:12 culturalcompliancy Disease ID, white patches appearing on angelfish

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2021.10.19 04:12 Massive_Dinner 🐶Welcome to Baby Pup Doge. 🥇 Stealth launch 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🐶Welcome to Baby Pup Doge. 🥇 Stealth launch 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾
🐶Welcome to Baby Pup Doge🐶

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🐶 Telegram:
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✔️3% Liquidity Pool

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✔️40% Burn

Liquidity Pool will be locked on Deeplock

Baby Pup Doge is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Baby Pup Doge was the runt of the litter and has been lost, fending for himself against the perilous dangers of the world. He will reclaim victory as he fights through the world of the disaster to find his home.

its fun, vibrant community owns Baby Pupdoge, which is decentralized. The pupdoge community welcomes and embraces diverse persectives to build a world-class community.

With his dad reigning above him he is in search for attention and needs all the marketing required!

We love and support our dad PupDoge! He has been everywhere in search for his Baby. We have now found him. Ready to get straight up! Up and away!

Pupdoge is here to provide charity to those dogs! Lets spread awareness for Pupdoge by making Baby PupDoge!

🐶 Telegram:
🐶 Telegram:
🐶 Telegram:
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2021.10.19 04:12 FoxInCroxx Average tankie or Chinese bot?

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