9sna2 srka2 ttt34 2dhn5 fyn69 dafst rsa6t 2i8ak yt7dh 25k7e dd3t8 3z87d sizsd derbe 4z324 8itie 2rin8 hbyf8 22hie nni5r rybdf Is it possible to make mapo tofu not spicy? | 14 Incredible Cheap Eats in Paris - Time Out Paris

Is it possible to make mapo tofu not spicy?

Mars is a resident of Portia with whom the player can develop a friendship. He is the town tool craftsman. He can be found manning his shop, Total Tools, during the day. He and his wife Carol have three daughters, Molly, Polly, and Dolly. He is a friendly family man who is dedicated to his wife and daughters. He loves to gamble at the games in Django's Gaming Hall in his free time. Mars was ... If you know where to look, it’s still totally possible to find big brasserie lunches for around €15, and a life-affirmingly good jambon-beurre for little more than €5. (Let’s be honest, is ... Sanwa is a resident of Portia that the player can befriend and eventually marry. Sanwa was born on Autumn of Day 15 and is the third of the Hulu Brothers. At some point, Sanwa, his brothers, and his grandmother, Yeye, moved to Portia. Despite being colorblind, Sanwa is renowned for his skills with the scissors learning to style hair after visiting Walnut Groove. Sanwa became adept in ... It was not quite spicy enough for my taste so added a little hot chili in oil and came out excellent. Thanks for sharing that one. I have copied a few more of your recipes and will make them in due course. I’ll let you know how this old American can cook your Chinese dishes. PS I lived in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong over about 20 ... If you want a spicy sauce, you can add chili oil, such as rayu. How to Make Vegetable Gyoza. Gyoza wrappers are typically plant-based, so we’re going to focus on a vegetable and mushroom filling that will work for vegan, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike! The first thing you want to do is sautee the fresh shiitake in vegetable oil. Ma Po tofu (麻婆豆腐 Mápó dòufǔ ‘Pockmarked Granny beancurd’) is one of the most famous dishes in Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan food) with a history of more than 100 years. It consists of beancurd along with some minced meat (pork or beef) in a spicy sauce. The sauce is made from fermented black beans and chili paste (douban/douchi).

2022.01.21 20:07 Carrot_cake1502 Is it possible to make mapo tofu not spicy?

Is that possible? If so does anyone have a recipe?
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2022.01.21 20:07 VirgoBeauty Unpopular Makeup Opinions!

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2022.01.21 20:07 outer_spec Among Rule

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2022.01.21 20:07 ShambizK1 LPT: Create a mail account for your kids and send them a summarized mail of what they have done each month. Attach videos and pictures to the mail.

A few months ago someone posted a LPT that made me think a lot and actually take action. The LPT was to create a mail account with your kids name and mail them when they do an achievements or something great. When your kids gets older you hand them the mail account.
I think this was great idea and started a mail account for my kid. I don't only post achievements but also once every month send a mail with a summery of what we have done this month and attach pictures and videos to the mail. The idea is that they will have a diary of their childhood and be able to look back on it.
This also gives me a lot of joy as a parent since I get to think and look back of our memories each month and summarize it.
Whomever posted the original idea,I want to say thank you. You have done a lot for my family and me.
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2022.01.21 20:07 CalamityBanane Animated short 1.6k views 3 yrs ago//DoctorPandaFace *Loud Warning*

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2022.01.21 20:07 gurufabbes123 Just finished Final Fantasy 7 (original PS1 version): Impression (contains spoilers)

Yes, I know it's been 25 years. Yes, I know there's a remake. There are still those like me out there going after the classics to see what I missed. And those few of us that have played other Final Fantasy games but not 7. Please however ignore if the experiences of someone finishing it the first time does not interest you.
In a sense, I didn't "miss" it as I remember when I was 10 years old and every gaming magazine was raving about this game. I started the game 4 years ago, got to disk 3 then lost all my saves. A few months ago, I started the game again from scratch so I will try to mix both experiences together when talking about it.
Estimated playtime until completion: 50 hours
Some points before I went in:
-My first final fantasy game was FF8 which (controversially, but now I get why) I adored and still treasure to this day. Because I played it first back when it came out, it will have a nostalgia value that FF7 won't. I then years later played FF6 which I really loved.
When I played and enjoyed FF8, I was taken aback by the very toxic reaction to it online, wondering why people disliked it so much. After playing FF7, I understood why as it beats it in very substantial ways: the story is better and has more impact, the gameplay is more fun, straightforward and less obtuse with trying weird new concepts (no drawing and junctioning, bosses give XP, weapons and magic can be bought in stores, armour). And in terms of overall presentation, this game broke the new ground that FF8 simply followed footsteps on.
-The most spoiled scene of this game was one of the reasons why I initially never thought of playing it. I assumed that Aeris' death was at the end and therefore I had been robbed of any surprises left in the game. I fortunately was very very wrong, and during my first playthrough, was shocked to see that this happened at the end of the first disc, completely out of the blue (allowing the scene and what surrounded it to keep the same impact). So although a spoiler, not as major as I thought.
Main points:
-The story and characters are excellently done. There are parts where one can tear up from the emotion of it all. But the way it messes with your expectation and head with Cloud's experience and gaps in his memory... pulled me with it when I first played it. I can't really put it into words because it's almost surreal.

-The game is 25 years old, and I dare say, it still holds up in my opinion. It does things that very few games do today and indeed have ever done in its scope... the large number of minigames... the different locales (did FF7 perhaps have every single world locale in it? jungles, deserts, forests, cities, towns, amusement parks, snowy blizzards)....
I think I remember several vehicles, before the game decides to suddenly pull a trick up its sleeve that made my draw drop: There's a submarine???? It dives? There's a whole world space under the ocean?
-So much variation in gameplay, it boggles the mind: Of course the motorbike scene is classic. -but... Wasn't I snowboarding at one point? Wasn't there real time strategy at another point? Was I hunting submarines under water? And I am pretty sure I am forgetting several more.
-Music: This should speak for itself. I am no stranger to Hironobu Sakaguchi thanks to FF8, and FF7 certainly matches it. Hearing it in the trailers for the remake just makes me jump for joy.
-Favourite character is Tifa. And usually I don't go for most female characters in a story. This enough I think displays the genius of the writing. It also explains the hysterical reaction to her first reveal in the trailer for the remake. (Aeris beats Rinoa as a character hands down, and Tifa beats them both)
-Final Boss: Sephiroth. Excellent final boss battle that pulled me in. I loved the initial phase that made you use another set of party members simultaneously. The game hit all the right notes by giving you the chance to prepare and outfit your party before going in. Main party consisted of Cloud, Barrett and Tifa, all above level 60, ultimate weapons and final limit breaks (except for Cloud). All wearing Ribbons.
For the final phase, the music playing is.... orgasmic (One-Winged Angel / "片翼の天使"). I can only imagine what it must have been like to hear this getting this far back in 1997. The camera, the silent Sephiroth and his apparition. And the supernova attack had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen, going back deciding whether to line up Cure 2 or Cure 3 to respond (Definitely cure 3.....)
-Some thoughts on the remake: FF7's world is massive. I imagine that the several games coming up in the worthy remake will take 100s of hours to get through. Worth it.

In conclusion, I will feel very relieved to have finally finished it after all these years, and knowing that I can go onto another JRPG in my long bucket list.
I think I can only end the post saying what many already know: FF7 is one of the greatest games (not just JRPGs) of all time and I think every should play it, whether over the past 25 years or indeed now.
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2022.01.21 20:07 Watashi__Wa__Toki Fixed Uzaki's gross design.

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2022.01.21 20:07 SpiritOrnery441 RRSP, RRIF GIS issue

I have a small RRSP that is held by my bank in a GIC. (roughly $10,000). The GIC is up for renewal soon. My understanding is that I do not have to roll it into an RRIF until the December of the year that I turn 71 - so December 2023. I can renew the GIC for 12, 15 or 18 months. I also am very low income and receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement. Total pensions and GIS come up to roughly $1800 a month. I really cannot afford to lose the GIS. If I cash the RRSP when I turn 71, I will lose the GIS. It takes almost 2 years to get it back. I am pretty sure that anything that I receive from an RRIF will come off of the GIS.
Do I have any options here? I am going to talk to the bank, but previous conversations with them showed that they know less about GIS than I do. Any advise will be appreciated.
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2022.01.21 20:07 N_8_GR420 My first digital art piece

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2022.01.21 20:07 LunchAffectionate717 Lol

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2022.01.21 20:07 jaketaco Berlin map connection issues

Does anyone else have the problem where you lag out of the Berlin map? It happens 4 out of 5 times for me. Even if it's only like 4 v 4. It's only that map and I have a good wired connection.
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2022.01.21 20:07 tpmaxwell2 How well do you know Ybor City? Walking tours are the best!

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2022.01.21 20:07 imaginationp Yo come join my ALPHA MALE SPACE WOLF PACK 😎🦝☠🦫🦾🥳🔞😏🤘

Hellooooo my name is SPRINKLE PUFF THE ALPHA MALE and if you want join my SPACE WOLF PACK ☠☠☠☠
and if you forget that you're gonna regret
Starts howling like an alpha* YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT🦝🦝🦝🦾🦾😏🤘🦫🦫☠☠☠☠☠🔞🔞🔞😎😎
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2022.01.21 20:07 gunpOwOder When your friend invites you to a party but you're at home with covid

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2022.01.21 20:07 tortuguitado O que caralhos é Trikas???

Eu viajo por 15 dias e quando volto ta todo mundo falando essa porra. De onde isso saiu??
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2022.01.21 20:07 Bubbly_Cup_5900 Drew My Character and...

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2022.01.21 20:07 trolhainformatica 70 years of porsche banner

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2022.01.21 20:07 dk_domino AHNOWLEDGMENT - Back to the Bass - X (weird car stereo bass music) 1994

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2022.01.21 20:07 jediseago Hope

Saturday is coming.
Chests MUST puff out at the sound Z cars as two of our finest will lead out the boys.
Goodison MUST roar.
We MUST again become the hardest place to visit, shedding the soft touch that we have become.
We MUST regain the volume that has been so sadly lacking in the last few seasons. We mustn't give in to the gnawing sense of fear and self doubt.
Those 11 that walk out on the pitch and those boys who support from the bench MUST be giants from minute 1 to minute 90 and beyond.
Many things can be forgiven and forgotten if we see that badge grow large on the chests of our team. Every ounce MUST be left out there, nothing less is acceptable.
I believe. I hope. I fear. I trust. We MUST.
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2022.01.21 20:07 TDHow Tips/tricks for finding a good provider?

When searching sites like troypoint there are so many options but many seem to here today gone tomorrow. How do I find good options and also tell if they will be around?
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2022.01.21 20:06 RichSteps Hot Penny Stocks - 01/21/2022

Hot Penny Stocks Penny stocks range in price between .0001 and 5.00, and found the best penny stocks making the biggest moves over the last 5 days. Sorted by 5-day percent change, and with a 5-day average volume greater than the 20-day average volume, these stocks are showing a consistent pattern in trading volume and price activity over the last week.

  1. Why don't I see a ticker with my broker? A: Your broker does not allow trading with the OTCs.
  2. What are the filter rules? A: Sorted by 5-day percent change, and with a 5-day average volume greater than the 20-day average volume
  3. Is this list financial advice? A: No, this list is not financial advice. Do your own research on each ticker. This list was generated for informational purposes only.

Symbol Name Exchange Last %Chg Last 2D Ago Previous % Volume
NWTT Nw Tech Capital Inc OTC US 0.0011 +22.22% 0.0011 0.0009 +1,271.03%
SMME Smartmetric Inc OTC US 0.0143 +64.37% 0.0097 0.0087 +1,004.82%
LLNW Limelight Networks NASDAQ 4.24 +13.67% 3.7 3.73 +520.72%
KRFG King Resources Inc OTC US 0.0064 +23.08% 0.0052 0.0052 +510.40%
SFIO Smokefree Innotec Inc OTC US 0.0245 +7.46% 0.022 0.0228 +250.65%
BLGO Biolargo Inc OTC US 0.2575 +4.89% 0.2201 0.2455 +247.25%
SKYI Sky Century Investment Inc OTC US 0.082 +7.89% 0.053 0.076 +241.79%
BDSI Biodelivery Sci Intl NASDAQ 3.36 +5.66% 3 3.18 +214.37%
CFMS Conformis Inc CS NASDAQ 0.778 +14.41% 0.6194 0.68 +199.81%
UNQL Unique Logistics Intl Inc OTC US 0.041 +7.89% 0.0275 0.038 +147.60%
EXBX Exobox Tech Corp OTC US 0.0238 +20.20% 0.017 0.0198 +147.34%
UAPC United American Petroleum Corp OTC US 0.0075 +27.12% 0.0048 0.0059 +140.26%
ELRA Elray Resources Inc OTC US 0.0013 +8.33% 0.0013 0.0012 +137.80%
LQMT Liquidmetal Tech OTC US 0.1217 +10.94% 0.1121 0.1097 +104.62%
VVOS Vivos Therapeutics Inc NASDAQ 2.47 +12.53% 2.3 2.19 +104.44%
WIMI Wimi Hologram Cloud Inc ADR NASDAQ 3.28 +4.13% 3 3.15 +88.31%
LIGA Lig Assets Inc OTC US 0.0058 +1.75% 0.0049 0.0057 +81.48%
RIGL Rigel Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ 2.43 +5.65% 2.28 2.3 +68.41%
GRNH Greengro Tech OTC US 0.0064 +8.47% 0.0061 0.0059 +62.67%
GMDA Gamida Cell Ltd NASDAQ 3.24 +9.46% 2.72 2.96 +52.98%
GOTU Gaotu Techedu Inc ADR NYSE 2.25 +4.65% 2.03 2.15 +43.21%
NAFS North America Frac Sand Inc OTC US 0.0095 +5.56% 0.008 0.009 +42.83%
HEPS D-Market Electronic Services & Trading ADR NASDAQ 2.07 +5.61% 2.03 1.96 +38.89%
NUGN Nugene International Inc OTC US 0.031 +6.90% 0.0233 0.029 +29.49%
TRSI Trophy Resources Inc OTC US 0.0089 +8.54% 0.009 0.0082 +28.49%
WDLF Social Life Network Inc OTC US 0.0038 +22.58% 0.0028 0.0031 +25.87%
GORO Gold Resource Corp NYSE Arca 1.77 +1.72% 1.73 1.74 +24.80%
GFTX Global Fiber Technologies Inc OTC US 0.0071 +1.43% 0.0071 0.007 +15.86%
SIPC Sipp Industries Inc OTC US 0.0089 +4.71% 0.0079 0.0085 +15.76%
MWWC Marketing Wrldwd Corp OTC US 0.0058 +31.82% 0.005 0.0044 +11.38%
ADMA Adma Biologics NASDAQ 1.45 +1.40% 1.42 1.43 +4.90%
UGP Ultrapar Participacoes S.A. ADR NYSE 2.53 +1.20% 2.45 2.5 +2.25%
JPEX Jasper Explorations OTC US 0.03 +14.94% 0.0267 0.0261 -2.27%
EEENF 88 Energy Ltd OTC US 0.0307 +4.07% 0.0278 0.0295 -2.42%
TONR Tonner-One World Holdings Inc OTC US 0.0047 +2.17% 0.0047 0.0046 -4.34%
PVSP Pervasip Corp OTC US 0.0034 +3.03% 0.0034 0.0033 -11.47%
TXTM Protext Mobility Inc OTC US 0.0017 +6.25% 0.0016 0.0016 -21.85%
IGEN Igen Networks Corp OTC US 0.0059 +5.36% 0.0056 0.0056 -31.53%
DRFS Dr Foods Inc OTC US 0.0131 +0.77% 0.0125 0.013 -32.74%
LTNC Labor Smart Inc OTC US 0.0036 +20.00% 0.0033 0.003 -49.01%
SRNA Surna Inc OTC US 0.0523 +0.19% 0.0492 0.0522 -52.15%
HIRU Hiru Corp OTC US 0.0059 +5.36% 0.0055 0.0056 -54.59%
APYP Appyea Inc OTC US 0.0005 +25.00% 0.0004 0.0004 -59.69%
VISM Visium Technologies Inc OTC US 0.0034 +3.03% 0.0033 0.0033 -59.80%
DOGZ Dogness Corp Cl A NASDAQ 3.81 +2.42% 3.44 3.72 -60.10%
GFAI Guardforce Ai Co. NASDAQ 1.12 +2.75% 1.14 1.09 -62.15%
SBEV Splash Beverage Group Inc NYSE Arca 3.35 +5.02% 3.96 3.19 -72.92%
CELZ Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc NASDAQ 2.53 +4.12% 2.36 2.43 -85.25%

Pennies with options
Symbol Name Exchange Last %Chg Last 2D Ago Previous % Volume
LLNW Limelight Networks NASDAQ 4.24 +13.67% 3.7 3.73 +520.72%
ARVL Arrival NASDAQ 4.43 -13.21% 5.79 5.11 +212.66%
DNMR Danimer Scientific Inc NYSE 4.54 -7.54% 5.4 4.91 +162.01%
RMO Romeo Power Inc NYSE 2.19 -10.98% 2.63 2.46 +129.13%
VVOS Vivos Therapeutics Inc NASDAQ 2.47 +12.53% 2.3 2.19 +104.44%
DM Desktop Metal Inc NYSE 3.51 -8.83% 3.99 3.85 +101.50%
SRNE Sorrento Therpt NASDAQ 3.81 -8.75% 4.31 4.17 +100.57%
TELL Tellurian Inc NYSE Arca 2.65 -6.03% 2.98 2.82 +99.05%
SKLZ Skillz Inc NYSE 4.84 -9.36% 5.52 5.34 +76.19%
BITF Bitfarms Ltd NASDAQ 3.58 -13.94% 4.07 4.16 +75.18%
UEC Uranium Energy NYSE Arca 2.73 -7.46% 3.14 2.95 +71.88%
MVIS Microvision NASDAQ 3.08 -5.81% 3.45 3.27 +69.46%
GEVO Gevo Inc NASDAQ 3.29 -6.27% 3.77 3.51 +62.06%
FCEL Fuelcell Energy Inc NASDAQ 3.9 -5.57% 4.3 4.13 +61.66%
SAN Banco Santander ADR NYSE 3.46 -1.70% 3.54 3.52 +60.45%
LYG Lloyds Banking Group Plc ADR NYSE 2.74 -2.84% 2.88 2.82 +59.23%
CLOV Clover Health Investments Corp NASDAQ 2.53 -9.64% 2.78 2.8 +56.72%
RIG Transocean Inc NYSE 3.12 -7.14% 3.41 3.36 +56.13%
KOS Kosmos Energy Ltd NYSE 4.24 -3.42% 4.42 4.39 +56.02%
SWN Southwestern Energy Company NYSE 4.03 -4.95% 4.57 4.24 +54.39%
BTG B2Gold Corp NYSE Arca 3.54 -4.07% 3.78 3.69 +48.54%
GOTU Gaotu Techedu Inc ADR NYSE 2.25 +4.65% 2.03 2.15 +43.21%
ABEV Ambev S.A. ADR NYSE 2.67 +0.75% 2.65 2.65 +40.68%
OCGN Ocugen Inc NASDAQ 3.28 -7.87% 3.73 3.56 +29.27%
WISH Contextlogic Inc Cl A NASDAQ 2.47 -1.20% 2.45 2.5 +25.48%
BBD Banco Bradesco S.A. ADR NYSE 3.82 -0.78% 3.85 3.85 +24.52%
ITUB Itau Unibanco Banco Holding S.A. ADR NYSE 4.22 0.00% 4.25 4.22 +19.16%
AUY Yamana Gold NYSE 4.21 -3.44% 4.43 4.36 +16.79%
BNGO Bionano Genomics Inc NASDAQ 2.15 -6.11% 2.32 2.29 +15.78%
BBIG Vinco Ventures Inc NASDAQ 3.19 -18.83% 4.53 3.93 +13.66%
SENS Senseonics Holdings NYSE Arca 2.6 -2.62% 2.67 2.67 +12.42%
IQ Iqiyi Inc ADR NASDAQ 4.27 -9.92% 4.84 4.74 +11.09%
PHUN Phunware Inc NASDAQ 2.38 -12.82% 2.83 2.73 -8.79%
DIDI Didi Global Inc ADR NYSE 4.86 -9.33% 5.01 5.36 -26.57%

Pennies with options
Sorry for the last post, I try to do it by 4:15pm
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2022.01.21 20:06 Kled-Gaming The Call

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2022.01.21 20:06 therealgrass ALieNNatioN sounds like state farm ad

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2022.01.21 20:06 RevKen1 Can Amazon change your shift without your permission?

So I recently came back from a LOA and logged in the AtoZ to find that my shift has changed from Full days to Flex. Is that a mistake on the DLS team or can my facility do that?
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2022.01.21 20:06 SpacevaderYT if I sub to jakerton on twitch will I be on the hampter Billboard? I subed yesterday. I'm SpaceSpec34

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