my own takes on Shellhead, Snakepit & Sandbox

Pesky Dust is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nemuina from the planet Nemunimos IV. Pesky Dust is a short, fairy-like alien with blue skin. He has purple fairy-like wings, pink spots and blue hair that sticks straight up. Pesky Dust wears a green dress-like outfit with black zigzags. His hands have three fingers with white gloves on them and his feet have two toes. His eyes are green with ... Atomix is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet. Atomix has a humanoid robotic appearance. He has a green and white body with large cylinders on his arms near his wrists, that are full of green energy with dark green bubble-like spheres, which constantly move. He has the same energy on his Omnitrix-shaped chest. His head is a pointed, armored helmet. He is ...

2022.01.21 20:11 FrozenQuadrilateral my own takes on Shellhead, Snakepit & Sandbox

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2022.01.21 20:11 MyLittlePonyFanXD Table Tennis Downtown

Is there anywhere downtown, other than Church bar, that has ping-pong tables? Thank you
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2022.01.21 20:11 LucariotheHorrorGuy What is a power ranger season yall grew up with and didnt know it was bad

Samurai was my first and i grew up with it not knowing it was really bad
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2022.01.21 20:11 NinjaWaffle1911 Any BOTL know anything locations other than A La Civette in Paris to be open on Sunday’s?

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2022.01.21 20:11 KaijuuTeeth What is the best moment for a cup of coffee? ^^

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2022.01.21 20:11 CreativeDevice6741 Cylinder Head Porting How to Step #1 #machinist #cfm #chevy #mechanic #porting #cnc #newengland

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2022.01.21 20:11 CobraMode- Long Mouth Kitty and Rider

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2022.01.21 20:11 AtticusDresden [LIVE GAME THREAD]] LCS Lock-in Tournament || Week 2, Day 1 || Cloud9 vs Dignitas

Let's go bois!
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2022.01.21 20:11 CelebBattleVoteBot Victoria Justice vs Shakira

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2022.01.21 20:11 majorsurgerysoon Is it common for HCC to transition from low-grade/well-differentiated to high-grade/poorly-differentiated with little warning?

I'm listed for liver transplant because I have multiple small tumors in my liver that are either adenomas or former adenomas that have degenerated into well differentiated HCCs. A year ago I had a very large adenoma removed from my liver that also (supposedly) degenerated into a very well differentiated HCC, so there's clinical history there.
The trouble is that it's apparently very, very difficult to distinguish between adenomas and well-differentiated HCC on MRI alone, which is why my team is hesitant to move forward. For the past six months or so I've essentially been told "let's wait for more data to come in", and I'm beginning to feel nervous. Although the tumors have mostly stabilized in size, my AFP is continuing to rise, now sitting at nearly 14 when it was 3 a year ago. I feel like my doctor's have sort of been dancing around the issue of what this means (granted, I haven't really pushed it and that's my fault).
If I had someone tell me, with confidence, that these tumors are just adenomas, I would go the route of watchful waiting until they started growing again. If there's any chance these aren't adenomas, however, then the only way I'd feel comfortable letting them sit is if I was reassured that low-grade HCC doesn't just randomly turn into high-grade HCC with no warning. Which is what I really wanted to ask this sub about, since I won't be seeing my transplant specialist until March.
Because MRI isn't a way to definitively distinguish between the two and I have a feeling I won't get that confident answer, I feel like i have no choice but to treat these tumors like well-differentiated HCC, just to be safe. I feel like it would be negligent of me not to. Although my case is unusual because I don't have primary HCC and my liver is healthy, I was hoping anyone here who did/does have primary HCC that is/was originally low-grade could tell me a little bit about how risk assessment was done in their case. Did you take the watchful waiting approach? How urgent was your need for treatment? Did your tumors always remain low-grade, or did they change at some point? If so, did that happen randomly?
Thanks for any input (I get that I have to take anything that's said with a grain of salt because of my atypical circumstances, I'm just getting antsy).
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2022.01.21 20:11 TwylaHaynes ***| Nexus NRP | Now recruiting LEO's, EMS and Mechanics | ***

Here at Nexus we strive for serious roleplay. No more cops vs. robbers. Cops are respected and criminals use their brains. We have people ready to give out tours and show you where to start your new life. Fly into Nexus today and start your new life!
What We Offer:
Player Owned Businesses:

Other unique Nexus Features:
Looking to hire dedicated officers! - Looking to Hire Lieutenants who are dedicated to train new recruits! - Officers get their own personal Crown Vic
Whitelisted Job - In depth Mechanic Job - Tunershop Nexus NRP Discord
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2022.01.21 20:11 FeintLight123 Dope songs for a video game edit?

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2022.01.21 20:11 Marc66FR Found this nice picture on another forum

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2022.01.21 20:11 mcflybm After doing Simeon missions all morning, I finally reached lvl 200

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2022.01.21 20:11 Budget-Song2618 The Virtual Gulag: Ultimate Technocrat Answer To Punish All Dissent. Do you think it’s a very long stretch from the virtual gulag that so many of us are in to a literal gulag? Because this is something that I think people are talking about more, particularly with regards to Australia

The Virtual Gulag: Ultimate Technocrat Answer To Punish All Dissent. Do you think it’s a very long stretch from the virtual gulag that so many of us are in to a literal gulag? Because this is something that I think people are talking about more, particularly with regards to Australia submitted by Budget-Song2618 to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 20:11 Familiar-Strategy175 Need Advice

Need help whenever I'm doing homework on my pc i always relapse and its hard for me to stay away from pc because its online school for me
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2022.01.21 20:11 checkeredboxers [USA-MN] [H] BNIB Asus TUF gaming z590-plus WIFI motherboard] [W] Paypal, local cash, trades listed below, gpu boxes, ryzen cpu, ddr4 ram

For sale or trade is the motherboard in the title. I see it listed at 180+shipping on ebay at the lowest. Looking for $160 shipped or $150 local.
Heres what I would like to offset cost or to purchase
I am also wanting a evga 2060 box and a ASRock 5600xt box for display purposes. Not sure what a box goes for but if you have one or both of those hit me with a pm.
I am also going to take my 2080 and slap it into a build of spare parts for a VR build. I am in need of a CHEAP ryzen cpu+cooler to replace my ryzen 5 3600 in the server. I do not need a APU as I need the PCIE lanes
PMS ONLY. You must comment first.
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2022.01.21 20:11 AusCOVID19 South Australia has reached the peak in its COVID outbreak – so what happens next?

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2022.01.21 20:11 Valeapenaverdenovo Cloro pode interferir no resultado?

Eu sempre usei o Veja X14, que tem cloro ativo e é um excelente produto de limpeza. Eu não percebia antes que ficava com a garganta muito seca e olhos ardendo (pensava que era devido à leitura no celular e bebida gelada). Como uso bastante durante o dia de faxina, acabo aspirando as gotículas que ficam no ar (agora uso óculos e máscara durante). Agora a embalagem do produto diz matar 99.9% do vírus. Será que eu poderia ter um falso negativo se fizesse o teste com resquícios desse spray nas vias aéreas?
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2022.01.21 20:11 lilbobean Every time you sleep you have a genius IQ

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2022.01.21 20:11 IrrelevantHobo Avakin better give us a new event after this whole flashback thing with NEW rewards too 💀

All avakin is doing now is just re-adding old events and making recolors and recycled versions of items, raising prices for no reason, letting bots take over their game, ignoring us. I hope avakins actually working on a NEW, fun event with NEW rewards to put out after this. The game is so boring now. There's nothing fun to it anymore.
Christmas was a flop, Halloween was a flop, no Thanksgiving event. The only good event last year was the Odyssey and the event with Lkwd Nell.
Hopefully we get a Valentine's event
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2022.01.21 20:11 Athlaeos Why your server might be failing

It's something most aspiring server owners struggle with. I've answered some of these questions in past posts in the comments, so I figured I would move that information to here in case it may help someone out.
Please note I am not a professional, these are just my interpretations/solutions to issues that I like to think are reasonably well educated/founded. If you have anything to correct me on, please let me know.
Server Growth
First the issue on server growth, and how to go about it. I like to think about the Ansoff Matrix when it comes to server growth, which is a model used to describe business growth strategies. Servers might not be businesses a lot of the times, but they grow and develop similarly to businesses and follow most of the same rules.
In this matrix, the product can be interpreted as your server itself and what it features. Market can be seen as your competition, the other servers of a similar genre.
For all strategies you must not only execute the strategy, you must also execute it well. How to do that cannot be put into words for a post like this, this is where your experience and skill will be important.
That brings up another point. If you are a starting server owner, do not expect it to go well immediately. Set your expectations low and don't invest too much time and energy into your project, learn first and prioritize your health, avoid burnout/depression.

Market Development
Market development implies entering a new market with an existing product. For Minecraft servers this can mean creating a server catering to a specific demographic/niche, with existing gamemodes/features. Maybe you want to make a minigame server for German people, or maybe you want to make a server themed around a specific fandom or media to cater to their fans. This strategy is relatively easy, but isn't very effective for servers that are already relatively large. This is a good strategy to kickstart growth.
Market Penetration
Market Penetration implies entering an existing market with existing products. This strategy focuses itself around increasing your market share. This can mean heavily investing into advertising to move customers away from your competitors/players, or to attract new customers/players entirely. This is the strategy executed by those infamous p2w servers where they're already wealthy enough to invest huge amounts of money into server listings and advertising. It's often successful, and they earn a lot of money through their server stores with their ranks. Obviously, this is not the most morally just strategy to attempt if you execute it this way, but it's proven to be effective all be it risky due to the cost. Do not do this if you are a starting dev and don't have a lot of spare money, because at that point you'd be gambling and since you are new without experience the odds will be heavily against your favor.
Product Development
Product Development is by far the most popular of the strategies in the sense that everyone attempts to execute this strategy, whether intentionally or not, yet almost always fails to do properly because it's also the second most difficult strategy. It implies entering an existing market with new products. Having existing products but executing them very well with your own unique twists also counts. Think of something along the lines of having a gamemode but adding your own custom twists to it that people enjoy.
This is one of the hardest strategies to pull off right because it requires a lot of skill and insight and everyone already attempts to do this, and if you are a struggling server owner you are probably too. Ask yourself, what makes my server unique? Why should people play here instead of some other server? What does this server have to offer that the others don't? Is it something you expected to grow? Do/would you play on your own server for long? Do you have a survival SMP where crates, towny/landclaim, mcmmo, economy, shops, maybe mythicmobs or slimefun, itemsadder and a good close-knit community with regular events are your main points of advertising? Then you do not have an original server, there's many dozens of those. If you're going for the mostly-vanilla approach to SMP you're probably even worse off, because without plugins/custom content it's very hard to advertise anything unique about your server. For this strategy or pretty much all strategies it's very important to be critical of yourself and your server and that you're open to criticism and ideas. Play yourself and try to judge your server based on how fun it is to play, how long you feel like you could/want to continue playing and really pay attention to what you feel like the server is lacking. This is how you learn and get skilled with server creation.
Your server is not a reflection of you, it is only a product you made. Don't take it personally when people complain, criticism is good and helps you learn.
This strategy implies introducing new products to a new market. Essentially create something entirely new in both gamemodes and gameplay and hope it sticks. Examples of these are Apple introducing iPads, which at the time was an entirely new product for an entirely new market because no one else had tablets(at least none that stuck). Another example is Wynncraft, which brings an entirely new gamemode with pretty much completely overhauled gameplay. You can't even really call it Minecraft any more. This is also the hardest and riskiest strategy however, because it usually requires a lot more time and effort to develop and has a good chance to just not catch on.
Player Engagement
At this point we're largely talking about game development in general.
Player Engagement is another challenge server owners have a hard time beating, but I think this is mostly due to the design of Minecraft itself.
Minecraft is a great game, it's just not very balanced. It's easy to get burnt out of Minecraft after you've obtained maxed out gear, which is usually around a couple of days if you're experienced. There's some people that can keep themselves entertained for a long time, with big build projects and knowing how to play with the community, but this is the minority. Most people need to be given a reason to play. So while a lot of people have dreams of making their own public HermitCraft or SMPLive, the people that run these servers are the minority(ignoring the fact they're content creators, too). If you want people to play on your server for longer you'll have to try and fix Minecraft's core issues, which usually involves custom plugins.
First, extend playtime. You can do this by slowing down the current progression or extending the lategame, or both. This can also mean making survival in general harder, maybe by having mobs scale with your progression. Maybe disable sleeping, reduce the player's damage output, make armor or enchantments less effective, stuff like that. There's lots of great ideas you can implement into your game to make things more exciting, maybe learn how to implement your own ideas. If you're a server owner who's looking to create custom content, I actually recommend you try and get into plugin development. Practice some java and play around with spigot/paper's api, or whatever server type you want to use. It'll help you a lot in realizing your ideas, and it helps you understand the thought process of other plugins as well. You can also start making add-ons for other plugins, just to make the player experience with an existing plugin new and refreshing anyway.
Second, keep rewarding players. Slowing progress and extending playtime is great and all, but if you slow it down too much the player can feel like they're not actually progressing at all. Progression needs to be fast enough such that the player can feel rewarded for their actions, but make it too fast and players burn through your content.
When I say reward, I don't mean to give them stuff whenever. Players love being rewarded for their effort. If they receive great rewards for doing some mundane easy task you're not doing it right. Rewards should scale with the effort of the player. (voting is not effort, you can reward from voting but this should not be considered one of these rewards. these voting rewards should also not feel like a necessity)
Players also love making choices, if you can design your server in such a way that a player is forced to make important decisions for their playstyle and reward them for making those choices, that's good.
Players love discovering, it's what got a lot of us into Minecraft in the first place. Don't explain all your mechanics to the player, give them some space to make discoveries themselves.
...Players also love being overpowered, but not really. If you implement mechanics into the game that make it vastly easier for players to gather resources for example, allowing players to get stacks upon stacks upon stacks of diamonds within just a couple of hours, the player will love how overpowered this mechanic they found is... temporarily. Being overpowered also causes burnout faster, obviously, since you're vastly decreasing the time it takes to progress that way. You're essentially cramming all the love and enjoyment you would get into this extended amount of time of gameplay into a much smaller period of time. The player will love this for a moment, but then the dopamine rush passes and they get burned out.
There's probably a whole bunch more stuff to get into in terms of server development, growth and player engagement, but I can't think of any right away.
I hope this post can be useful and if anyone has any more interesting information to add to it, please mention it in the comments. Critique is also highly welcome
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2022.01.21 20:11 CelebBattleVoteBot Hailee Steinfeld vs Taylor Swift

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2022.01.21 20:11 No_Bother3564 Bad gas regulator, freezing temps outside and no heat!

Jandy heater had “Fault Check IGN Steps” error. Tech said too much gas was going to the regulator? Freezing temps outside and with the weekend not sure if I can get an HVAC guy here until Monday. What can I do? Water currently at 50 degrees, pump running 24/7 at 2600 RPMs, 35gpm. Help!
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2022.01.21 20:11 SharkMovies (Spoilers Main) What if Jamie...

Had taken the black like Ned wanted? What would the implications have been? Would he have risen to Lord Commander after The Old Bear? What would the implications in Westeros be? Does Tywin reluctantly accept Tyrion as heir? Does Cersei yield true born heirs with Robert? Think of the possibilities!
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