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Join Lucky 🍀 River 2

2022.01.21 21:03 Playful_Simple876 Join Lucky 🍀 River 2

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2022.01.21 21:03 Ok_Kangaroo55 LF golden scarab lmk what you want

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2022.01.21 21:03 Cpt_Chicken1052 My battle station :)

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2022.01.21 21:03 introsort [Hiring] Full Stack Developer Careers at Intel in San Jose, H (Intel)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Full Stack Developer Careers at Intel in San Jose, H
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2022.01.21 21:03 citycyclist247 Unresponsive seller

Was interested in some items and messaged the seller. Got a response but then when trying to set up the meetup day/time the seller became less responsive. Just frustrating to deal with as a buyer. Trying to be positive and reflect on the fact that I saved time and money though.
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2022.01.21 21:03 Away-Raccoon9162 I think he regrets it

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2022.01.21 21:03 Deskeet Please upvote so we will find out

Was lil peep seriously going to leave gbc? I seriously seriously need an answer. If Liza could respond or someone that really really knows what was going on. Did lil peep really feel like gbc was using him or what I like need to know this
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2022.01.21 21:03 AdministrativeBit385 Life Line on ps3

Will the PS2 game Lifeline work on an og ps3? Will any usb headset work?
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2022.01.21 21:03 ombresaco 21 01 2022 E elsendo de Pola RetRadio

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2022.01.21 21:03 Easy-Hovercraft-6576 Any Males out there deal with low T?

Found out my Dads side of the family suffers from Low Testosterone, and he’s been getting injections to keep his levels up to what he should be at his age. Anyone out there deal with this, or know what I should be watching out for in myself?
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2022.01.21 21:03 Deal-Haggler Winter Sun Sale! $30 OFF 3 items with code

Coupon link: https://dealhaggler.com/kiz9fsm1
Exp. 2022-02-07
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2022.01.21 21:03 SubstantialForm0 Pasting images in Photoshop

Hey I have this annoying issue with Photoshop 2021.
When I copy an image from Chrome and want to paste it into photoshop, I have to make a new document in photoshop, paste it in there. Then go back to my original document and then it works. Its like the pasting option is behind 1 image. When I try it again it pastes the image I copied before.
Anybody has this issue or knows how to solve it?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.21 21:03 gra_mor Got my Mantis piercings done today by Arnulf at Stigmata Inc. in Cologne. Love the outcome and am really looking forward to putting my septum ring back in once they have healed a bit :D.

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2022.01.21 21:03 LorTomoYT True Power of Electro Traveler

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2022.01.21 21:03 captainbaconnn Moved in with boyfriend and trying to figure out how to work with his blue rug and the couch

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2022.01.21 21:03 Bearheadonthewall For those wondering why we like Leagues.. this is why.

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2022.01.21 21:03 MOSNFS How do you use Dex on a Note9 ?

I use it either with laptop using charging cable or LG smart T wireless, and its working fine except the mouse lag when using wireless. I can multitask, maximize most apps, play games, do office stuff, browsing web is meh but no complaints, and consuming media flawlessly. What am I missing? Does using stations or hdmi cables make big difference? Do newer phones give better noticable performance in day to day tasks? What am I missing?
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caps lock açık kalmış özür dilerim şimdiden
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2022.01.21 21:03 PapaAnchovy WTS NA AR55 account

WTS NA AR55 account Contact me on discord if interested Anchovy#4590

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2022.01.21 21:03 ombresaco Helpu Min Elekti Lingvon!

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2022.01.21 21:03 Kind-Till-4274 Hi is anyone interested in this it's complete

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2022.01.21 21:03 2captiv8ed First-time viewer thoughts-watched 14 seasons of RHOC over the past few months

This was my first time watching a Housewives franchise. I have watched it all alone and haven't had anyone to talk to about it. I hope this is an okay post. I have random, pent-up thoughts to share: I like the fact that the series captured 2 "time capsule" events: the housing crash and the pandemic. It is interesting to see how the OC bubble deals with these national or international crises.
It is fascinating how many of the housewives are renters and/or have shady dealings to stay in their houses. Is this the case for other franchises as well?
In the early days, husbands and boyfriends consistently wowed the HWs with over-the-top gifts of cars and jewelry. It got to be kind of a gross one-up game at each party when Gretchen was new to the show. I am kind of glad it stopped, but also wonder why it stopped.
Vicki telling Donn what type of diamond and weaving the ring's talking points into her vows at their vow renewal is one of the most Vicki G moments of the show.
I think Shannon Beador makes for good TV watching. Over-the-top drama that is funny without any scary, fake cancer scams.
It is fascinating how these ladies are so into eating well, controlling portion sizes, exercising, and making sure their faces stay fresh and tight, but then they drink so much alcohol.
I wonder how the signature drink of the season is decided.
Slade Smiley sounds like a cartoon villain.
I hate the way the drama moved into the meta-drama of who said what on social media.
Some of the drama is so dumb. Who cares if Shannon did or didn't say that Gina's house is sad? Why did that span a season?
I like Gina and her voice makes me smile for some reason. I also love the voices Briana makes when talking to her kids.
Braunwyn did a really good job talking Elizabeth through her panic attack.
The contrived nature of conversations makes me laugh. A housewife returns from a ridiculously dramatic girls' trip. The husband waits until they are out to dinner the following evening before asking her how the trip went. It is amazing what deeply personal things these women are willing to put on TV.
I wouldn't want to sit on a barstool next to most of them because I think it would be very easy to get sucked into their drama.
I skipped season 13 because I was kind of over it, but I wanted to know how they handled Covid and why Tamra left, so I watched S14 and 15.
Archie Beador is the best housewife.
And now I don't know how I will fill my days until the current season comes to Hulu! I have tried a couple of the other franchises and they haven't grabbed me in the same way.
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2022.01.21 21:03 JepTheGoat Minecraft likes reddit

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2022.01.21 21:03 MRxMOISTx RIA Double stack 10mm. If you need more than 17 rounds of 10mm you are having a bad day.

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2022.01.21 21:03 NEast_Soccergirl The 2020 staff photo in a local pub.

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