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Ways to exchange Xbox Live Gold memberships?

Live rich by sharing the wealth. Donate your time, money and talents, and you’ll get them back in various ways. Even if cash is tight, you can still have an impact by volunteering for a cause that’s meaningful to you, or donating clothing you no longer need. You can also regift rewards such as hotel loyalty points to programs like Make-A-Wish. Other Membership Options NEW! Virtual Membership. Virtual Memberships* offer a fun, online option that makes a perfect gift…for just $40! Visit the National Aviary online by taking the Aviary Insider Tour, included with the purchase of a Virtual Membership!. Become a virtual Member! Go to studio.youtube.com using your channel with memberships. In the left menu, select Monetization. On the main dashboard, click Memberships. Click Edit in the box that says “Step 1: Add levels and perks”. Follow the onscreen instructions. Once complete, click Publish. Your levels and perks will need to be reviewed before going live. Six Flags Rewards is a loyalty program for Season Pass Holders and all levels of Membership; Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Elite and Diamond Elite VIP Members where they can earn free food, souvenirs, tickets, and one-of-a-kind park experiences just for riding rides, seeing shows, and having a great time in the park. the coronavirus restricting gym capacity while shuttering some entirely, the traditional January spike in memberships has matched—and in some ways exceeded—those of years past. Part of that ... Select an option below the "Xbox Live Gold" heading. You'll see three options: 1 Month Xbox Live Gold - This option costs $9.99.; 3 Month Xbox Live Gold - This option costs $24.99.; 12 Month Xbox Live Gold - This option costs $59.99 and is the best value.; You can also select Use a code at the bottom of the screen to enter a prepaid code, or you can select No thanks to add a Gold membership later. To do so, you'll open the email address you just entered and look for an email from Microsoft. Open the Microsoft email, find the seven-digit code in the email's body, and enter the code in the provided field on the Xbox LIVE website. If you're creating a brand new email address for Xbox LIVE, you won't have to verify your email address. Theatre is back, so mark your calendar and secure your seats, ’cause a season of shows is about to begin! Take a break from the screen and be swept away by the emotion that only live theatre can deliver. From soaring high notes to heart-stopping scenes, you’ll be captivated by one spellbinding moment after another. Xbox Live Gold is a subscription to the Xbox Network platform for a specific period of time during which the subscriber has access to various exclusive features and benefits. Speaking of periods of time, you can buy these Xbox Live memberships: Unlock motivation in every workout, ready when you are. With a Peloton membership, get access to cycling, running, strength, bootcamp, and yoga classes taught by expert instructors on Peloton Bikes, Treads and the Peloton App.

2022.01.21 20:19 jdurbzz Ways to exchange Xbox Live Gold memberships?

Hello fellow Xbox users, was recently gifted 2 years of Xbox live gold for Christmas but I already have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription that covers Xbox live. Does anyone know if there is a way to exchange the codes for credit on the xbox store or something like that? Just don’t want them to go to waste lol if anyone needs some live at a discount lmk!
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2022.01.21 20:19 EmergencyCampaign908 Manpack-type antenna setup tips?

I’m looking to put together a manpack-type portable radio setup, just with a modern 2M/70CM transceiver. Any suggestions on antenna and any counterpoises/grounding/radials, if necessary? Think a cross between a AN/PRC-77 and a HYS TG-G25W. (One final note: The radio I intend to use is an Icom 2730A) Thanks, and 73’s!
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2022.01.21 20:19 anonaUser_20 High sex drive vs low sex drive

My girlfriend and I(20) have been together for 2 years.
We barely get to see each other, maybe ones to twice every 3 to 4 months.
I'm the time we don't get to see each other, I feel we start to resent each other.
But as soon as we see each other I feel I want all of her, as in I want to have sex every chance we get when we see each other, but she's the opposite, she wants little to no sex at all.
I tried to make compromises, like for example, if we know we're going to see each other for a week I said we must have sex at least on the last night we're together, she agreed, but for 6 months we never did, because I was waiting for her, she has vaginismus and she's very shy so she won't even send me picture or videos or anything when we're not together, I tell he ri get frustrated watching porn(which she allows), so I tell her I want to see people who other people don't see(what I meant was her, but literally anyone else who isn't a porn star or posts their stuff online).
So after 8 months of waiting, I got fed up and ranted about it to my friends and some now ex-friends.
So one of my friends offered in the mean time until my gf was okay with sending herself, so I reluctantly accepted, to which I regret when my gf saw a picture that i deleted, she doesn't in recently deleted. She said she's not mad at me or angry, she doesn't resent me, she told me she understands that I have need that she can't provide based on her living conditions and her shyness. So I apologised and everything was fine, I blocked and deleted that friend from all social media and stuff, and basically I've been the loyalist I've ever been, Yea I know I had to learn a a lesson, I'm just glad she stayed with me after that, and I know some of yall gonna hate, I'll accept it, it is what it is, what's done has been done. I apologise to yall too if you've taken offence, I've just come here honestly.
After that situation, she has tried to have sex with me at least once everytime we see ezch other, which is now shortened to 2 to 3 months, because we both get frustrated not being together, so we make plans to see each other.
Now after 2 months of this, she tells me that she's not a pornstar and cannot do this as much as I want, so I told her it's okay, we don't have to do it everyday, like I told her at least once before we get separated, although I have such a high sex drive that I'm horny everyday, even when we're not together, I told her this, and she wasn't happy, I told her that this is me back in the beginning of the relationship, we both are each others firsts BTW.
I love her a lot, and I know she loves me, but we want to have 2 completely different sex lives.
And I told her honestly that I'm actually scared to have a sex-less marriage(I want to get married to her) and she told me that we might be one of those couple that get more and more intimate.
But as of these past 2 months (November to Jan) , it seems I have my doubts about her words now, I know 2 months isn't a lot, I have very little patience when it comes to this.
I love her, I want to be with her. I just don't want to end up in a sex-less marriage, and be full of regret, at this time.
Let me put it more in this way. I love her so much emotionally, I love her sexually when she wants it(which is basically only when I tell her how I feel and she forces herself to do it which in turn makes me feel bad). But when she doesnt want to be sexually intimate, she always tells me to get a sex toy or something.
I Know I'm A bad person, and I'm changing that fact. My honest question to you guys is, am I being too pushy for not wanting a sex-less relationship/marriage, or am I in the right for asking that of her.
Because I'm Not going to leave her, unless is there any other options available that she will be open to.
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2022.01.21 20:18 Simulationmatrix Successful treatments ?

I had some success with good diet , working out. But I'm looking for better results as my patch under my eye is spreading. Anyone here actually successfully fully repigment their skin?
It's barely noticeable when I'm not tanned but I love being in the sun in the summer 😂
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2022.01.21 20:18 SampharosYT Welcome

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2022.01.21 20:18 radioaktiver928 Can't get pass this anyone else have this problem

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2022.01.21 20:18 gumdroplemondrop i refuse to go to a shelter

i got permanently banned for posting this on /domesticviolence because you're not allowed to have "social discussions on the societal issues so if i cant post it there, i hoped it would be ok to post it here so at least someone will see it.
i refuse to go to a shelter. there is no end game. its just perpetual anxiety and distress. no job will pay me enough to live so what the point? sit in a warm house where shit goes to hell once in a while or be in a shelter in a state of distress and anxiety constantly?
i realize its fucked up. i realize i could die. but you cant make me move out of a nice warm house into a shelter with no way of ever being able to surivive on my own.
ive talked to the hot lines and the shelters. the only solution the hot lines have is to go to a shelter. when you talk to a shelter, the only solutions they have are going on welfare.
id rather stay in the situation cause i dont know how long i would make it on the street. feel like i have a better chance of making it if i dont leave and dont go to a shelter.
i think we need to start talking about how these shelters dont even help that much. people on reddit just parrot "go to a shelter" and dont even think twice about it like it is the answer to everything and the be all end all.
the shelter system and domestic violence system needs an entire rehall and telling people to submit themselves to this shitty system isnt for everyone.
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2022.01.21 20:18 haunted_cheesecake Who to go to about this mistake

So I’m in the IRR, and I recently had to attend a muster. I typed up all my bank info at the reserve center I mustered at so could get paid and completed all other paper work related to the muster. I just got a call from a guy at another military facility, about 3 hours from me, saying that my direct deposit and bank information got printed out there, because (presumably) someone at my reserve center chose the wrong printer on that network. Luckily this total fucking stranger had the courtesy to call and inform me about it, as well shred my information. I called my IRR career counselor, who essentially brushed it off as no big deal, and somehow reassured me that it didn’t get printed off anywhere else, even though he wasn’t the one who printed it. Who can call about this because I’m absolutely furious and my career counselor was completely unhelpful.
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2022.01.21 20:18 Bigting7 why does it say 3 notifications when reality is no notifications

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2022.01.21 20:18 year3000so Why communist Australia is still on lockdown?

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2022.01.21 20:18 nate-182 First day home from dog and he seems very stressed

So my girlfriend and I bought a pure breed Shiba Inu from a breeder and brought him home today. He's very calm but very shy or stressed. He's just laying in a corner or in his crate. He hasn't ate all day and won't go to the bathroom when we take him out. Just wondering if it's best that we just leave him be till he gets settled or if there is anything else that we can do. thanks!
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2022.01.21 20:18 spokeymonkey Some progress with your ideas, and some pictures of the inside

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2022.01.21 20:18 zombietrashhand Police: Woman claiming to be missing Henrico girl Brittany Williams is not her

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2022.01.21 20:18 mdubelite Recommend a printer for under $400 shipped to Canada

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2022.01.21 20:18 SpaceMutie Got my observation back from my ACP…

And I bombed it. Got needs improvement on all but 2 sections.
Sat in my car and cried. Note that hurt the worst was “I never saw him actually teach.”
Still kinda crying. I tried really hard this time and none of my scores improved.
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2022.01.21 20:18 Freakythings456 Guys, I finally made it out of the Backrooms!...Right?

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2022.01.21 20:18 44_Adrian Hola, alguien sabe cuanto cp se necesita para comprar toda la ruleta?

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2022.01.21 20:18 SamsungHandyLel Weird Question where to get Product

If the Tag is wrong pls say it xd
I want to buy this https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/led-controller-a1/
But I can't seem to find it anywhere here in Germany ->no ebay no amazon nothing I can't find it
My main use case is getting my PC RGB to work with signal RGB
There is also the gen 1 this one: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-controlle
Im thinking buying the 2nd gen would be better if it would be available lol 😂
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2022.01.21 20:18 Correct-Ad9497 Would anyone recommend the Nioh series if I love soulsborne sekiro games? Are they similar?

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2022.01.21 20:18 RainbowBones1 Kewpie Mayo

My husband and I are desperately trying to find kewpie mayonnaise but we don’t want to pay Amazon prices ($10) does anyone know where we can buy it? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.21 20:18 MathiasVideo Did you know that in ca 830 Norway there was a chief named Gandalv

He was known for his wars against Halvdan Svarte
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2022.01.21 20:18 Hambaloni Question about pierce ammos

Suppose I'm using a Nargacuga LBG (Night Owl). Is there a maximum number of hits a pierce 2 ammo can deal? It feels like no matter how long the monster is, my piercing shots only hit a number of times before dissipating, was this always the case?
Does anyone know the specific number of hits each volley deals? Thanks!
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2022.01.21 20:18 blue4029 Mineta would only use 1% of his power

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2022.01.21 20:18 SuccotashWorried9124 Bree Valentine – Violent Love (Official Music Video)

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2022.01.21 20:18 gotcha640 35 minute benchy, 0.8mm nozzle, klipper

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