whats the name of this molecule? Please!!!!

2021.10.19 05:26 SpicyAlf whats the name of this molecule? Please!!!!

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2021.10.19 05:26 middleearthlore [OC] A Kirby themed OLED Switch and Switch Lite

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2021.10.19 05:26 Admirable-Air-750 Writer’s Block Is Real but Curable with Proven Techniques

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2021.10.19 05:26 TsukuuYo This shit fucking hurts..

I met my girlfriend when we were both 15, damn we were even in the same class... We had the same friend group, we talked a lot and finally we started dating. I can't explain how happy I was, my first gf and the fact that it happened I liked her for a year or something and I prayed to God for her litteraly, it was all I could ve asked for. We had a great time, even though I cant even remember it now. Everything was perfect, our friends didn't change we even went on a trip as a friend group, I am telling you guys I was so fucking happy, she was so beautiful and we cared for each other. Then at the end of 2020. I remember I was working and I came home and texted her I am finally finished with all the work I had to do, we can get a hotel room tomorrow, she replied "we won't rent another hotel room ever again" I remember I was like shit myb she doesn't like the hotel so I asked "why?" She said that she was seeing someone else... And that was a fucking end.... Whats worse I got corona a day later I couldn't talk to anyone about it I was cryin every night till like 6 AM, I was so pathetic that I texted her just so I can talk to someone cuz i couldn't hold it in me anymore... She said that she was sorry and she realized her mistake and I was like please let s get together I ll get over it just so we can be happy. I was still in quarantine so I couldn't see her and I remember the day i got out was on December 31st, she had plans for the party but I went to pick her up in 7 AM we spent the whole day together, she went to her party and I stayed at home. Tomorrow we went out again and the next day and the day after, it was all great... She invited me to go to see our mutual friend at work, so we went we had a great time and when I came home my friend sent my a picture of her and the guy she cheated on me, which he posted on Instagram literally no shame. So i texted her and she said that she can't lie me anymore and that she went at his place instead of the New Eve's party and that she was seeing him while since. We were together for the fucking 8hrs and she went to his place after we came together that day and our relationship didn't last a fucking day. Guys I couldn't live... I was just laying in my bed not even crying just thinking how big of a loser I was... My first love cheated on me 2 times in 14 days.... How pathetic is that. I had a really hard time, the only one who I could understand me was God and I am forever thankful for those days cuz I cant imagine what would happen if there wasn't anyone I could talk to. I remember how mad I was at all our mutual friends who knew everything and just stood there, they knew she was cheating and nothing. The girl we visited at work hugged me even though she knew my girlfriend was gonna see somebody else after i got home. Nobody texted me after we broke up second time, I was all alone, nobody asked if I was okay, nobody even invited me for a drink, I thought I lost everything and everyone. After myb 2 weeks my girlfriend's best friends (two of them) invited me to share their stories with me. Honestly I just wanted someone to talk to, so I went with them. What they really wanted was to get dirt of them, they started hating on her telling me she was a bitch all along... I remember my feelings when I heard that, I knew that they weren't dayin all that to comfort me rather to get them out...I can even recall saying that I didn't come to listen how her best friends talk shit about her and they were like "yeah but she was a bitch".. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my gf texted me that she is having a really rough time with her family and that she wants to see me one last time to hear everything from her perspective. I felt sorry for her especially after talking to her best friends and how shitty they were so I agreed. We met up, I wasn't even mad I was feeling like I deserved it the whole time. She was crying and talking how all things come to an end and how she realizes now that she made a big mistake (P.S. she was really hating the guy who she cheated on me with), I remember how I just sat there looking into the sky, man I felt sorry that everything went this way. I said that after everything that had happened between the two of us, I am ready to forgive, I literally said " What are we if we can't forgive" ( I know how cringe it was). I remember how happy she was, that was my reason to go on to try and see if everything plays out good. That was in January (about 10th), in September this year we talked a lot about our relationship since I was going to college and she was staying, till then our relationship was so good we were seeing each other almost every day, she even went to France for a whole month and I waited for here to come back it wasn't easy but I remember how happy we actually were. As I said we talked about our future and she said so what do u plan to do with our relationship, I said "I plan to study hard for a couple of years so we can get apartment to start living together", she didn't answer to that. I was scared that it might disappointed her or something like that. So I said " if u want to end things here I can try and respect that decision" she said "no I want us to try our hardest and do long distance, me staying her would be just what I need (some alone time) so I can work on myself" at that moment I was so happy that we were on the same page. So it was the last week before I was going and I invited her a couple times to go on a date or on a ride, walk etc. And she said "I can't do it right now it's too hard for me" it actually made a lot sense to me but I just wanted to see her. So I was going on Sunday, and at the Saturday I obviously asked her on a date, she said "I can't tonight I have a dinner with my family" and I was sad but okay, so i went with my parents to a market to get some groceries that I will be needing for the first week (that was a Saturday night) and as we walked in the store WE saw her making out with some older guy (ig he's 30 something). My parents saw it, I did what worse she said "hi" to us after the kiss. When we got home I had the most awkward talk with my parents cuz I explained them everything while still holding the emotions from what I just saw, it was truly heart breaking and I wish none of you experience something like this. At the end my mom asked me "so u just find out?" I just nodded and idk looked down holding my feelings one last time... After about 2 hours she texted me some bullshit "its not as it seems" and that I have a problem and if I want we can figure it out, then I said something like "why are u even texting me rn??" "U want to know what my problem is?" "It was so hard to prepare to go to college thinking about leaving u here worrying about u" "U said its the alone time i needed" "what would happen if i went without seeing u tonight" she replied 2 hours later with a fucking what's app sticker that says "I don't care! Suck my cock" after 3.6 years that was the end.... A fucking sticker. That happened about two weeks ago and I am losing my shit again... I am so thankful to God and to my parents for everything for those 3.6 years for my whole high school I am grateful. We grown together, experienced a lot of things for the first time but why couldn't we end it like adults. I literally asked her if she wants to break up, but no she wanted a long distance relationship.... I am sorry that it ended this way, and that she is happy with someone else while I am living alone going to school and crying every night... It hurts. But with God every will be better at some point so I am looking forward for that point. I am sorry if I made some grammar mistakes English is not my first language. I am thankful to everyone of yall who read this, it was and still is a really heart breaking point in my life and I really do feel better sharing this story with you guys!
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2021.10.19 05:26 Selfknown [PS4][USA east] 97 play shot and 92 paint beast looking for a third to run Park and Rec. PSN:Cozzzyboii

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2021.10.19 05:26 NewsElfForEnterprise Leadville Hospital Upgrades & Expands Despite Brink Of Financial Crisis

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2021.10.19 05:26 UTDR_bot Warm and comfy scarf (By @G_C_HORI)

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2021.10.19 05:26 Djdoo123 5.3 beta "Sweet Girl" Carole impressions (she's missing something)

Like many other fellow captains, I am beyond hype for Carole Pepper to be finally playable outside APHO story and usable in the other game-modes. While the footage of her gameplay in the beta for 5.3 looks pretty solid, it also feels like it is missing something to give her that flare.
That being her Throw skills QTE. For those that don't know or just need a reminder, in APHO open world, if an enemy's shield breaks, gets paralyzed or stunned, Carole can perform a QTE throw skills.
The Throw skills are these attack animations that have Carole smashing and throwing enemies around in sick fashion (one is literally like that scene from the 2012 Avengers movie where Hulk repeatedly smashes Loki into the ground). When performing ultimate Leap, she grapples the enemy and catapults them or thrust punches them and she sometimes performs these throw skills when switched in on certain occasions.
These attacks are really fun and satisfying to trigger and is one of the main aspects I love about Carole's gameplay in APHO.
Unfortunately, based on the footage from the beta so far, unless they are still working on adding them in, these QTE attacks will be left out of the "Sweet Girl" Battle suit which is disappointing since, like a said before in my opinion, that was half the fun when playing as her.
I get that she is suppose to be an A-rank battle-suit, but they have the assets from the open world mode. It's not like they need to make her attacks and models from scratch. She's already playable as is. Unless I'm missing something, it should not be hard to apply those QTE to the enemies in the main game-modes (any captains with a background in game development or knowledge of game development feel free to correct me if I am wrong in my assumption).
I am hoping that since the beta just started recently, they are still adding and working on her so she will be more complete by the time 5.3 arrives.
Let me know what you guys think and, if you have played the beta, what are your thoughts on her gameplay.
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2021.10.19 05:26 cutemermaidaqua Do my nails look better rounder or squarer? (1st or 2nd picture?)

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2021.10.19 05:26 bob_dole- Let’s go no stat adjustments

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2021.10.19 05:26 EurusChain News Highlight: BTC reached over $64,800 / G7 finance leaders and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia are supporting Cryptocurrency as payment unit. / The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to allow the first Bitcoin ETF to begin trading.

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2021.10.19 05:26 _____femto_____ At first glance I thought it was an Anaconda trying to eat the cat, goddamn my eyes.

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2021.10.19 05:26 miitsolution there is no SECURITY whatsoever | Ep. 1 ft. John McAfee

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2021.10.19 05:26 Rhazelle Places to visit in/near BC in Nov/Dec?

Hello everyone! My bf and I are looking to go on a few days' vacay sometime in Nov/early Dec and was wondering what some good places are!
We haven't travelled out of Vancouver (or really taken a vacatuon) since Covid started, and are looking for somewhere low key to visit (eg. within a few hours' driving distance, no planes) just to get out and feel like we've had a break.
I'm not a huge nature person, but I love visiting new, interesting places, trying the local food/drink, themed festivals etc. My bf suggested Whistler which sounds like it could be fun (we've both only been there once before so probably still plenty to explore), but I wanted to see if maybe there are any hidden gems out there y'all know of for fun events or places to visit at this time before we lock it in.
Or even give suggestions for what's fun to see/do at Whistler too!
Thanks in advance for any help! ❤️❤️
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2021.10.19 05:26 Blitzkrieg-Blues How do I fix this? I can't delete ornaments to make room....

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2021.10.19 05:26 elllenisia Brokerage with Best Platform and Mobile App

In your experience, which brokerage offers the best trading platform overall, including the mobile app?
Personally, I have accounts at TD and Questrade and prefer the TD WebBroker and their mobile app by a mile. The Questrade app crashes or just "fails to reconnect" too often and I need to verify ID way too often when using the website. It's just really feels buggy and unreliable, no matter what device I use it on. I still pay TD's fees on ETFs and trade there because that's how much I hate the Questrade platform. I imagine other big banks to have platforms that are similar to TD's. I've been thinking about moving my Questrade account to National Bank now they started offering free ETF trades, but haven't heard much about their platform. What's your experience with your brokerage?
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2021.10.19 05:26 W_Uyeda Fix dash-boarding by adding a 10 second runoff when disconnects happen!

Typically I like events more than ranked, but boy is the dash boarding way more common! Sucks when three inning games don’t get you credit toward missions or parallels because pouty opponents quit before the ball lands. How hard is it to add a 10 second or so runoff when disconnects happen?
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2021.10.19 05:26 TechyToess Unable to Log In - Starting the Session has Failed

I have Created a mess, I tried installing Lubuntu-Desktop, but I was not able to change Sessions. so, I uninstalled it and again tried installing it with tasksel but, didn't like the Lubuntu-Desktop ( Elementary OS has a far better GUI for Newbies ). then I again Uninstalled it and Restarted but when I restarted I was unable to Log In ( Image : https://imgur.com/KajY4ce ) this error Occured. I searched on google and one of the Solutions were to install Ubuntu-Desktop. It helped I uninstalled all other Sessions and Apps. and with just Pantheon in the Sessions I loged In it helped but now my Lock Screen is the Ubuntu Lockscreen. which is based on sddm and I think Pantheon Greeter is based on lightdm. I tried switching from sddm to lightdm. lightdm brings the Pantheon greeter but I get the same Login Error saying Session failed. Can someone please help me.
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2021.10.19 05:26 CoolCaterpillar3743 Husband threatened rape

My husband (24M) told me (24F) one night that according to the Bible there is no such thing as marital rape (quoted 1 Corinthians 7:4 the wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to the husband) and that from now on I have to have sex with him whenever he wants “even if it’s rape.” I asked if he was serious because he was scaring me, I told him he was scaring me and he said yes he was serious. I left my home with our children and he is telling others I overreacted and that he was just joking. Am I crazy?
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2021.10.19 05:26 JRreddith me_irl

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2021.10.19 05:26 jackscockrocks How do I resolve character conflicts in game?

To be as straight forward as possible, I'm a War Cleric who strongly follows the code of battle. In my party is a Fighter who very often tortures and kills in ways my cleric would find wrong. I have no problem with the player at all or his character, I just feel like I'm supposed to stop him because of my character but I also don't want to affect his fun in the game.
Any advice on how I can stick to my code without making the game all about my character?
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2021.10.19 05:26 dbx99 As expected but still disappointing, the SEC reports delivers no clear condemnation for bad actor HFs and brokers. So now what?

The list of hyped then disappointing events - catalysts they used to be called - have come and gone: DTCC rules, shareholder vote count, news of tiny HFS shutting down, Russell and S&P promotions, quad witch, T-21, T-35, countless cups and handles and pennant breakouts, gamma squeezes, and the list goes on.
What is left?
Well, DSR is the big one but would required a broad based level of participation. There is valiant effort but at 60K accounts, it remains a long road to locking up the float and then some.
NFT dividends remains speculative and more wish list than concrete.
It’s kind of a “well now what?” moment. What is the road ahead looking like for MOASS? Is GME going to be cellar boxed without being sent to the delisted graveyard? Even if we understand that shorts have not closed, it seems like they have remained open for 9 months.
The last item on my list of unchecked catalysts is the black swan market collapse. Is this the only option left to put HFS into a margin call corner?
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2021.10.19 05:26 bellababixo [PS4] H: legacys in slide W: legacy offers mainly after excutioners explosive 3 star max lvl laser, aae ultracite laser

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2021.10.19 05:26 AdPsychological5292 Why haven't reddit installed IP blocking?

There are many cases where a user is permanently stalked, harassed, and being vote manipulated by insane obsessive individuals on reddit, and blocking one account is simply not sufficient (obviously, throwaways are a thing). Similar to Instagram where if you blocked an account, any other accounts made or were owned by the same user wouldn't be able to view your page, I think they store the harassser's ip address or hwid for blocking. I wonder why hasn't this been implemented?
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2021.10.19 05:26 GroundbreakingTry172 Redditor’s who are in lots of student debt, what did you major in and what do you do for work?

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