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2021.10.19 04:18 napoleonbonerfartay [18M] Looking to make some cool online friends who aren’t NPCs

So here’s my problem: I’ve been searching for friends on this sub and others like it for a while now but I haven’t hit it off with too many people. You get the usual, talk about where you’re from, talk about surface level stuff like music or tv, maybe you get their discord or snapchat but it seems as though everyone eventually ghosts one way or another. Maybe they get bored, or maybe they get busy but it seems like I’m not connecting with real people just NPCs.
If you’ve been getting similar results then feel free to dm me! I just turned 18, I’m from from Canada (so we can skip the “where ya from” dialogue option). My interests are hip hop, alt rock, anime, manga, bad sitcoms, guitar, gaming, movies and skateboarding. I also love short stories, painting clothes, and hiking. Also if you have letterboxd please dm me, I’m trying to broaden my film horizons!
If you’re into any of these things dm me something interesting about yourself and hopefully we can have a really great conversation that isn’t so superficial. Or if you want we can just chat, watch youtube and play minecraft and ghost each other a week later lol. I hope to meet y’all soon :))
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2021.10.19 04:18 SpaceSPZ So I've heard you like Green Shirts... (old image)

I've beem doing this for a long time....
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2021.10.19 04:18 Disfigured_Porcupine Health tips, and student complaints are what I need for this article.

What should I do to maintain optimal health?
I’m gonna write an article about the topic so I was thinking I should seek out a subreddit but I wasn’t sure which one. I’ve tried others aswell I’m just trying to broaden my research.
So far what Ive read:
-2 hours between bathroom breaks -16 hugs -sleep varies -9oz water -start work at 10am -1/4tsp salt -1/2 hamburger worth of meat
I read all of those on posts and classes throughout the years and I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but I don’t think these are exactly correct so I want to learn more. Can anyone explain what exactly the “optimal health regimen” would be?
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2021.10.19 04:18 king-vamp2 i swear lonely got a mf ben 10 watch w all his voices

nigga got so many voices u never know what he’ll use next
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2021.10.19 04:18 TheNationDan Nathan Bastian vs Nate Thompson from the Seattle Kraken at Philadelphia Flyers game on Oct 18, 2021

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2021.10.19 04:18 HelicopterHopeful NG leaders attempting to undermine the process, don't know best way to handle it. Kind of a long rant? TLDR at bottom

Joined the National Guard after 6 years Active Duty in January of this year. At the time I was seeing civilian doctors for hormones because the ban was still in effect. I chose the state I'm in because it was one of 4 states that flat out refused Trump's ban, so I'm thinking "Ok. Must be at least partially open minded right?"
Wrong. I heard "fa**ot" maybe twice the entire time I was active (and not even directed to anyone specific), and my first day with this unit I heard it more than a dozen times by NCOs and officers including the CO towards specific people. It was so bad I texted my wife that if anyone that didn't have the thick skin I have after years of abuse, they'd kill themselves immediately. Lo and Behold we get briefed later that day that a soldier did in fact kill themselves the month prior after his first drill with this unit. And they couldn't understand what on earth would drive him to do that.
All that was just to set up the environment I'm in. At this time I'm also now working with the VA with a treatment plan for the transition. And for the next several months I maintain male grooming standards and keep my hair as a high and tight.
Within a month or two I go SRP and tell the state psychologist I'm trans and she writes it into the system, I become non-deployable immediately, and she tells me she will inform my CoC asap and we can begin the official process. Awesome. Months go by and I don't hear anything. We get a new CO and he seems pretty good. I get my VA therapist to write up a treatment plan and I make an ETP for hair growth. On the day I'm going in to the CO to inform him, I get a call from the Readiness NCO that we need to talk.
The state psychologist called him to pass on information that I'm trans. First off, I feel that's possibly a breach of HIPAA as this dude is not in my CoC. But I'm not even angry, he would probably find out anyways. I'm not thrilled though because I have personally witnessed this NCO laughing at a pundit make fun of AOC for saying she was a sexual assault victim, and then made a joke that he'd rape her to give her something to cry about. Whatever, even the dumbest NCO understand career preservation, so I feel comfortable that he wouldn't say or do anything intentionally offensive if for no other reason than to keep his career going.
CO wasn't in. I turn in the paperwork to Readiness NCO and go about my business as usual, this was mid to late August. September drill is virtual because of a COVID outbreak, and I still hear nothing on the ETP. October drill comes, and I still haven't heard anything. However, it's now a year since I started HRT and I'm 100% done with having short hair. I also hate this unit to the point where I have no intention of staying in nor caring about any of their standards. But because I had been given shit on my first day for long hair, I come prepared and wear my fleece cap the entire time. I'll take flak for headgear indoors all day, no problem there.
The CO sees me at one point and asks me to take the cap off, suspecting I have long hair. He jokes "Hey come on, man. You can't be showing up like that." So I ask him if he had not received my ETP for hair growth, which he hadn't. I speak with him privately and inform him of the situation. At no point has Readiness NCO passed on the information that I'm trans nor sent up the ETP. His excuse was "I got busy for two months and forgot." but... come on. I used to be a training room NCO, nobody gets busy for two months and forgets something like that.
CO is incredulous. He's a good dude, thanks me for the work I do (I'm an E-5 Master Driver and platoon sergeant with 0 deficiencies) and thanks me for respecting him enough to explain my situation. The next day he speaks with me again and says he'll handle his NCO for failing to pass along the ETP in a way that suggests he knows the NCO intentionally didn't send up the paperwork. But he says ETPs take time and although I'm not being counseled for hair growth this month, if the ETP isn't approved by next month I may have to cut my hair again.
What are my options? I've done everything right but my efforts are being undermined by an overweight NCO who makes rape jokes. Thinking back, I fully suspect the state psychologist did contact the unit earlier when the racist CO was in charge, and they chose not to handle it until the new CO came in 5 months later. Because I don't understand what would cause a delay at the state level for 5 months before notifying my CoC.
How do I tell this new CO, whom I do respect, that hair length is the hill I'm willing to die on. This unit has been so bad that I'm willing to die on any hill, it just so happens that most of the friction occurs on Hilltop Hair Length. I don't want to say "Sir, my hair length is going to grow regardless of what you tell me" because that seems like it would be disrespectful towards him. I'm 100% willing to take counselings and even fight an Article 15 on this matter.

TLDR: Sexist and homophobic NCO is intentionally delaying or refusing to submit paperwork for hair length ETP or to even inform my CoC of my status as a transgender soldier. I've followed protocol and regulations to the best of my capabilities but he keeps undermining my efforts. New CO understands policy and is respectful, but informs me that I need to keep following regulations, even so far as potentially cutting my hair again if the ETP isn't signed by next drill. What are my options? I have no intention of staying in the Guard after this contract; I no longer care about being a great soldier; the only reason I haven't intentionally gotten chaptered is because of my VA benefits.
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2021.10.19 04:18 Queen_Secrecy Does anyone else have Synesthesia? I create acrylic Paintings of how I visualise Music

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2021.10.19 04:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Jets preaching patience, persistence to finally get running game going | NY Post

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2021.10.19 04:18 tzki_ "We can still be friends..." Red Name Grian

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2021.10.19 04:18 CriticalMass2066 Wheel alignment/trueing for bike

Hi all. Could someone suggest me a place near South Bangalore where I can get wheel alignment done for my Himalayan? Haven't been able to find anyone nearby. TIA.
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2021.10.19 04:18 Lancer_Evo_Panama Shitty weekend evo was rear ended by a drunk driver

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2021.10.19 04:18 chopchopped JCB announces £100m investment in super-efficient hydrogen engines. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the project could overhaul UK manufacturing

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2021.10.19 04:18 Slovak_1 What is the strangest thing you have seen or experienced outside?

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2021.10.19 04:18 BVK2 Why are some of my shows randomly saying the playback media type can’t be played?

Last few days, JellyFin has ran perfectly. Buuuut for some reason now, when I click on shows on my PC and my TV that I watch it on, it’s saying the playback media type can’t be played. Even though it has just fine last few days. The files open fine on my PC, just not JellyFin (even though they did before).
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