Does anyone have any of these villagers in boxes?? (I already have Ellie and Melba)

2022.01.21 21:27 rue_bee19 Does anyone have any of these villagers in boxes?? (I already have Ellie and Melba)

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2022.01.21 21:27 KazenDei Et5x reports print complete when only half done.

Anet et5x psychosis-
Machines been working well for about a month, unmodified. Did a few three day prints just fine a few days ago.
Suddenly began " virtually" printing. You hit print, the head doesn't move or do anything, the progress bar increases. One minute later the printer reports the job is complete.
Happened twice on the same print.
I read, it seems it might be a bad sd card. After a reslice, I try a third time for giggles, and it actually prints. A huge model, 12x11x11 inch. Does great for 4 days. The print is 95 percent done, and the machine says " print finished" and rolls the plate forward.
Check the Sd card with a gcode viewer- the entire model is there, complete gcode, no missing lines.
Call it a bad sd card. Replace sd card
New card, new model. Tiny for testing- 5x5 inch. Freshly sliced in cura with a profile I know has worked on this machine.
This print launches successfully the first attempt.
Gets about 1.5 inches tall printed ( of a total of 5 inches tall) and reports the print is finished.
Checked- no missing lines on the Sd card. The gcode is complete.
What might cause an Anet to decide it's done before the print is complete?
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2022.01.21 21:27 Juliaalott [US] [BUYING] Inuyasha Vizbig Vol 16

Ive been looking EVERYWHERE and cannot find this volume literally anywhere. Its the last vol I need to complete my collection and its eating away at me everyday that I have to look at my bookshelf and see that its missing lol. Will be forever grateful if you have this and are willing to sell it to me for a reasonable price, I will also be reasonable! Please let me know even if you arent in the US I will pay the extra shipping costs. Thanks!
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2022.01.21 21:27 acivisfun Peter thinks he was working alongside fury in ffh

When asked about the drones in nwh he says to the cops just ask nick fury he'll tell you that the drones actually belonged to Mysterio and not me, they reply and say fury has been off world for some time.
Why do the cops know this information but Peter as a person who fought alongside the avengers and helped defeat thanos wasn't informed?
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2022.01.21 21:27 albanianEagle246 Me and my friend. Finally joined the mustang community

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2022.01.21 21:27 vd3r i love to play support but sometimes it makes me wanna cry :(

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2022.01.21 21:27 JTMediaowner 1ETH giveaway, upvote and drop address漎儭

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2022.01.21 21:27 Significant-Boss2499 I feel like I'm not worthy.

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2022.01.21 21:27 lanadellpc Learning to ask for help

I recently moved out of my family home to a new city. Im still getting my sea legs and my mother is scraping any extra she has together to help me get settled as I start my new job, which im so grateful for. The only problem is that Im not out to her and one of the driving factors of me moving across the country was so that I could be far away and somewhat independent before I come out. I have been out to everyone other than my family since I was in high school. My family is Black and southern and that means very Christian. And another thing Ive been dating the kindest sweetest angel of a woman for over a year now behind their backs. Its obviously been very hard to do this (especially at my age) but my girlfriend is very recently out to her religious family and has been very supportive throughout. As far as my family knows she is my good friend. She is coming to visit me for valentines day and im almost positive that when i come out i will lose my familys financial support. I do have people I can talk to who know and love me but I somehow always feel alone in this. I though once I moved I would be able to feel free but the financial situation Im in has me feeling even more stuck. If you all have any advice or just encouraging words I would really appreciate it. Thanks :)
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2022.01.21 21:27 jordanbell1111 .

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2022.01.21 21:27 ObligatorySnipes Other than fuel, what else does THUNDERRR take?

Other than fuel, what else does THUNDERRR take?
When it's empty, there are two notices in the F1 menu that say to fill the tool. Once it's full of diesel, it'll say it has 3750L of diesel, but still have one of the fill notifications on it.
IRL, there is room for DEF, but I'm pretty sure that isn't in FS22? At least I can't find it being a requirement in any of my equipment, nor can I find it at the gas sation in Elm Creek.
Am I missing something here or is that just a glitch?
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2022.01.21 21:27 notdoomscrolling So... I am just now getting to letters of recommendation...

Up until now, I've only applied to one college: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The thing is, they don't allow students to send letters of recommendation. I've known that letters of recommendation have been optional for the rest of my colleges, but I didn't realize that they are weighed heavily until today. Whoops.
Luckily, my remaining colleges don't have a due date until mid-March at the earliest. However, I also have bad news: I don't know who the hell would write a good recommendation for me.
I am a quiet student who has been extremely disengaged in every class sophomore-senior year. I am a fairly good student, but I procrastinate a lot. All of my teachers who I've been in hard classes with have had to deal with me asking for a late grade multiple times, and in most of those classes I've gotten a B even though I could have easily gotten an A. So essentially, my favorite teachers had to deal with my un-conscientious habits. There is one teacher in freshman year who I had a good relationship with, but is that too far back?
I have had multiple jobs, and only one of them has a boss who liked me. I was literally a glorified janitor at youth sports stadium, so I don't know if that would even be a good recommendation.
Everybody else I can think of would probably talk about nothing at all or mention my work ethic issues. As I said, I'm a quiet guy who's often daydreaming. Any advice? Is it worth going all the way back to freshman year? Should I just bite the bullet and submit my applications?
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2022.01.21 21:27 Significant_Task_898 $YeeDoggie Next Big Moonshot

Welcome to YeeDoggie
$YEEDOG is a new dog coin that will be stealth launched. This team has their eyes set on 1B MC. Roughly 1000Xs if you get in right now! The next big moonshot 2022!
More than just a dog meme The team will provide transparency. Marketing funds will be used to gain traction. Calls will be dropped. Let's us all continue shilling $YEEDOG we aim for 1000x.
We will do everything we can to get there together with our amazing community, and have a very clear vision of what we need to do in order to achieve this big milestone - one day at a time. From next-level marketing, to the coolest giveaways, to incredible utility we have so much in store and cant wait to share with you everything well be working on in the coming weeks & months!
㏎TEALTH LAUNCH within 24 hrs!
3% Slippage!
100% Locked at the start
Website Coming Soon
SAFU Token
55% Liquidity
20% Staking Rewards
15% Private Sale
5% Devs and Team
5% Marketing
Create Telegram Group
Twitter, Telegram and Reddit Posts
Create Contract
Launch Token on DEX(PCS)
Giveaway in Telegram (0.5 BNB)
Launch Website and Staking
CMC and CG Listing
New trend - Longterm
Telegram: YeeDoggieToken
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2022.01.21 21:27 SpikeEscape Is there no option to use Alpha as Transparency when creating sprite at runtime?

Hi all, I've been searching all day long and I don't believe there is any function or support to do this.
In the game I am developing, your 3D character is able to move in the shadows, but any light is unpassable, however the only lighting is a single point light with a large radius, my idea to implement this was to child a camera high above the point light, output a rendertexture of the topdown view, adjust the texture pixel by pixel to make the bright light all be white, and the dark shadows will be set to 0 alpha, apply the new "lightmap" to a sprite and use the polygon2D collider to generate a mesh and add collision.

In this way I would be able to bake the collision and update it rather easily by repeating that process and rebaking the mesh. However there is no parameter in the Sprite.Create() to enable "Alpha is transparency" (that is present when editing a sprite asset in the inspector) which I believe the Polygon2D collider requires to bake the mesh.
There may be be other snags in my logic for this system but I really thought this would work and its strange to me that my current issue is something that seems like it should be so easy.

I'm trying to avoid having to call a dozen rays every frame and then still have to write an algorithm to subtract movement towards the direction of the light, that just sounds like such a headache and it would be better performance to bake a solution with unity's built in collision anyway.
If anyone knows how to activate the transparency at runtime or can think of another solution I would be super thankful!
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2022.01.21 21:27 DopelessHopefeand ** SPOILERS** Question concerning Tuskens and their numbers in the Dune Sea ** SPOILERS **

In the the second and third episode of the Book of Boba Fett we get to delve into the culture of the Tuskens as well as seeing their unfortunate demise after Boba goes to the Pikes and claims the bounty for safe passage in the name of the Tuskens. The head Pike in Mos Espa at the time says he has no qualms with that, but he does take issue with paying twice the money for the same thing. This causes a domino effect that results in the murder of the tribe of Tusken people that had taken in Boba and made him into one of their own.
My question is this.
The amount of Tuskens seems suspiciously low in number whenever Boba goes back to find them massacred and puts them to rest via a burning off their bodies to become one with the Dune Sea. The way Boba describes it to the Pike is that the Tusken were there long before and will be long after and that they are not only numerous and far exceed the nitro Speed Bikers which is why Fennec is so surprised when Boba mentions it in small talk saying that it was highly unlikely. Is Boba in a self imposed exile, are there no Tusken people left, or was Anakins massacre the reason and almost wipe them out and thats why after Bobas tribe is the last of the Tusken natives, but surely they had time to rebuild unless they procreate very slowly and the gestation time is different then a human. So why dont we see any more Tuskens even if its just the odd one or two, but we see no more of the Tusken people after the funeral pyre.
Edit for grammar
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2022.01.21 21:27 succulentils Anyone else with an iPhone having an issue with SwiftKey Keyboard, but only on Grindr?

Sometimes I'll attempt to write "Hey", and it'll autocorrect into "ey". Other times, it won't auto-capitalize the first word of a new message. The default keyboard will work as normal. This is only happening on Grindr since the last update, and it doesn't happen when I write things in Notes, Messages, web browsers, etc.
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2022.01.21 21:27 Extension-Aspect-921 Non Compete Agreement! Help!

So I started working for a small business that does waxing! After I started working there she asked me to look over and sign a non compete.
This non compete is 9 pages long and asks for initials on each page from the contractor (me) and the business owner. I initiated the bottoms of each page and left it as is because I didnt want to agree to signing. Leaving the contract completely blank except my initials on the bottom of each page. (My name is nowhere on this contact and neither is the business owners signature or initials)
Fast forward to now I ended up asking to resign after the new year (2022) because the job was causing me my mental health due to working in unreasonable circumstances as in -no refrigerator or microwave to eat -not allowed to eat fast food -required to work at the other location (out of state) -no pay stubs -getting cussed out by owner (I have plenty of witnesses that used to work there) -threatening to take money from my pay Etc. and I have proof of these things
Now I know I should have left along time ago but I stayed for my clients until I started having severe mental health problems.
She is now threatening to take me to court over the non compete and has gotten an attorney involved. Has sent me a cease and desist letter and is asking that I pay her for damages and attorney fees She has slandered my name on Facebook under her business page saying I am breaking a non compete , calling me a junkie, bringing up my family and trying to say I was waxing clients when I had covid. I have proof that all of these things arent true. And is harassing me with her attorney calling me, Facebook post and by emails.
She has done wrong to many other coworkers that are more than happy to go to court if she takes me. What do I do? She is also claiming that I am soliciting clients which I havent done at all.
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2022.01.21 21:27 ABCmanson Can you Find Velocity from Frequency?

I was wondering, I am trying to figure something out with Frequency, I heard somewhere that you can find the velocity of something with the value of a frequency (rotations per minute) and a value of distance (meters by multiplying both together to find Velocity (meters per minute).
I was wondering, is that true or is there more to it?
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2022.01.21 21:27 AdDecent2538 Do you often feel invalidated when you express your frustration with being forever alone?

Ever since I was a young teenager, (even worse now as a 30 year old) I feel invalidated by people always saying in response to me saying i want love:
You have to remember women are always told they arent complete if they dont have a man .
At this point they lose me, and at my age now I even will say out loud you can stop right there, because I know where youre going with this and I already feel like my perspective is misunderstood.
Expressing I want to experience love does not equal I want to feel complete.
I feel complete as an individual. I want to experience the joys that come with partnership. Thats all.
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2022.01.21 21:27 TesticularVibrations Nasdaq 100s Unrelenting Declines Ring a Dot-Com Bust Alarm Bell

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2022.01.21 21:27 BenHey Can anyone see this post. If so please comment.

Is this account shadowed banned? No notifications for a while, wondering if comments are being displayed on this device to only.
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2022.01.21 21:27 federalbruh How can I bind the mouse wheel?

Ok so I wanna bind my mouse so whenever I scroll it activates ch_createairboat
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2022.01.21 21:27 sycophanticantics Should I take a better (time-limited) job at a private school even if I think that private schools are wrong?

I've been a History teacher in a UK state school for 7 years now and have been looking for promotion opportunities for the last few years, but there have been virtually no movement in jobs in my area for the last few years. However, I've just seen a job offer for a Head of Department at the local private school.
For non-UK people, there is a clear class divide between state schools, and public/private schools (in the UK, a public school is a paid school...don't ask). Private/Public schools offer scholarships to poorer students, but this is largely so that they can claim to be charities for tax reasons.
I became a teacher because I passionately believe in education as the great equaliser; the means for anyone to have the best opportunities and life and to contribute to society. I'm very left-wing and regularly point out social injustices when relevant in lesson. I also believe that UK private schools are simply the way in which rich famillies ensure that their children avoid the riff raff so that their children get an unfair advantage. As far as I am aware, the job would only have a moderate payrise to a Head of History in a state school, albeit with smaller, more focused classes (but more demanding parents/expectations). Any pay consideration is not really important to me; I'm a teacher after all...
If I were to get this job, I would simply use it on my CV to apply for a Head of History role/higher at a suitable state school when it next appeared.
So, do you think I should temporarily aid a cause I don't believe in to help me later better aid a cause I do believe in?
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2022.01.21 21:27 popcornboiii IHOP Karen Racially Attacks Black Soldiers

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2022.01.21 21:27 Intelligent_Quiet195 Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool - WordBot

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