Trump misrepresented the value of 6 of his properties, NY AG says in court filing

2022.01.19 11:09 rusticgorilla Trump misrepresented the value of 6 of his properties, NY AG says in court filing

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a legal motion to force the Trump family to testify about apparently inaccurate property valuations meant to obtain more beneficial loans and lower tax bills.

“Thus far in our investigation, we have uncovered significant evidence that suggests Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values to financial institutions for economic benefit.”
James revealed previously unknown details of the Trump family’s misleading statements—that look like flat-out lies—over the years, including: The Trump National Golf Club in Westchester was valued based on golf club initiation fees that were never collected:
Mr. Trump purchased Trump National Golf Club Westchester for $8.5 million. In his 2011 financial statement, the property was valued at $68.7 million. A portion of that total reflected the value of the initiation fee for 67 unsold memberships, totaling $12.77 million on the assumption that the club was currently “getting $150,000” per membership and that amount would only rise. But the investigation determined that the $150,000 number was false. Many new members paid no deposit at all in 2011, and Trump Organization records showed no members paid an initiation fee in 2012.
20,000 square feet in his Trump Tower triplex that did not exist: Since 2012, Trump claimed that his penthouse apartment was 30,000 square feet. But he also signed documents stating its size as 10,996 square feet.
The supporting data for Mr. Trump’s 2015 financial statement reported the value of Mr. Trump’s triplex apartment as $327 million, based on the apartment having 30,000 square feet of space multiplied by a certain price per square foot…Because these valuations were performed by multiplying the number of square feet times a price per square foot, the reduction in the apartment’s square footage in the valuation from 30,000 to 10,996 indicates that the valuations of Mr. Trump’s triplex in the 2015 and 2016 were overstated almost by a factor of three…Mr. Weisselberg admitted that this amounted to an overstatement of “give or take” $200 million
A 10x increase in the valuation of Trump’s Seven Springs property: Eric Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment when asked to explain these valuations.
The Trump Organization valued the property at $80 million; in 2007 they valued it at $200 million; and by 2012, they valued it at $291 million… after receiving the March 2016 appraisal, which valued the property at $56 million, Mr. Trump’s subsequent financial statement was changed in a manner that disguised what would otherwise have appeared as a more than 80 percent drop in the value of Seven Springs (from $291 million to $56 million) by moving the property to a catch-all category where no asset was itemized.
McConney, Senior VP of the Trump Organization, testified that the valuation included the money that would be “generated from the sale of the non-existent homes.”
Ivanka Trump kept getting options to purchase apartments in Trump Park Avenue that were around 1/3 the company’s estimate of their value:
Ivanka Trump rented a penthouse unit in Trump Park Avenue starting in 2011. Ms. Trump’s rental agreement included an option to purchase the unit for $8,500,000. Ms. Trump’s rental agreement included an option to purchase the unit for $8,500,000…. For the 2013 Statement of Financial Condition, the unit was valued at $25,000,000—more than three times the option price, again, with no disclosure of the existence of the option…
After Ms. Trump acquired that option to purchase, the backup to the Statement of Financial Condition for Trump Park Avenue in 2015 used a value of $14,264,000 instead of the offering plan price of $45,000,000 that had been used in 2014.
Banks accurately appraised Trump properties but Trump still added hundreds of millions to the value:
Outside appraisals conducted by Cushman & Wakefield in 2010-2012 for Capital One, which held a $160 million mortgage on the building, valued the Trump Organization’s interest in the property between $200 million and $220 million. During the same period, Mr. Trump’s financial statements represented that 40 Wall Street had a valuation of $601.8 million in 2010, $524.7 million in 2011, $527.2 million in 2012, and $530.7 million in 2013 – values between two and three times the value recorded in the three consecutive appraisals
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2022.01.19 11:09 rivaldirukmana ALL GEO CHARACTERS WITH ZHONGLI BURST

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2022.01.19 11:09 a792n Haha found a jojo reference in manhwa (manhwa name:player)

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2022.01.19 11:09 tanders1 Changed to Enhanced HTTP, everything broke, can't revert

Hoping someone can get back to me faster then the MS support. In planning to upgrade SCCM I checked off the box to allow enhanced SCCM connections. All my client computers became grey with X's. Then, I unchecked the box thinking I could undo it, but the problem has remained. Help!!
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2022.01.19 11:09 NFT-Calendar CEX.IO

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2022.01.19 11:09 Tetherogue The Eldritch Bus

All I can do now is distract myself through writing. I don’t know if waiting it out is my only option, or if I should do something drastic. With every second that passes, I can’t help but think that this bus will be my tomb either way. I don’t feel that I’m pressed for time, in fact, I feel oddly soothed. I’ll write a bit of backstory, for perspective.
Like many other city-living commuters, waiting for the bus was a fairly common occurrence to me. The trains didn’t run early in the morning when I went to work. Often enough, I’d check the app, which said the same thing as the bus stop schedule. The bus would be arriving imminently, one to two minutes.
One minute would pass. Then two. Then three.
It’s not infrequent that the city buses are late, with no real explanation as to why. What’s rare, however, is when they simply don’t arrive at all. I’d check my app, over and over again, only to find that allegedly the bus had come and gone. News to me and the two other people waiting, as the roads were quiet and there’s no way we could have missed it. I’d jokingly refer to these buses as eldritch buses (little did I truly know).
Although not a totally common occurrence, it wasn’t anything I’ve ever given a second thought to, beyond fuming about being late. Typically I’d brush it off as the same crap transit service I grew up with in Toronto. At worst, I’d cuss and see the same displeasure reflected back at me in the faces of the other impatient commuters, as they too would check their phones in vain. I had no cause to care beyond my wasted time. That is, until I ended up seeing what happened to those missing buses.
Today, I got on the bus as normal, around 5 AM on a Sunday. It was that late point in summer, when the days are hot and humid, but the early hours of the morning are cool. There tends to be quite a bit of fog, and you see the condensation has formed on the windows of quiet cars and dark storefronts.
As the bus rolled up, I saw the yellowish white glow of the fluorescent lights through the moisture laden windows, piercing the darkness like a dull knife. The driver had that vacant end-of-the-shift, look on his face. He probably wouldn’t have noticed whether or not anyone who got on even paid their fare.
As I stepped up to board, the only other person waiting with me shoved passed rudely, desperate for a seat, likely to pass out and miss their stop. I didn’t think much of it, it was too early to really kick up a stink anyways.
Strangely, the bus was far less occupied than usual. In fact, there was only one other passenger on it.
As the trains don’t operate at this time, it’s rare that I would see an open seat, let alone snag one.
I didn’t really care much about the why, I was just happy to get a rare, coveted seat for my as-of-yet caffeinated arse. I sat near the back, so as to keep the way clear for new people coming on.
The bus trotted along as usual, through the dark August morning. I tried to look out the windows, as I tend to get motion sickness easily, but unfortunately, due to the condensation I was out of luck. I dared to look down at my phone, only to realize the commute that should have taken twenty minutes, had been going for almost thirty. Frustrated, I checked the app to see the expected time of arrival at my stop.
Three minutes.
Not much I could have done other than stew in my anger.
Five minutes later, I checked once more.
Three minutes, again.
Absolutely furious at this point, I stood up to gripe at the driver, but realized the bus wasn’t moving at all…
We weren’t stopped at a light, so far as I could tell. But it felt like the bus' wheels were in motion. The engine was working hard, as if desperately trying to accelerate, but we were definitely not moving. I looked back down at the app on my phone.
Zero minutes.
Then it started to display the time for the next bus. As if we’d glided straight through the stop.
I ran up to the front of the bus to get the driver to let me off immediately, but stopped as I noticed something incredibly peculiar.
I couldn’t see a single thing through the front window.
I hadn’t paid any attention to the front windows until then, but there’s no way in hell the driver could see through all the thick, creamy mist. And yet, the engine was still roaring.
As I turned to the driver, I noticed he was unconscious, foot off the pedal. I tried to shake him awake, but he wouldn’t rouse. He was stiff and cold. If it wasn’t for the wisps of breath I saw emerging from his slacked mouth, I’d have been convinced he was dead.
I turned around to voice my concerns to the other two passengers, but saw they were out cold too.
All thoughts of getting to work on time had completely gone out the window. Fumbling for my phone, I tried to make a call. Someone, anyone. As I tried to call my wife’s number, the call failed. No service.
Out of options, but struggling in futility, I tried calling again. No luck. As I stood there, attempting to think of what to do next, I pondered “Why have I not tried to leave the bus?”.
I suppose it was because I was a little bit scared. There was a haunting nag of uncertainty in the back of my mind. A fear of dealing with the unknown, all alone.
Pressing my palm against the window of the bus door, it was cool. Far too cold to have matched the ambient temperature when I first left my home. By now it was almost 0630 AM. If anything, it should be warming up outside.
I forced the front folding door open, only to be overwhelmed with a vile, acrid scent. The viscous, almost gelatinous fog started to pour in. Desperately, I slammed the door closed as quickly as I could, gagging and choking on the permeating ‘air’. I raced back to my previous seat, and put my head in my hands.
What the hell do I do now?’
I tried to reason with myself that this was some kind of delusion, a dream, but the stinging feeling in my sinuses from the fog reassured me that I was very much awake. Although I definitely was starting to feel drowsy. More so than normal during my early commute.
I knew I had to fight the urge to sleep. I was the only one on the bus who somehow managed to maintain consciousness. Every time my eyelids felt too heavy to bear, and I’d almost lose the fight against unconsciousness, I’d hear the faintest whisper come from all around me. It'd spook me halfway back to attention.
As my eyelids felt heavier and heavier, the whispers losing their shock value, I thought for sure I was done resisting.
Then I heard a huge thump.
The bus rocked back and forth.
Against the window next to the rude dude who shoved me earlier, I saw there was damage to the glass from a significant impact. A web-like ripple, but strangely obscured.
Upon further inspection, there was some kind of fluid, or slime on the exterior of the glass.
As I slowly moved closer to examine it, another massive thump sent me reeling backwards.
Whatever it was, it hit like a baseball bat, or golf club. It didn’t look like anything I knew though. It looked like a fat, flattened hose. I only saw it for a second, but it was enough to know there was something out there. Whatever the hell it was, it was trying to get to the rude guy.
I worked up my courage, ran up, grabbed him, and dragged him to the back.
No more thumps so far.
I decided to do the same with all the other occupants. The back area was much harder to see into from the outside, as the windows are much smaller. Hopefully whatever was out there would simply give up.
I checked my watch. It was 730 at this point.
No thumps since I dragged everyone to the back.
I decided to look around, maybe see if I could make out anything else in the fog.
I noticed something dark against the window on the left hand side. Hesitant to approach the windows too closely, I tried to study it from afar. It looked like a big mouth, like one of those fish that suck the glass in fish tanks, I don't remember what they call them a suckermouth catfish. Except this had several rows of and a massive body. More like an overgrown lamprey… as if they weren’t creepy enough at their normal size.
Wondering what the hell to do now, not wanting to attract any more attention to the bus, I remembered my notepad in my bag. I pulled it out, and began to write all of this down. To help distract myself, and to stay calm.
I watched the mysterious leech for a while, between thinking of all the details to add to my writings.
I’ve lost track of time. I still feel torn between feeling like I’m going to pass out, and being too jacked up on pure terror to sit.
I looked again into its maw, it was almost hypnotic. The rows of teeth were orchestrated very strangely, almost like a psychedelic spiral, but dark and macabre. It became difficult to look away.
Another huge crash interrupted my gaze into that abyss.
Something huge collided with the bus, rocking it back and forth, worse than the previous thumps. Something big, bigger than the lamprey, slammed right on top of it and snatched it away.
I couldn’t see at all what it was, but all that was left behind was a smear of whatever juices ran through the lamprey's body, and another huge web-like crack in the glass. Only this one looked more severe.
It wasn’t until I smelled that sour stinging scent again that I took notice. The fog was seeping in through the cracks. It was only a matter of time before the bus would be filled.
I had no idea what I could use to block it. I rifled through my backpack, and the belongings of my unconscious bus mates with very little luck. The driver had some cheap chewing gum in his rear pocket. Better than nothing. I put every piece in my mouth and started to hastily chew. I then attempted to smear the sticky gob over as much of the cracks as I could.
I'm now caught up to the present moment in my writing.
The whispers have come back. They make it hard to write, I wish I could understand what they were saying.
By now I an tell that it is brighter outside the bus. The fog has a gooey off-white appearance, almost a little purple,. I hadn’t even noticed at what point the bus engine had stopped, but the lights inside are off now.
I just looked up from my writing, only for a second. What I saw briefly paralyzed me.
There are shadows in the fog. All sorts of strange figures, ranging in size from the average human, to that of an elephant, some of indescribable shapes. It feels like the bus is surrounded by these shadows, on all sides.
Like a cockroach scurrying for sanctuary, I'm now sitting partially under the seats, next to my unconscious companions. To whatever these creatures are, I am little more than a fearful insect, hiding for dear life.
Everything just got significantly brighter. The bus is jostling. It feels like an earthquake. I see the previous shadowy forms edging away, out front. The light begins to dim.
I had to pause from writing for a few minutes. It was too dark to see my page. We were in the shadow of something massive. But it's passed now.
The mist has eaten away at the gum-sealed crack. It’s making its way in again.
I don’t know if I hope that someone finds this notepad, or if I’d rather that no one ever know about this hellish dimension I’ve fallen prey to. I can see the shadows moving again in the distance.
Closing in.
Moving faster.
The whispers are so loud now, like screams, but I still can’t understand, I want to understand!
I have no hope here, in this place. I’m so lonely, but I don’t feel as scared as I did before. If anyone finds my writing, finds themselves trapped as I am, don’t be scared. It gets easier.
I’m going to try to leave through the emergency exit hatch on the roof of the bus, maybe it will give me a vantage. I need to go out there, I don’t know why, but I think that’s what the whispers want. I think they're trying to help me.
I don’t remember why I was afraid anymore. I don’t even really remember what fear felt like.

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2022.01.19 11:09 Gority97 Ppg paints arena questions

Hey all, just looking for some helpful advice. I’ve personally been to a handful of games at the arena, however tomorrow I’d like to take my son for the first time after his appointment in Pittsburgh. He’s on the autism spectrum and I know I’ve seen other hockey teams have quiet rooms for kids if the environment gets to be too much but can’t seem to find anything on their website. Does anyone know if there are quiet rooms there to step away with the kids? Also if anyone has any experience or advice it would be wonderful to have you share that. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 11:09 Lovingnature412 If poop didn’t stink at all, was hygienic and broke up easily with water. Would you take shits in the shower, why or why not ?

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2022.01.19 11:09 NattoKimchiPower ANY ADVICE for budgeting for a cheap rig question???

Trying to save up for the RTX 2060, but having trouble saving up for this. Any tips from any fellow builders?
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2022.01.19 11:09 Apexlegendsmemery damn, I need to upgrade...

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2022.01.19 11:09 MerSherl Insulation company caused extreme damage to my roof and possibly entire house. They did shoddy and/or unnecessary work to get more of our grant money. How should I handle this? PLEASE ADVISE. Located in MN.

We got a grant from our state's energy assistance program. The grant covered a new furnace and insulation. We had a gas leak after the furnace was installed, which was easily fixed. However, the real problem was caused by the insulation company. They actually made our house less energy efficient, per the blower door test, because they didn't seal a single hole that insulation was blown into. They covered the holes with thick trim and advised us to caulk the trim to seal the holes. The bigger problem is that they put more insulation into the attic. While doing so, another company employee came by (I don't remember if it was to help out or check up on them). This employee literally sat us down and told us the work they were doing was going to cause moisture problems and its common for grant recipients to be recommended unnecessary work, to use up more grant money.
This employee was 100% right. Our roof is moist, frosty, moldy, and rotting. I discovered this today, 2 years after the work was completed. This is our second winter with the new insulation. The first winter, I kept hearing scary, loud popping and crumbling noises from the roof. We're now experiencing sagging ceilings, nails popping out of the drywall, and drywall seam splitting throughoutthe house, on both floors. We have a growing crack in the corner of the upstairs bedroom, which cold air comes out of.
I initially thought we were experiencing signs of structural failure/damage. The wall and ceiling damage is getting worse, more rapidly than before. I decided to peek into the attic to look for structural damage. It was suggested that the popping noises could have been the joists popping out of their hangers. I couldn't see the joists or hangers, as they're buried by insulation. But I did discover extensive moisture damage. The roof is black/rotting, frosty, and moldy. There are frozen water drips in places.
I don’t remember the workers' names. But it was a father and son. I did sneak a picture of them, because I was pissed that they trashed my house. They started the project on a Friday, and cut corners in order to leave early. They didn't protect my house with poly and were VERY messy. They stood on my furniture and used my shopvac. The son new better and wanted to hang poly, but the dad didn't. They did do so on Monday when they came back, after I spent all weekend cleaning their mess and protecting my furniture and belongings.
How should I handle this? My first reaction was to call and complain, and leave an honest review of their terrible work. But I want to be strategic and hopefully get this taken care of. Please help. What should I do? How should I go about this?
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2022.01.19 11:09 Yuri-knows-makarov Blursed Magikarp

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2022.01.19 11:09 These_Boysenberries 🍁 Best Binance Referral Code for New or Existing Users 🌿 Both Futures and Spot Accounts 🍁

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How do I open a Futures account?

  1. On the web browser, go to "Derivatives" and select either USD-M or COIN-M Futures options. On the phone app, go to the Futures tab.
  2. Use the referral / promotional code 82112379 or click the link
  3. You must then pass a test before trading futures. The answers are visible after one failed attempt and you are allowed unlimited retries. Select any of the answers, click submit and you will see the actual answers. Select the correct answers, and hit submit again to trade futures!
  4. You now receive 20% off on all trading fees (Spot, Margin & Futures)!
Binance Futures 20% off code: 82112379
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2022.01.19 11:09 Grammar_Natsee_ Ciro di Marzio is immortal indeed. Just look at that pic

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2022.01.19 11:09 GooglyMoogly122 I like the taste of blood

If I ever get a cut and I start bleeding, I end up tasting my own blood and I find it not unpleasant at all. Kinda metallic and er... savoury? I don't have the proper words to describe the unique taste. To be clear, I'm not some edgelord that cuts himself and then drinks it like a psycho. It's purely incidental. If my blood suddenly decides to show up outside my body, I'm gonna have a small sip.
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2022.01.19 11:09 Nong_dan Các bạng sẽ hưởng thụ kiểu gì khi có nhiều tiển?

Mình có thg bạn ng Việt học chung đại học. Mặc dù là Kiểu nhưng nó thuộc dạng Nerd. Tiếng đầy mồn mà hơn 20 tuổi vẫn còn tem… Nhưng số chú ngon, hồi mình vẫn mải mê gái gú thì nó đi cầy bít… Và kết cục giờ như thế nào thì ai cũng biết…
Có tiền phát, nó khác bọt ngay… Vừa thấy VN mở cửa lại cho đi lại thoải mái, con giời chi luôn mấy chục k đón con người yêu hờ ở Vn sang ăn chơi nhẩy múa luôn… Mình hỏi nó: vs số đó mày thừa sức ôm vài e Tây lông cơ mà? Nó kêu: Chơi bời pải có tình cảm mới thích… Chỗ đó vs tao đâu có nhiều… Đúng là bọn lắm tiền có khác…
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2022.01.19 11:09 BadaB00mBabay Один из боссов Nike попросил прощения за убийство, совершенное им в 1965 году. Ларри Миллер был президентом клуба НБА "Портленд", вице-президентом Nike и много лет возглавляет легендарный найковский бренд Air Jordan.

Но ничего этого не было бы, если б почти 60 лет назад его не закрыли за убийство. Подростком Ларри жил в Филадельфии и входил в одну из уличных банд. Однажды зарезали его дружбана. Пацаны пошли мстить и завалили первого попавшегося мальчишку.
Ларри заехал на малолетку, откуда через несколько лет поднялся на взросляк, где просидел еще хер знает сколько. Вот там-то от нечего делать он и стал учиться, а в итоге заочно поступил в универ и успешно закончил его.
Потом освободился и стал человеком. Теперь он нашел родню того убитого мальца и попросил у них прощения.
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2022.01.19 11:09 kallosz Marszałek Sejmu Elżbieta Witek nie stawiła się na wezwanie NIK. Otrzymała karę pieniężną

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2022.01.19 11:09 NFT-Calendar CoinDeal

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2022.01.19 11:09 jerry072039 Season Pass question

I just bought a starter season pass when I started playing this game, and I noticed that other ppl are in sheller season already.
I found the botworld wiki said:
"You have to go through the Starter Season before you can get into the current Global Season with the rest of the older players. "
My starter season pass still have 23 days. Can anyone tell me how many days left for the sheller season? :(
I hope I am not too late for sheller...
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Let me explain what i mean.
A straight man can find an AFAB nb person attractive, for example, i'm pretty sure most straight guys find Demi Lovato attractive.
A gay man can find an AMAB nb person attractive, for example, how many gay men find Sam Smith attractive?
Bisexual people can find both AMAB and AFAB nb people attractive.
I guess there are some people out there that are not attracted to nb people even if they belong to the sex they are attracted to (straight men rejecting AFAB enbys for instance), and that could be because of transphobia or enbyphobia.
But what i'm trying to say is that everyone, from every sexuality, can feel attracted to an enby person, because physical attraction is mainly towards the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of our bodies that are defined by biological sex. Basically, straight men are atrracted to people that look female and straight women to people that look male. These sexual characteristics can be altered though, as we can see with transwomen and transmen who can easily pass as cisgender.
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2022.01.19 11:09 TrollQueen_Sigrid Troll Mail Unboxing - Episode 59 - Fauni Troll Dolls

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2022.01.19 11:09 rwoooshed $PPGH $YAMHY Yamaha expands portfolio of GOGORO-POWERED vehicles, introduces new EMF scooter

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2022.01.19 11:09 kaanorkun Brawn and team confident new rules have been 'loophole busted'

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2022.01.19 11:09 kbob Should we weight our portfolio by tax classification?

(This primarily applies to US investors, I think.)
If you are trying to balance investments across taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts, should you weight the amounts in each class differently? You'll be paying different tax rates on distributions, so your after-tax income will be different. It seems like you should apply weighting, but I've never seen this discussed.
For example, say you project your tax rate in retirement to be 40% and capital gains rate to be 15%. A dollar in a Roth IRA will be worth one dollar after tax. A dollar in a traditional IRA is worth 100% - 40% = 60 cents after tax. A dollar in a taxable account is worth 100% - 15% = 85 cents after tax.
So if your taxable account is overweight in stocks by one dollar, you need to underweight stocks in your traditional IRA by 85% / 60% = $1.42. Or in your Roth IRA by 85% / 100% = $0.85.
Am I wrong? Is there some reason this isn't discussed?
My taxable accounts have gotten unbalanced by the bull market. I don't want to rebalance them because that will trigger a taxable event. So I'm planning to do a higher bond allocation in the tax-advantaged accounts.
Thank you.
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